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Titanic Ending Explained: Did Rose Find The Diamond, ‘Heart of the Ocean’?

Titanic Ending

Titanic ending has garnered the most tears ever, and we are here to explain it all to you guys. The film was released in 1997. It shows us the themes of romance as well as disaster. James Cameron has worked on the whole project himself. There are some fictional elements added to the film while the director is trying to show us the actual history of Titanic. We see actor Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead role doing the part of Jack.

Then Kate Winslet plays the role of Kate Winslet. The two belong to very different parts of society but fall in love while on the ship. It was one of the most popular films of the later ‘90s. Titanic was made on a budget of 200 million dollars. It grosses more than 2.2 billion dollars from around the world. The film is preserved by the National Film Registry of the United States for being very important historically.

The story begins in 1996. This is where we see that a research vessel is trying to search for a diamond called Heart of the Ocean. What they find is a painting of a young nude woman who is wearing the necklace. The picture is dated back to 1912, right when the Titanic sank. Thus, Rose, the woman in the picture, is called aboard, and she tells about her experiences on the ship.



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Titanic Ending Explained

Back in 1912, Rose goes on a voyage on Titanic with her wealthy fiance, Cal, and her widowed mother, Ruth. Ruth is seen talking about how, if Rose shall marry Cal, all their financial worries will end. Then we see Jack, who wins a third class ticket to the Titanic through a poker game. Jack is quite poor and works as an artist. Given the fact that Rose does not love the person she intends to marry, she decides to commit suicide by jumping into the water. We see Jack saving her from doing so, and the two start their romance.

This is when the painting was created when Jack paints her wearing nothing but the Heart of the Ocean. The two sleep together soon. After having all the fun on the ship while it is still Titanic, the two fall in love. Although, Cal finds out about the affair, and he frames Jack for stealing the diamond. Later, we see that when the ship is sinking, Rose goes on to find Jack, who is confined in a cabin. Her mother has already secured a lifeboat. When it is her time to board the lifeboat, Rose does not want to leave Jack alone.

Did Rose Find The Diamond, ‘Heart of the Ocean’?

Cal falsely claims that he will help him later. But as the lifeboat is lowered, Rose jumps back on the ship to be with Jack. Jack and Rose try to hide from Cal’s wrath when he takes a pistol and shoots them. Later, when he realizes that people might actually die, he boards a lifeboat himself and goes away. As they fall into the water because of the sinking ship, Jack finds Rose a piece of wooden panel that can only have one person on it.

He promises Rose to survive but later breaks it when he dies of hypothermia. Rose later gets on a returning lifeboat. When they all are on the dock, Rose tries to get away from Cal, realizing that she still has his coat and the diamond inside. She gives her name as Rose Dawson.

Well, the film now snaps to the present, where we see Rose describing that Cal committed suicide during the Wall Street Crash of 1929 and the beginning of the Great Depression. Rose takes out Heart of the Ocean and surprises everyone. She then drops it in the water, which further shocks the search team. When Rose comes back home, she falls asleep.

At her bedside, we see that she has lived an adventurous and full life, just like she talked to Jack about. Then in the next scene, we see that the Young Rose had come back together with Jack on the Titanic, where people who have already died on the ship are applauding the two. This might suggest that Rose has also passed away in her sleep.

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