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10 Most Loved Anime Singer Characters That You Will Definitely Fall For!

Yui Hirasawa
Yui Hirasawa

There is a great deal of music anime out there with stunning anime singer characters loved by the audience. Music is an inseparable part of any show. It plays a huge role in highlighting the emotions portrayed. Music acts like a crayon that fills the scenes with the color of emotions. It often plays a huge role in storytelling and the plot building of an anime. For fans, the music becomes a symbol relating to that anime. Any anime is regarded incomplete without an iconic opening soundtrack. Blue Bird, Unravel, Gurgenge, and Opening tracks like these emphasize what the story is about and lets the watchers connect to the visuals on another level.

However, often times, the viewers are hooked on the emotions behind the music. The struggle, motivation, sorrow, joy, and love portrayed by the characters reach out to the hearts of the viewers. Empathy and Sympathy are the key factors that control the way we respond to fictional characters. Furthermore, the situations these characters find themselves in resonate with us. Therefore, we get attached to these fictional characters. Whether they’re in a band or work as an idol, here is a list of the 10 most loved singer characters you will fall for.

Mio Akiyama

Mio Akiyama, an avidly loved anime singer character, is one of the  5 main protagonists in K-ON! This anime features a few high school girls coming together to make a music club. The members are passionate about making their experience delightful.

Mio serves as a bassist, second vocalist, and main lyricist of the band Ho-Kago Tea Time. As a technical left-handed guitarist, she is exceptionally outstanding at both finger style and pick-use. She complements Ritsu’s variable singing style with her stronghold at the fretboard.

Mio Akiyama


Mio is an introvert with a kind and heartwarming personality. She has straight black hip-length hair. Furthermore, she wears a navy blue blazer and a gray-blue skirt, her school uniform. In summers, she replaces the blazer with a light yellow vest. She is capable of making well-thought decisions, and her bandmates often rely on her for that.

Due to her sheepish personality, she runs away from the spotlight. Additionally, she has stage fright. Perhaps, it was the reason she chose base over lead guitarist. However, she does complete justice to her song-writing skills when required to sing. She replaced Yui Hirasawa as a lead vocalist during the fall of her first high school year. Mio is a soprano, and her vocal reach and control are illustrated in tunes such as ‘Don’t Say “Lazy”‘. Not only her skills as a bassist but also her skills as a vocalist add 5 stars to Yui’s voice. Overall, she is a highly dedicated and talented musician who cherishes her club and its members and is loved as one of the best anime singer characters by everyone.

Masami Iwasawa

Masami Iwasawa is one of the anime singer characters absolutely loved by people. She is featured in the fantasy anime “Angel Beats”. It focuses on a group of people helping souls stuck in limbo. They help the souls overcome their past trauma and hardships in order to move forward to the afterlife.

Iwasawa is a part of Afterlife Battlefront, Shinda Sekai Sensen. She was the lead vocalist of a four-girl rock band, Girl Dead Monster. She has chin-length pink-red hair and two longer forelocks of hair extending to her shoulders. Besides, she has a calming aura surrounding her. Yui calls her “cool beauty”.

Masami Iwasawa

Angel Beats

Iwasawa leads the band Girl Dead Monster. Additionally, she is accountable for the vocals and is the lead guitarist. She is also responsible for writing the lyrics and composing the music for the band’s songs. The songs are used to divert the NPC student as performance pieces to enable SSS to implement their plans to eliminate Angel, the main antagonist of the series.

Overall, she is gifted with the ability to she is able to fascinate listeners by striving to create music that speaks her thoughts and feelings. She is among anime singer characters people absolutely love.

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Yui Hirasawa

Yui Hirasawa is among anime singer characters explicitly loved by people. She is the main protagonist of K-ON. She is the air-headed lead guitarist and vocalist of the band Ho-kago Tea Time. Besides, she has shoulder-length brown hair and eyes. To accessorize her hair, she wears two yellow hair clips. Adding to her attire, she wears skirts over pants and dresses up chic and comfy.

Yui does not excel academically and gets poor grades in school. On top of that, she spaces out frequently and is easily distracted. However, Yui is fearless and confident. She overcomes anxiety and stage fright with ease.

Yui Hirasawa


Yui confused “light music” with “easy music” and put her name up in joining the club. She picked up the guitar with absolutely no prior experience. However, she is gifted with perfect pitch. She tunes a guitar without a tuner. She practices without manuals and relies on her intuition which makes her an extraordinary musician. Her incredible focus and retention power combined with her natural talent, makes her top-notch. Everyone at school and people in real life admire such anime singer characters for their great voices.

Inori Yuzuriha

Inori Yuzuriha belongs to the group of highly loved anime singer characters. She is the female protagonist of Guilty Crown. She is a member of the resistance guerrilla group called “Funeral Parlor”. Moreover, She serves as the voice of the internet artist Egoist.

Inori is extremely beautiful with light pink hair that turns into hot pink. She wears a small red clip on the left side of her face and ties her hair into pigtails. At first, Inori is emotionless and unusually quiet at first. She is also depicted as cold-blooded, killing enemies without a trace of uneasiness. She gradually becomes more emotional and friendly to people around her. Inori is extremely loyal to her loved ones. It is her most outstanding character trait. Shu asks her to leave the funeral home. She blatantly refuses. Furthermore, She tells Shu she is following Gai’s orders. She will not leave him.

Inori Yuzuriha

Guilty Crown

Inori absolutely loves and enjoys singing. She is the lead singer of the hugely popular Internet group Egoist. Moreover, she often sings to herself whenever she’s alone. She also comforts her other characters by singing songs for them. She is equally passionate about listening to various pop artists and genres. Additionally, She loves going to concerts and follows music ardently. People love such anime singer characters with all their hearts.

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Soul King” Brook is among the most adored anime singer characters. He is the musician of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is one of their two swordsmen besides Zorro. Additionally, He is the ninth member of the crew and the eighth to join. Moreover, he is an eccentric character with a distinguishable personality.



Brook loves music avidly. Music generally keeps Brook going. Brook plays and sings a song till his last breath with his first pirate crew, The Rumbar Pirates. Even Laboon, a whale, takes a liking to Brook for his singing. On top of that, he names his attacks based on various songs and dances. The authorities call him “Humming Brook”. He is  often observed speaking his catchphrase, which is “yohohoho”

Brook’s favorite song to sing is “Binks’ Sake”. He sings this song when he first encounters the Strawhat pirates. Brook sings other songs as well, such as “Black Handkerchief of Happiness”, “Bone To Be Wild” and “New World”. People love such anime singer characters and groove to their melodies all the time.


Kahono is among the most beautiful and extremely loved anime singer characters. She makes her appearance in Black Clover. She is a supporting character. On top of that, she is a priestess of the Seabed Temple. Additionally, She practices her song and Butoh Magic in the worship of the Sea God along with her brother.

She wears a white dress and has dark red hair. In addition, she ties them into a ponytail covered with sea shells. Kahono is an extraordinary singer. She dreams to sing and dance while performing magic.


Princess of The Seabed Temple

Her magic attribute enables her to cast various spells through singing. She can cast spells even without a  grimoire. However, she needs a grimoire to cast specific spells and use her power to its full potential. Her singing magic is so soothing that it has healing properties. Kahono’s magic has both healing and offensive prospects making her a great fighter.

Later she accomplishes her dream of performing in front of the world. People in the black clover universe, as well as in real life, love such anime singer characters for their enchanting voice.

Mafuyu Sato

Mafuyu Sato is one of the most extremely loved and appreciated anime singer characters. He is one of the main protagonists alongside Uenoyama in the Given anime. It features four high school students in a rock band. They develop dual romantic relationships between themselves. This anime is an emotional roller coaster with absolutely stunning character development and storyline.

Mafuyu Sato


Mafuyu is an introverted, shy and straightforward person. He is not very expressive. On top of that, he tends to run away from situations. Mafuyu is incredibly honest and dedicated. He is a great learner. However, he is suffering from trauma and making his best efforts to get over it. His former boyfriend commits suicide.

Coming across Uenoyama, he receives a snipping for not taking care of his guitar. As they interact,  Uenoyama asks Mafuyu to hang out with the band members and pushes him to sing. Uenoyama gets fascinated by his extravagant singing voice. He starts playing guitar in no time and is able to overcome his fears. Mafuyu eventually performs in front of the school. Everyone seems spellbound by such anime singer characters’ voices.

Sylvia Lyyneheym

Sylvia Lyynehem is one of the most loved anime singer characters. She was introduced in the second season of the asterisk war. she is the student council president of Queenvail Girls’ Academy and the world’s most famous idol. Moreover, She is an amazing warrior and takes her career very seriously. She had a master, Ursula Svento. As a matter of fact, she taught her all about magic. Sylvia came to Asterisk to find her after she disappeared. She makes all the possible efforts to track her and Valda-Vaoth.

Sylvia has long purple hair and purple eyes. She is splendidly pretty. Besides, She uses a headphone-shaped accessory to change her hair color. She wears a hat to hide the accessory. In addition, She is extremely talented and an amazing singer. Her singing swarms across the city like a mist.


Asterisk War

Sylvia’s singing is related to supernatural abilities. She uses her singing to manipulate mana. Sylvia controls her surroundings with her magic. She locates her enemies with her singing. The rockstar she is, people go head over heels for such anime singer characters.

Ibuki Mioda

Ibuki Mioda is among the most abundantly loved anime singer characters. She is a student of Hope’s Peak Academy’s Class 77-B and a participant of the Killing School Trip. People call her the ‘ultimate musician’. She wants to play music with someone she trusts. In reciprocity, Ibuki wants them to trust her too. It is her dream. She believes, believing dreams come true is the first step in realizing your dreams.

Ibuki is pale in complexion with pink eyes. She has long multi-colored hair consisting of black, pink, blue, and white. Additionally, she ties some strands in two oni horns on the top of her head. She wears a sailor uniform and a pleated skirt. Furthermore, she pairs it with thigh highs. She has multiple piercings and a tattoo on her thigh.

Ibuki Mioda


Ibuki is upbeat and quirky. She is introverted and loves to talk. She dislikes “dull things” and looks forward to the adventure. On the other hand, she is surprisingly wise. She gives life advice to Hinata about being himself. On top of that, She cherishes platonic friendships. She is not looking for romantic relationships.

She is an extraordinary singer. A sum of masses across the city follow her. On top of that, she is an extremely talented songwriter. One of her songs became one of the highest-grossing singles in the country. She admires heavy metal and plays it passionately. She turned to play traditional pop music down for heavy metal. Adding to her achievements, she can even play bass and drums simultaneously. The upbeat musician she is, she has a heightened sense of hearing. Being a rockstar, she even sews her own clothes. People love these anime singer characters for their outstanding personality and voice.

Hanon Hosho

Hanon Hosho, one of the exceptionally loved anime singer characters, is the main deuteragonist of the anime mermaid melody pichi pichi pitch. This anime features 6 mermaid princesses using their singing abilities to protect the sea world. Hanon has aqua blue eyes in her mermaid form and brown eyes in her human form. She always wears her Pearl Tear around her neck containing her Aquamarine Pearl.

Hanon hosho

mermaid melody

She is kind, generous, and dislikes boys. However, she changed her mind after falling in love with Taro. She is hot-headed and stubborn at times. Hanon is knowledgeable about love. She advises her friends about the topic from time to time. Moreover, she has a lot of willpower. She has her priorities straight and keeps her promises. Additionally, he is passionate about beauty and makeup.

Hanon has an enchanting voice. Her ability to sing fascinated Taro. He gives her a music sheet before he leaves for Germany. Her forms include her mermaid form, her human form, Hanon idol form, and Hanon super idol form. She defeats enemies with her singing in her super idol form. Her voice is transmitted by E-pitch. She sings a series of songs along with other princesses to defeat demons. Fans have been following and loving such anime singer characters ever since.

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