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Wheel of Fortune (US) Season 40 Episode 4: Release Date, Preview & Recap

Wheel of Fortune (US) Season 40 Episode 4
Wheel of Fortune (US) Season 40 Episode 4

Let us find out when will Wheel of Fortune (US) Season 40 Episode 4 release? Who hasn’t seen the famous puzzle board that has appeared in a variety of media and memes? Wheel of Fortune, an American game show, has been on the air for decades. The longest-running series in the United States is now in its 40th season. Let’s take a look at how it’s changed over time. It has been a popular series since January 1975 and is still going strong today.

Merv Griffin created the series, also known as Wheel, and it has been directed by Jeff Goldstein, Mark Corwin, Dick Carson, Bob Cisneros, and Robert Ennis over the years. So far, the show has had two spin-offs. Wheel of Fortune was also frequently referred to as the “top-rated syndicated series.

“Many hosts have changed over the course of the game show’s history, but Pat Sajak has been the host for the longest time and will continue to do so this season. Aside from online ratings, the show was once among the highest-rated US television shows.

Wheel of Fortune (US) Season 40

Wheel of Fortune (US) Season 40

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Wheel of Fortune (US) Season 40 Episode 4 Release Date

Following the premiere, Wheel of Fortune (US) Season 40 Episode 4 will air on Thursday, September 15, 2022. The game show will release its fourth episode on ABC at 7:00 p.m. However, due to its partnership with Sony Pictures, the show is not available on any other streaming platforms. 

Wheel of Fortune (US)

Wheel of Fortune (US) Season 40

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Recap Of Wheel of Fortune (US) Season 40 Episode 3

Because all of the Triple Toss-Ups are extinct, they are classified as a Thing rather than a Living Thing. Ryan exceeds $100,000 without exceeding that amount. He leaves with $123,090 after winning a BMW X3 and $40,000 from the XL Wedge in the Bonus Round.

Wheel of Fortune (US) Season 40 Episode 4

Wheel of Fortune (US) Season 40

What Will Happen in September 2022 of Wheel of Fortune (US) Season 40?

There is no studio audience this week. Wheel now has an XL Wedge to commemorate the show’s 40th anniversary. This wedge is played similarly to the Million-Dollar Wedge on the yellow $850. Correct consonants are worth the highest dollar value per round. If it lands on it, the “XL” glows, and the contestant’s scoreboard displays the logo. If a contestant takes it there and solves the bonus puzzle, it will award an additional $40,000 in the Bonus Round. It is also still on the Wheel for Round 4.

Because of the XL Wedge, the Million Dollar Wedge is moved to green $500 next to the pink $600 (with the full wedge side up), plus a second one is added to green $500 next to the orange $900 in Round 2, and the Prize Wedge is moved to the pink $500. In addition, one of the Mystery Wedges is moved to the purple $500 next to the $800. In addition, two $1,000,000 envelopes are present if the Million-Dollar Wedge is used in the Bonus Round. The show’s logo has a blue-violet XL behind it, which matches the XL Wedge.

Each Prize Puzzle comes with an additional $5,000. The “XL” logo appears onscreen as Jim says this.

Wheel of Fortune (US) Season 40 Episode 4

Wheel of Fortune (US) Season 40

It’s also the Vacation and $40,000 Giveaway. Home viewers can enter each day’s Prize Puzzle on the show’s website for a chance to win the trip and $40,000 cash offered by Prize Puzzle. The XL logo appears on the top flap of the Bonus Round envelopes.

Season 40 of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ features NASA technology.

The cutting-edge technology used on Mars is now reaching a new audience in an unexpected way. The puzzle board, which hasn’t been updated in nearly two decades, now uses the same technology as NASA’s Mars rovers. Before this, “Wheel of Fortune” co-host Vanna White would himself turn the board’s letter pieces or touch the edges of the monitors.

All she has to do now is make a gesture at the screen, and the letters will appear. The puzzle board is now a single LED screen with two sensors to detect movement, rather than 52 individual monitors.

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