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Top 9 Cutest Anime Characters Of All Time!

Cutest Anime Characters Of All Time!
Top 9 Cutest Anime Characters Of All Time!

Let’s look at the top 9 all-time cutest anime characters who, when we see them, pretty much brighten our day. One look at the cutest anime characters is all it takes to brighten our day and make us smile, regardless of how bad our day has been. Be aware that we do not only mean anime girls when we talk about the cutest anime characters of all time. We can all agree that adorable loli anime characters rule this list. We will, however, feature a range of charming anime characters. From anime females to lolis to anime dudes and, yes, even some classic anime characters.

Cute anime characters are created for one purpose: to delight viewers with their Kawai moments. It is one of the factors that help viewers like anime despite its variances in genres. Male otakus are drawn to adorable female anime characters, while female otakus are drawn to cute male anime characters. Once they both agree that this particular anime character is cute, then that character must be deemed as one of the cutest anime characters of all time. That is why for our list of cute anime characters, we have a variety of anime characters.

So without any further ado, here are the top 9 cutest anime characters of all time!

Anya Forger – Spy X Family

Let’s begin with a fresh competitor. Spy X Family’s Anya Forger is likely to be one of the cutest anime characters of all time. Everyone has wanted to see her since the Spy X Family unveiled its initial teasers and trailers. Anya will be the cutest and most iconic loli of all time, in addition to being one of the cutest anime characters of all time. Her reactions are what make hundreds of anime lovers’ hearts flutter, regardless of gender; everyone loves her equally.

Anya Forger - cutest loli anime characters

Anya Forger

Spy X Family anime, in general, is based on her reaction. She is a part of the pretend family who can read minds. She would do whatever with her powers to make her family a true and ideal family. Fans like her because she works tirelessly to keep her family together. She also has a tragic backstory that includes how she obtained her powers and, most likely, how she lost her parents.

Everyone is cheering for Anya to assist her father in preserving the peace and keep this charade of a family going. Anya deserves to be on the list of the cutest anime characters of all time. You can watch her funny and cute reactions on the Muse Asia youtube channel for free.

Chika – Kaguya-sama: Love is War

Do you know the reason why Chika’s dance sequence went viral on the internet? It’s simple because she is the most adorable anime character ever. On top of being one of the cutest anime characters, she is also hilarious. No, wonder she is famous and one of the favorite anime characters from Kaguya-sama: Love is War. Chika is never up to any good, and she is always doing silly things which end up tiring her. Her cute and bubbly personality is one of the reasons why most of the viewers prefer watching Kaguya-sama: Love is War.

Chika Fujiwara

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Pikachu – Pokemon

Pikachu is what we meant when we said we wouldn’t restrict our post to solely female and male anime characters for the cutest anime characters. Just gazing at him/her can brighten anyone’s day. And there’s no denying that Pikachu is well-known. If anything, he or she is the reason Pokemon is renowned. No matter the convention or anime event you go to, you will see at least one person dressed as Pikachu. Female cosplayers, in particular, utilize Pikachu as a way to draw attention and improve their charm.

cutest anime characters


Pikachu that first appeared decades ago still happens to brighten anyone’s day. One of the cutest aspects of this anime character is its voice. “Pika-Pika” are the words that everyone would recognize. And it sounds cute as well. Even in the recent Pokemon live-action movie where it was voiced by “Ryan Renolds,” it reflected pure cuteness. Pikachu perfectly fits as one of the cutest anime characters.

Luffy – One Piece

Luffy’s cuteness shines through his kindness and his innocence. However, he is the cutest anime character when his idiocy is shown in a narrative arc. Luffy’s reaction to the simplest things is similar to that of a child, and that is what makes him one of the cutest anime characters ever. He is so modest that he can’t even make fun of someone even when he is trying. In addition to being one of the cutest anime characters, Luffy, like the most shonen character, is one of the most inspiring anime characters out there. Luffy loves food and fighting a powerful enemy.

Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy

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Renge Miyauchi – Non Non Biyori

Renge Miyauchi from the anime Non Non Biyori is without a doubt one of the cutest anime characters ever. She, like Anya, is one of the quintessential loli characters. She is also a meme template that is used in the majority of social media anime material. With her petite and diminutive size, her singing is her primary draw. Renge also has the saddest expression ever. That is also what makes her relatable.

Nyanpasu - cutest anime characters

Renge Miyauchi: Non Non Biyori

One of the nicest parts about watching Non Non Biyori anime is that other characters prefer to look after her just like we want to do off-screen. If you haven’t heard of her, we are quite sure you’ve been living under a rock. If you want to know how cute she is, listen to her song, which has captivated the hearts of every anime fan.

Rem – Re: Zero

Rem from Re: Zero is also an anime character who has won the hear of millions with her shy and loveable personality. Despite the fact that she has a twin, only she is considered one of the cutest anime characters ever to exist. The reason being is that she is a comfort for our main character Subaru Natsuki from Re: Zero. Whenever there is something wrong with Subaru, or he is had a bad day, Subaru would go up to her, and her kindness and cuteness would make his day. Rem is a type of character that many male otakus want as their girlfriend.

Rem - Re: Zero


Nezuko – Demon Slayer

Yes, we have the cutest devil ever in our collection of the cutest anime characters. Nezuko from Demon has captivated the hearts of millions, and many male anime fans, like Zenitsu, are madly in love with her. Anyone who has seen the anime has screamed “NEZUKO-CHAN” at least once. What’s fascinating about her is her ability to control her size. She can shrink herself to a size of a 2-year-old that you would just want to play with and take care of.


What distinguishes her from the others on this list is that she is powerful despite her charming appearance. She is strong in her Demon form, and when it comes to protecting her brother and loved ones, she does not back down and defends them at any cost. She is so adorable that everyone would want her as their charming sister, much like Tanjiro.

Akamaru – Naruto

If we are talking about one of the cutest things ever to exist, how can we forget the epitome of the cutest creature ever? Yes, a dog needs no reason why they are cute. One look in their puppy eyes can make anyone’s day. Akamaru from Naruto is one of the most famous anime dogs. Thus, it is one of the cutest anime characters of all time. Just like many people in real life have dogs as their best friends, Akamaru is no different as he is best friends with Kina. Just like most dogs, Akamaru, too, is devoted and active.

Cutest anime characters


Shigeo Kageyama – Mob Psycho 100

A cute anime boy like Shigeo Kageyama is no doubt one of the cutest anime characters that are out there. Mob is one of the cutest anime characters ever created. He is modest, kind, gentle, and bashful. Despite possessing one of the greatest abilities in anime, his most endearing quality is his modesty and kindness.

Mob Psycho 100

Shigeo Kageyama

When Mob talks about the lady he has a crush on, his charm shows through. He, like many otakus, is bashful, which makes him incredibly sympathetic. His generosity does not end here. Even if he is battling an opponent, he will first attempt to reason with them. We’ve also seen in the anime that Mob doesn’t carry grudges towards anyone, even if they’ve wronged him multiple times. Shigeo Kageyama is, without a doubt, one of the cutest anime characters out today.

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