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Match Made in Heaven By Chance Chapter 56 Release Date: The Confession

Match Made in Heaven By Chance

If you like a light-hearted rom-com with a little spice of drama, Match Made in Heaven By Chance’ is just your cup of tea.  This manhwa is the story of two childhood friends Jia Han and Jin Mancheol who are in their thirties and are constantly poked about marriage by their parents.

One day they accidentally meet near a convenience store and while they were catching up and talking about the fuss their parents make about them getting married Jia Han sarcastically presented that they should get married just so that they can put a stop to their parent’s nagging all the time. 

Although Jia Han said it as a joke. Jin Mancheol was way more serious than she ever was, so he talked with their families and they ended up getting married to each other. This marks the beginning of their living together and gradually falling in love with each other in this fake relationship.

This Manhwa is quite wholesome and funny. The stories revolve around how both of them who appear to be people from opposite worlds find that they have much more in common than they have thought. It’s a light and feel-good type of series and is sure to give you butterflies as you progress through the chapters.

Let’s talk about the upcoming chapters and spoilers for chapter 56 of this manhwa. 

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Match Made in Heaven By Chance Chapter 55: Recap

The chapter starts with Jia Han going for a walk with Jin Mancheol’s mom who wants to talk to her about something. Mancheols’s mother then tells Jia that she knows about their contract marriage as she found the contract last night. 

As we know Mancheol’s mother has been the strict head teacher of the school to which Jia and Mancheol went to. Jia has a little bit of an idea about how bad of a temper she can have. Jia is scared that his mother will now break them up but to her surprise, she is okay with it.


Jia Han | Jin Mancheol’s mom

His mother thinks that as long as Mancheol is looked after and taken care of she doesn’t care who he is with or whether his partner loves him or not. Later in the chapter, Jia gives a truth bomb leaving the mother and us readers shocked. She goes on and claims that she has fallen for Mancheol and even if it’s a contract marriage she genuinely cares about him.

After this Mancheol’s mother leaves feeling kind of glad that both of them are doing good together. Jia and Mancheol can go back to their normal lives without acting like newlyweds all day. This makes Jia a bit uneasy and she gathers up the courage to ask Mancheol if they should start going out for real now so that they won’t have to put an act in the future in case of a situation like this.

Mancheol being the dense guy he is, immediately denies but as soon as all of us were feeling disappointed he continues to say that he wants to start going out but not for such petty reason. He then tells Jia that he likes her and this should be enough of a reason for them to start dating. With this, the chapter ends.

Match Made in Heaven By Chance Chapter 56: Spoilers

With the previous chapter ending on such an interesting note, fans cannot wait for the release of the next chapter. Unfortunately, we do not have any official spoilers or raw scans as of now. All we have are the various fan theories.

Some of the fans are speculating that Jia being all flustered will mess up and make things awkward for a couple of chapters. There is one more group of fans who are wishing that things pick up at the same pace in the next chapter so that we can officially see Jia and Mancheol having a relationship with both of them being true towards each other.

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Match Made in Heaven By Chance Chapter 56: Release date 

Match Made in Heaven By Chance written by honeyskein and officially published by Naver webtoon is a weekly issue. There is no confirm release date by the author yet but after seeing previous patterns we can say that new chapters of this manhwa are published every week on Friday’s.


Jia | Mancheol

With this we can say that the next chapter of Match Made in Heaven By Chance will be issued on Friday 27th January, 2023.

Match Made in Heaven By Chance Chapter 56: Where to Watch

The official publishing rights for the comic is with Naver series and Naver webtoons. You can read all the latest chapters up to chapter 55 on their website. 

Webtoons also have the publishing rights for this and they too have all the latest chapters but only in the mobile app not on the website.

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