Halsey Dating History: Who Has The Singer Dated In The Past?

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Halsey (Credits: Billboard)

Famous singer-songwriter Halsey has become a fan favorite for many reasons. Be it her unapologetic fashion style or her unique sense of music, or her warm personality, fans seem to love it all. The singer hails from New Jersey and actually promotes herself under an alias because there may be some who find her real name, Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, a tad bit too difficult to remember.

The singer has been continuously putting out songs for her fans since 2014, which is when she released her first EP, called Room 93. Though she had been self-releasing music even before she signed an official contract with a label, it was her studio album that got her the audience’s attention with songs like “Colors” and “Gasoline.”

Ever since her music career took off, Halsey has collaborated with bands like The Chainsmokers and famous idol group BTS, releasing music that took over the world completely, with songs like “Closer” and “Boy with Love.” Her 2020 released album, “Maniac,” became one of her best-selling albums for her and also received significant awards at the Billboard Music Awards and American Music Awards for her.

American singer-songwriter Halsey
American singer-songwriter Halsey (Credits: Forbes)

She has been nominated for the Grammys three times for putting music that is completely unique and so distinct. Apart from her extremely successful singing career and her inspiring social media presence, the singer is also known for having dated a bunch of people from the music industry. While fans may have been curious about her dating history, they can continue scrolling below to find out all about her past relationships.

Halsey’s Dating History

Matt Healy

The lead singer of the band “1975,” Matt Healy and Halsey, were rumored to be dating back in 2015 when the singer was still a rookie in the industry. In an interview for Billboard magazine, the singer confessed that Matt had had a huge influence on her style of music and her career overall. Many fans speculate that the singer might have dedicated a few songs from her album to her boyfriend of the time, though nothing of the sort has been confirmed by Halsey herself. 

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Machine Gun Kelly

In the year 2017, Halsey was spotted by fans and paparazzi with rapper MGK, once again sparking rumors of the two datings. In 2018, MGK confirmed in an interview that the two were, in fact, dating, and they also collaborated on one of his songs called “Forget Me Too.” The two kept their relationship extremely low-key, though fans managed to spot them a few times before they announced their break up. 

Halsey with ex-boyfriend MGK
Halsey with ex-boyfriend MGK (Credits: NME)

While it was said that they parted ways in a friendly manner, many believe that things in their relationship must have gotten ugly because of the diss battle between MGK and G-Eazy, where the two dragged Halsey into their feud.


In 2017, the singer collaborated with G-Eazy for a song the duo released called “Him & I.” It was after this collaboration that the two were spotted by fans which led many to believe that the pair was actually together. The couple indulged in heavy PDA and continued to post each other on their respective social media. While we were convinced that the couple would stay together for a long time, Halsey took to her Instagram to let her fans know of the fact that they were taking a break in July 2018.

The couple did get back together, giving fans a little hope for their relationship, but soon announced that they had officially broken up and parted ways in 2018.


Soon after Halsey separated ways from G-Eazy, she found a new love in the British rock star, Yungblud. She admitted to having texted him first through Instagram in November 2018, after which the two started dating. Though this time, the couple kept much of their relationship to themselves and very private, Halsey still shared a picture of the two together in London, letting the fans know that they were still going strong.

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Halsey and Yungblud together
Halsey and Yungblud together (Credits: Teen Vogue)

Despite their budding romance, the couple parted ways in September 2019. Prior to their break up, they had released a song titled “11 Minutes”. Halsey even took to her Twitter to let fans know that they had decided to part ways mutually and without any fuss or drama, saying that things just changed between the two and they went through a normal breakup.

Evan Peters

Somewhere in October 2019, the singer confirmed that she had moved on from her dating experience with Yungblud and had found a new exciting love with the American Horror Story starring actor Evan Peters. The couple was spotted together on public events like red carpets and awards shows but still managed to keep part of their love life private, with Halsey putting up adorable pictures of themselves on her social media.

Halsey with ex-boyfriend Alev Aydin
Halsey with ex-boyfriend Alev Aydin (Credits: WireImage)

Though the singer confessed that she “could not imagine a world without him,” the duo removed pictures of each other and any other picture with evidence of the two together from their social media at the start of 2020. By March 2020, it was confirmed that they had parted ways.

Alev Aydin

Halsey and Aydin had been caught together in October 2020, but it was in January 2021 that she surprised her fans with the news of her pregnancy. She posted pictures of her bump on her Instagram, also tagging Alev Aydin in them. The two continued to date, and together they welcomed their baby son, Edner, constantly gushing about their newborn.

The two met when Alev was asked to write a biopic on her life, and they ended up falling in love and creating a family together. It was recently announced that the two have broken up sometime in early 2023, with Halsey filing for the custody of their child.

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