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40 Manhwa Like Lookism Including Viral Hits!

40 Manhwa Like Lookism
40 Manhwa Like Lookism

To be honest, Japanese hunk is way too handsome, and we who have a Japanese crush will drool over Manhwa, so Otakukart presents you 40 Manhwa Like Lookism ranked characters! You must be rational that you want something like that to happen to you! Fine, If you’re going to read a floor where the main character turns into a new person (appearance-wise), you’re at the proper place! And most of the Manhwa are on Some Particular websites like Crunchyroll, WEBTOON, Tapas, Tappytoon!

The MC of Lookism went done the same circumstances. He woke up one day using a completely new individual. The name of our MC is Daniel, who was secondhand to be unattractive until he woke up with a unique uniqueness. Now that he’s not equal to Daniel, how will his school life be pretentious? If you’re inquisitive, read Lookism! But if you’ve already recited this manhwa, we’ve got some like references for you!

1. The Devil’s Boy

Similarly: 18/20

Envisage you get looked down upon by everyone for existence as a weakling. Sounds sad, right? Just similar that, our MC faced the same situation when he was continually bullied by everyone to the point of captivating his own life, but he was offered enchanted powers! Now the benches have turned! Isn’t that right? Once a weakling develops an overpowered guy, everything vicissitudes. Will our MC come back and take vengeance? To find out, read “The Devil’s Boy.” The character growth in Lookism and The Devil’s Boy gives out identical vibes! So, I’m unquestionable you’re gonna love this manhwa!

BL manhwa

The Devil’s Boy

2. Reweakened Man

Similarly: 19/20

Hwan Seok is just a man who can’t stand injustice. He’s a nice guy who, after getting involved with a group of annoying men, attacks his neighbor named, Yerin. This occurrence cost him his life. How? Well, he got killed. But that’s non the end! He woke up and was just well and alive. Just like that, he originates out that he was able to turn back time after trio days! Our boy got lucky. Similar to Lookism, Hwang Seok started a new life after concluding a unique ability within him.

BL manhwa

Reweakened Man

3. Dr. Frost

Similarly: 19/20

Living two kinds of lives is a concept similar to Lookism and Dr. Frost. A professor lives as a barkeeper by night. Imagine you’re his pupil, and you’re so depressed one day that you want to drink somewhat. Suddenly you come crossways your professor’s bar. OOF! The uncooperative silence. Just like Lookism, Dr. Frost has an emotional taste in it that will help us learn about the thinking of people.

4. Viral Hit

Similarity: 19/20

An uncaring high schooler named Hobin Yoo needs to make a new tube Network. His NewTube Channel rotates around fighting. He follows the advice of an associated NewTuber who fights level-stronger guys! Doesn’t the fighting idea in this manhwa hype you up? It hypes me up. But don’t beat acquitted guys without reason! The idea of beating up people till they bleed is like Lookism.


Similarity: 19/20

When it originates to grades or looks, our MC is at the bottommost of the list. Thanks to a humble general kid, Taebin, he gets to modify his lifestyle. Dong Tae (MC) becomes introduced to the world of Dice. After progressing the dice, your whole life could change in front of you! Envisage having such an opportunity in real life, and I’d darling it! I need these dice asap! I want to wager my whole life on these dice. But if you’re speculating about what could be the similarity between this manhwa and DICE, it’ll be the idea of starting a new life.

6. The Breaker

Similarity: 19/20

The floor is about Shinwoo Yi, who becomes a scholar of Chun Woo Han, who is a martial painter who is enemies of a secret organization. The Roller tells us about the journey of Shiwoo Yoo and Chunwoo Han in contradiction of the Murim Organization. The level of this manhwa is exciting, particularly if you’re into martial arts.

I live for underground organizations and the shady streets. I mean, this noise is badass. Isn’t that right? Let’s see what kind of group super-secret in The Breaker manhwa is. Again, the concept of beating up broods and raising awareness about societal issues looks like Lookism.

7. Weak Hero

Similarity: 19/20

Weak Hero is also one of the greatest popular manhwas that look like Lookism. It tells us the story of a weakling. He’s minor but calculative. Now the fight between the school tormenters and the MC will leave your mouth exposed! So, if you’re enquiring to find out the complete floor, read.

BL manhwa

Weak Hero

Weak Hero. Fair like Lookism, this manhwa banquets awareness about bullying. The character expansion of our MC gives off the same feelings as the MC of Lookism.

8. Reweakened Man

Similarity: 19/20

Hwan Seok is just a man who can’t stand injustice. He’s a nice guy who, after getting involved with a group of men, annoying attacks his neighbor called Yerin. This event prices him his life. How? Well, he got killed. But that’s not the end! He awakened and was just well and alive. Just like that, he found out that he remained able to turn back time afterward three days! Our boy got lucky. Similar to Lookism, Hwang Seok started a new life after discovering a unique ability within him.

BL manhwa

Reweakened Man

9. UnOrdinary

Similarity: 18/20

UnOrdinary is about a primary high schooler who isn’t given much attention. The school is controlled by the elite and next-level people. However, our MC has a very unexpected past that can bring down the whole school’s social status! That means that the fate of this school is in John’s (MC) hands. How will he use this power? Just like Lookism, our MC was a “nobody” before he got the power in his hands.

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10. Face Genius

Similarity: 18/20

Face Genius is around our MC, who gets struck by fast while playing a game. That’s how he develops his favorite rich character from the competition. Doesn’t that completely ideal? Well, it does for me! Imagine flattering your favorite game character who’s good-looking and rich! Now that our MC has an entirely new world in front of him, what will he do? To discover, read Face Mastermind!

BL manhwa

Face Genius

Starting a new life as a whole new person awaits our MC, and that’s a concept similar to Lookism.

11. My Life As A Loser

Similarity: 18/20

The title noises are sad, right? The story revolves around our MC, who suffered a lot in high school due to a tormenter. Though, he didn’t want to take his own life. In its place, he decided to swap forms with him. He succeeded at taking ended his bully’s body. That’s how the tables turned. You see, it’s sad when someone has bothered you a lot in tall school, and they grow up successful substitute as if nothing happened. That’s pardoned our MC experience.

Receiving used to living the famous life of his bully is very similar to the MC in Lookism, who woke up in a totally new body!

He exchanged bodies with him so that he could get a sensitivity of what it’s like to animate like that! I always get hyped up by revenge stories.

12. Miunohri to Swan

Similarity: 18/20

Envision your grandfather can change the way you expression! OOF! I continuously like overpowered grandpas (in a non-fussy Baka way). Anyhow, I’ll tell you what I’m annoying to say.

Miunohori to Swan turns around a girl who gets called ugly and fat by everybody around her. Her friends or generations make her do all the work. She smoothly gets called ugly duckling by her family. So, her life is an untidiness.

BL manhwa

Miunohri to Swan

One strange day, she chooses to take her own life. Though, her grandpa has got her back. He protects her and ends up turning her hooked on a real loveliness. That’s by what means her life was turned to help down! Doesn’t that sound very attractive? If you’re curious about “the change” in her life, you will read this manhwa!

The MC in Lookism died through unique character expansion, and the MC in this manhwa goes through the same article and comes back strong. So, there are sure similarities between Lookism and Miunohri to Swan.

13. For the Sake of Sita

Similarity: 18/20

This manhwa is just using historical and dramatic as you’re pregnant it to be. The story of this manhwa turns around Sita, who is a goddess of Nepal. A therapeutic student falls for this goddess and wants to go to life-threatening lengths to fight for her. Doesn’t that sound sweet? I reason the story of this manhwa is very healthful. It’s a mixture of modern aspects and history. I’m sure you’re successful to like it!

BL manhwa

For the Sake of Sita

14. Facelift Game

Similarity: 19/20

Nowadays, we have a Facelift Game. The story of this manhwa rotates around our MC, who’s discriminated counter to by the world. She gets bullied for looking so plain all the time. Some situations lead her across an app that brands her face to look exactly like the one she edits inside the app. That sounds pretty valuable, right? Like, technology, no, thank you! I’d somewhat live with my features and fix the movable screws in other peoples’ heads!

Envisage that the app exists for real; what would you modify? To be authentic, there’s a dark side to the app. If our MC requirements to maintain her looks, she takes to do some impossible tasks. If this story fascinates you, you should read it!

15. Longtime Lovers

Similarity: 19/20

We all have our initial love. Some of us get lucky adequate to make the relationship with them last, while others are wretched. Here, take a tissue and wipe your crying. It’s okay, and this is life. It simply changes. Not everyone’s bound to have their initial love. Anyways, let’s not get open here.

The MC in this manhwa met the same situation. The story revolves everywhere a girl who is confused about whether she should last her relationship with her long-time lover or not.

BL manhwa

Longtime Lovers

16. Save Me

Similarity 20/20

Additional manhwa resembling Lookism is Save Me in rapports of getting bullied by others. It turns around Hyeongoh, who is unable to move his members. He’s paralyzed. The biosphere is so cruel for picking on him and mistreatment him. So, Save Me stretches us with great teachings in empathy.

16. Greatest Outcast Part 2

Similarity 19/20

Greatest Outcast part 2 is an additional manhwa resembling Lookism in the footings of being an outcast until our MC levels up. It turns around our MC, who couldn’t bear life as an outcast. Therefore, Kang Haneul agrees to step up the game and take revenge on somebody who picks up on him.

BL manhwa

Greatest Outcast Part 2

17. True Beauty Chapter 2

Similarity: 17/20

As the story ensued, she succeeded, and that’s how she ongoing a new life at a novel school where she would on no occasion take her makeup off and nobody would see her real face. Living dissimilar lives or living life as a different individual is a similar concept used in Lookism manhwa. So, I’m indisputable you’re going to love the interpretation of True Beauty as well.

18. Supernova

Similarity: 19/20

The level of Supernova is heart-touching. It tells us about the discernment faced by poor people. The rich people are strong, and on the other hand, the poor individuals are weak. Our boy, Yushin, learns about life when he sees all of the messed-up things trendy before him. The way they represent this concept will touch your hearts! So, if you famine to find out what ensues in Supernova, read it! The dramatic vibes, along with intimidation, will remind you of Lookism when you recite this manhwa.

BL manhwa


19. Dr. Frost

Similarity: 19/20

Living two kinds of lives is a concept similar between Lookism and Dr. Frost. A tutor lives as a bartender by night. Envisage you’re his student and you’re so unhappy one day that you want to drink somewhat. Suddenly you come crossways your professor’s bar. OOF! The awkward silence. Impartial like Lookism, Dr. Frost has a mental taste in it that will help us learn about the mind of people.

20. Super Secret

Similarity: 19/20

We all partake in our secrets, but some of us have mysteries that are (literally) bigger than others. What secret is Ryan wallop from his childhood friend Emma? Oh, you distinguish, just the fact that he’s a giant werewolf camouflaged as a human. Even so, nothing can stand between jealous Ryan and dense but utterly sugary Emma. Until another boy shows up, that is. What will occur when Emma gets her initial boyfriend, who just could be harboring a major clandestine of his own? “Super Secret” is one of my cute webtoons, and it brands me to want a Ryan in my lifetime too!

21. Sweet Home

Similarity: 19/20

Threatening: “Sweet Home” is whatever but sweet. Also, you power want to leave the illuminations on when you recited this one if you’re faint of sentiment. This webtoon will give you anxieties as you watch a band of unenthusiastic stars takes on monsters who are trying to wipe out humanity. That said, it isn’t scary passable to give you nightmares… Probably. “Sweet Home” is an alike author to “Bastard,” so if you relished that one, then you certainly won’t be talented at putting this one down also!

22. A Decent Day To Be A Dog

Similarity: 19/20

What’s inferior to getting blackout drunk and unintentionally necking your coworker? Turning into a dog every nighttime until you can get him to kiss your minuscule doggy lips again. Having set her family’s oath into action after drunkenly compelling a caress on her coworker Mr. Jin, Hana needs now find a way to get her additional kiss after him while in dog form. To make earlier now difficult tasks even harder, Mr. Jin is intensely afraid of dogs and avoids them at altogether prices. Will Hana airstream up spending her dusks as a lapdog for the break of her life? “A decent Day To Be A Dog” is as comedic as it is uncompromising and is one of my favorites these existences, so be unquestionable to check it out by hand!

23. Odd Girl Out

Have you forever had that one gorgeous friend who appeals to not only everyone else’s attention but also brands you look like a plain Jane at the finest in comparison? Well, Nari has three networks like this, making her the odd lass out. But, as it turns out, all of them have skilled their hardships and have their own difficult stories to tell. Maybe Nari’s beautiful, goddess-like groups are just regular girls too. This webtoon is certain to break your heart, but it will, too, put it back together while making you joke all along the way.

24. Lookism

Similarity: 20/20

This story is shared by Ugly Duckling and part… a lot of other belongings. While the notion of the physical draw is certainly central to this webtoon, “Lookism” goes upstairs and beyond to tell a story that’s about so far more than just that. Friendship, domestic, loyalty, bullying, jealousy, love — you designate it, “Lookism” covers it. Read on as the character Daniel Park experiences the wonder of his life: being mysteriously decided by a second body that could quite simply be called faultless. This webtoon will have you amused, cringing, screaming, and more in no time, creating it an absolute must-read. Oh, and be on the goingout for the infrequent K-pop reference!

25. Ghost Wife

Similarity: 18/20

Forget agreed marriages or blind dates. This demon has originated to snatch your girl’s heart — or at least her pointer in marriage — whether she adores it or not. And as luck would have it, he’s non the only demon interested in high college student Liz Kim; the thing is, while he wants to type her his wife, the rest of the poverty to make her their dinner. What’s an adolescent girl to do?! Although the whizzes and ghosts might seem creepy at first, it won’t be long earlier you’re shipping Liz and her novel hubby.

26. Save Her

Similarity: 18/20

It’s BTS Universe standard — need I say more? “Save Me,” which enlarges upon the story told through HYYH (“The Most Beautiful Second in Life”), features stunning representation that will take you back to the unique music videos while also giving many never-before-seen moments. There are only a minority of episodes out so far, but I can already say I’m in love with this webtoon and cannot wait to see what occurs next.

27. Annarasumanara

Similarity: 18/20

Annarasumanara transports together three people who have very diverse views on what constitutes living and adulthood, as the manhwa inquiries whether it is worth foregoing childish fantasy for reality. With 27 solitary chapters, Annarasumanara could effortlessly be altered into a wonderful 26-episode anime.



28. 4 Cut Hero

Similarity: 20/20

Starting as a gag sequence before eventually growing into approximately slightly more complex, Gojira-Kun’s 4 Cut Hero is a humorous take on the fantasy genre. Afterward, after defeating the demon king and exchangeable the captive prince(ss), Zeed Toven quickly knows that he does not have greatly to offer outside of fulfilling his part as a “Hero.” Consequently, he locks himself on his floor and spoils in pastimes like anime; however, Toven’s break demonstrates to be rather short-lived.

29. Regarding Death

Similarity: 18/20

This Manhwa also recognized as About Death, this relatively short manhwa centers on a godly being who meets individuals on their way out of the earthly plane. With 27 chapters, Regarding Death is a short-lived but memorable read, with each entry directed at different characters by using they come face to face with this object.

30. Vagrant Soldier Ares

Similarity: 19/20

Spanning 26 volumes and finishing in 2007, Vagrant Soldier Ares is a prime applicant for an anime adaptation as there is previously a complete story, and its action-oriented tale should make it quite sought-after. Enthused by Ancient Rome, this manhwa’s biosphere is defined by feuding nations, with Chronos being wedged in the middle. The floor follows two characters who join the Temple Mercenaries besides are sent on assignments that typically revolve around discouragement or repelling neighboring nations.

31. The Breaker

Similarity: 19/20

Excluding the Tower of God, The Breaker is maybe the most well-known manhwa in existence, and it is nonhard to see why. Centering around a soldierly artist who enrolls in a school by using a cover to a whole mission against the Martial Arts Alliance, Chunwoo Han breaking up taking a timid pupil named Shiwoon Yi under his extension.

32. Saver

Similarity: 19/20

An isekai series that skills fantasy for historical fiction, Saver finished its run in 2010 besides lasted for 55 chapters. A fit teenager, Lena Ha lives a stimulating life with her solitary mother. Unfortunately, a potential love matter leads to a group of titters being sent to kill Lena, who escapes by hopping into a pool of water have sent her to the extra world. Once there, Lena must dress as a man to, with any luck, meet the king and be sent backbone home.

33. Kubera

Similarity: 19/20

Kubera starts as a straightforward tale of vengeance, as the titular character skulls out with a magician to get revenge for the annihilation of her village. From here, Kubera expands to an epic tale that falsifies an expansive cast with nonlinear storytelling in a way that solitary never positively serves the narrative. An anime edition would be quite an undertaking, but Kubera earns attention.

34. Facelift Game

Similarity: 20/20

This manhwa shadows the concept of beauty apps that can affect whole one’s life. They can change the person wholly. A facelift is somewhat similar to True Beauty and Lookism combined. Yi Rong was terrorized by her looks, but instead of choosing grease paint, she chose a loveliness app!

I hope we know false things come with a cost. The twist commences when the app demands something inconceivable. She has no choice but to convey the demands. I bet you would hate me if I pampered this for you.

35. Unordinary


I can bet we all distinguish the good ones always hurt, be it in the movies or realism. However, everything falls at home when the right time comes. This one the lot on the same idea. UnOrdinary’s plot rotates around the MC, who loves spreading peace by solving people’s glitches.

36. How To Flight?

Similarity: 19/20

Guys, do you distinguish how to fight? The funny thing is, we all distinguish how to fight! Jokes apart, this Korean manhwa has a similar concept of bullying. The MC is a student who gets intimidated, and there you go! He discovered a way to pawn it. The manhwa is fun to watch, and I sighted the MC learning how to fight.

So, if you’re looking for a great companion to kill time, then make this one!

BL manhwa

How To Flight?

37. Trigger

Similarity: 19/20

Guys, retain your hearts firm because this one might type you cry. Can you imagine a student being a mark for bullying on the first day of his university? Furthermore, if the student is also suffering from lingering heart disease at the moment! Ah, man! Where’s my tissue?

Hey, hey! Don’t become sad! We all know, unlike reality; the MCs continuously find a way to get out of their difficulties!

38. True Beauty

Similarity: 19/20

I bet we all consume read this webtoon but still, let me endorse it to you! This is the story of Ju-Kyung, who used to get terrorized for her looks. She lived a miserable life since of it. However, unlike other victims, she agrees to fight back and finds an answer to her problem.

She transforms herself totally with the help of makeup. Yes, the makeup protected her life and changed her to the degree that even she couldn’t recognize herself! Moreover, that’s a tragedy with makeup or aptitude. And to her luck, it’s aptitude.

39. Greatest Outcast

Similarity: 19/20

The plot shadows the story of a guy who couldn’t endure being an outcast. Therefore, his friend, Kang Haneul, vows to income revenge. In short, this is a countless manhwa sketching the bleak realism!

40. He Queen

Similarity: 19/20


The Queen rotates around Stew Shin, who’s the only student in receipt of bullied. He even gets bullied by girls. As the section proceeds, this guy makes his means to the top and becomes sturdier than ever! Just like Park Hyung Shik after Lookism, Stew Shin comes back powerful; let’s understand how he tackles his school’s glitches! 

BL manhwa

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