Who Is G-Eazy Dating? The Rapper’s Love Interest

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Who is G-Eazy dating? This is something that people are currently looking for. He and his girlfriend often make headlines, confirming to the world how strong their relationship is. Before diving into their bond and learning who she is, let’s have a look at his fame. 

Originally known as Gerald Earl Gillum, he is a versatile rapper. He gained fame and a lot of recognition from the album, These Things Happen. How badly do you like it? Some of G-Eazy’s hit songs are- Good Life, Still Be Friends, Far Alone, Girls Have Fun, Hate The Way, Provide, Moana, Some Kind Of Drug, Drifting, and many more.

Among these, which one is your favorite? Well, it’s hard to make a choice! Even his 2011 album, The Endless Summer, was a major success. Because of his incredible musical works, G-Eazy has been the recipient of the People’s Choice Awards for being his favorite hip-hop artist. 

Coming back to his personal life, G-Eazy has always appeared to be happy. Previously, the rapper dated several artists such as Halsey, Cara Delevingne, Megan Thee Stallion, Yasmin Wijnaldum, Lana Del Rey, etc. Now, he has someone special in his life, and it looks great to see them together, being very adorable. Who is she? 

G-Eazy Dating

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G-Eazy Dating: The Rapper’s Romantic Interest

G-Eazy is dating his beautiful lady love, Ashley Victoria Benson. Yes, she is a renowned actress. In case you are unaware, Ashley is popularly known for portraying the leading character of Hanna Marin in Pretty Little Liars. Some of her other acting credits include- Private Property, Chronically Metropolitan, The Birthday Cake, Days of Our Lives, Eastwick, Barely Famous, etc. 

G-Eazy Dating
Ashley Benson

It feels good to know that G-Eazy’s girlfriend, Ashley, also has a similar interest in music. Some of her songs are- Stars Go Out, Creep, etc. Besides this, she has also penned down the song titled “Every Night of the Year”, released in 2020. 

Talking about their relationship, G-Eazy and Ashley were linked for the very first time in April 2020. That was just when the pandemic started hitting. How? It was made after her appearance on Creep. Rumors of their romance were fueled after a month when she broke up with his previous relationship of two years. 

Since then, G-Eazy and Ashley have been spotted at various events together. Well, friends do hang out. Don’t they? But, things appeared beyond that at the time they were found sharing kisses inside the car. Hats off to all the eagle-eyed fans! 

When did the love birds make their relationship official? It was at the rapper’s sister’s wedding, held in June 2020, where he addressed the actress to be his date. But people knew about their relationship before that. It’s not known when G-Eazy and Ashley are dating each other. Meanwhile, in February 2021, they broke up briefly. When asked about the reason, Ashley shared that she didn’t like the way G-Eazy was around her. They fought a lot. 

Despite having arguments, G-Eazy and Ashley Benson reconciled after a year. That’s the sign of a true relationship. Both gave each other another chance, and they are doing great at present. The couple appeared to be very much in love and got spotted before the 2022 Oscars in March. 

G-Eazy Dating
Ashley and G-Eazy are head over heels for each other

Love is in the air! Best Wishes to G-Eazy for the upcoming days of his life. Hoping his relationship with Ashley stays strong forever like this. For more updates, you may give him a following on his Instagram account. 

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