Sky High: The Series Review: Heist Thriller That Failed to Impress

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Created by Daniel Calparsoro and Jorge Guerricaechevarría, Sky High The Series is a new Spanish crime thriller show. Sky High, also popularly known as Hasta el cielo: La Serie, is the continuation of the film with the same name, which came in the year 2020.

Sky High follows the story of a young widowed single mother, Sole, who joins her late husband’s gang of thieves and criminals in Madrid to make a living for herself without the help of her father Rogelio, one of the biggest dealers of stolen goods in Madrid. 

Some people might mistake it as a sequel to Disney’s Sky High superhero movie, but it’s not. Sky High: The Series’ first episode was aired on 17 March 2023 by Netflix. The plot picks up just where it left off in the last film, Sky High.

Sky High Poster
Sky High Poster (Credits: Decider)
  • Series name: Sky High: The Series
  • Created and directed by: Daniel Calparsoro
  • Written by: Jorge Guerricaechevarría
  • Produced by: Borja Pena, Emma Lustres, Jorge Guerricaechevarría
  • Total Episodes: 8
  • Where to watch: Netflix

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Sky High: The Series Cast

Sky High: The series is a Spanish action and adventure show which revolves completely around Sole, a newly widowed single mother played by Asia Ortega, who sets on a trip into the mafia world after her husband Angel’s death to survive and take care of his son without taking her father’s help.

The series also stars Luis Tosar as Rogelio (Sole’s father), Patricia Vico as Mercedes, Richard Holmes as Poli, Álvaro Rico as Fernan, Ayax Pedrosa as Motos, Jarfaiter as Toño, Dollar Selmouni as Gitano, Fernando Cayo as Duque, and Tomás del Estal as Ferrán, and Carmen Sánchez as Marta.

Sky High Cast
Sky High Cast starring Asia Ortega as Sole, Luis Tosar as Rogelio, Álvaro Rico as Fernan, Patricia Vico as Mercedes, Áyax Pedrosa as Motos, Carmen Sánchez as Marta, Dollar Selmouni as Gitano, Richard Holmes as Poli.

Sky High: The Series Plot

The plot revolves around Sole, who is a new widow of Angel and tries to handle the business and lead the gang without the help of her father, Rogelio, who is the biggest dealer of stolen goods in Madrid. It is revealed that Angel committed suicide because he couldn’t bear the loss of Estrella, his ex, and Sole is constantly anxious because she believes that Angela and Estrella would still be alive if she hadn’t called Estrella that day. Due to financial struggles and taking care of her son, Pablo, things aren’t going easy for Sole after the death of Angel.

The show begins with an unsuccessful robbery by the gang, which includes Fernan, Tono Nando, Gitano, Motos, and Compi. They get arrested and are bailed out of jail because of Sole’s help. The gang worked for Angel before his death, and Sole now wishes to lead the gang. Later, it is revealed that Duque, a police officer who has been trying to catch Rogelio for a long time, has sent a person inside the gang named Fernan to get all the information related to Rogelio.

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Sole desires to pursue her life independently without the help of his father and own a gym clothing store. She wishes to work with Mercedes, a lawyer who helped her father before, but Rogelio advises her not to get involved with either Mercedes or the gang, but Sole doesn’t listen to him.

Fernan and Sole
Fernan and Sole (Credits: Leisurebyte)

After this, we see a delivery girl named Rosa following Sole, who is Estrella’s cousin, and somehow she believes that Estrella died because of Sole. Later that night, the gang does a successful robbery at a jewelry store and another one on the other day. They robbed a safe from an office and found German bonds, which Sole will give to Mercedes for selling in the market. But she receives less than the expected amount. Later, we see Fernan and Sole getting closer, and also he asks Sole for help from her father regarding export work, but she does all the work by herself without telling him. 

Furthermore, Sole finds and talks to Rosa, who doesn’t listen to her clarification of Estrella’s death. Also, Rogelio plays a recording of Mercedes to Sole, which confirms that Angel got arrested because of her. After this, she goes to a firm meeting where she can have important investments.

But the Chinese vetoed her, and Sole went to talk to them later on that day. But the head tells her that they neither killed Estrella nor got any money. Poli, a past member of the gang, has escaped from the prison, and later, he, along with Compi, gets arrested while smuggling drugs, and Motos asks Rogelio for help.

Sole with her father Rogelio
Sole with her father Rogelio (Credits: Radio Times)

Later, Motos gets chased by Rogelio’s men in the mall but escapes. Ferran, Rogelio’s lawyer, warns him that they have a mole in the group. Meanwhile, Mercedes tells Sole that the Chinese have work in Paris, and if done, they can consider debt settled. The whole gang goes to Paris. On the other hand, the Columbians chop Poli’s ear in the workman’s area to take revenge.

In Paris, Sole informs the men that they have to steal the vase from the museum for the Chinese, but Fernan tells her that it’s a risky task and cannot be done, so they return to Madrid. While at Marta’s house, Rosa finds a safe which might have the recordings and informs Sole. 

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Rogelio asks Tono to gather information regarding Fernan. Motos gets attacked by the Columbians and goes to Sole’s house and seeks help. Meanwhile, Mercedes asks Poli to set up a meeting between Sole and the Columbians. Also, she sees Rosa outside Sole’s store and asks Marta to stop seeing her.

Later, Sole plans a robbery at Mercedes’ house along with Rosa. Rosa keeps Marta distracted, and the robbery takes place, but at the last moment, the neighbor catches a glimpse of the robbers and calls the police. They escape, but Fernan and Gitano get shot by the neighbor. The officers take he drives to the police station for fingerprints.

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After this, Mercedes goes to the hospital to visit Gitano and asks who asked him to rob her house, but he doesn’t tell her anything. Rogelio comforts Sole that he will take care of everything and starts thinking about the vase robbery again. The robbery gets successfully done because of Poli and Motos. After this, Sole gets included in the port deal from the Chinese.

Vase robbery for the Chinese
Vase robbery for the Chinese (Credits: Netflix Life)

She informs Mercedes about this and tells her that she will be going to Africa to finish the deal.  Meanwhile, Fernan gets a fever because of the infection, and Tono calls Rogelio, who sends him to a doctor. Fernan gets better and thanks Rogelio; also, he tells him that he knows that he has cloned his phone. Rosa takes a DNA sample of Rogelio and gives it to Marta.

Mercedes asks Sole to include Rogelio also in the deal, and she agrees to talk to her father. Later, Ferran informs Rogelio and Sole about Mercedes’ deal with Duque. After a while, Sole and Fernan confess their feelings to each other and promise to come with her to the port deal. The results come, and it is revealed that Rogelio is Marta’s father. She leaves her home and goes to stay with Rosa. Rosa looks through Estrella’s account, and it is revealed that Ferran, Rogelio’s informer killed Estrella. The sole also gets to know about Marta being her sister.

On the other hand, Sole, Fernan, and Mercedes have reached the port where Sole was going to get arrested the other day, but Sole sets a worse trap for Mercedes with the help of Mateo, an old friend of Angel. Rosa sends the video of Ferran killing Estrella to Sole and doubts that her father might be behind her killing.  Mateo also tells Sole that Fernan is not the real guy but a snitch. She sends guys to her room to kill Fernan as she wants to punish him because of betrayal, but after a while saves Fernan and Mercedes both from the Columbians as she doesn’t want to be inhumane like her father.  

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Simultaneously, Ferran gets to know about Rosa as she leaves her ID at the police station and hits her with his car. Amid the hustle and bustle, Rogelio comes to save Rosa and tries killing Ferran, but later Rosa shoots Ferran. Later, Marta comes to pick Rosa and makes eye contact with Rogelio. Sole, Fernan, and Mercedes get on a plane to Madrid with the help of Carmen and get away from the police just in time. 

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Sky High: The Series Review

Sky High: The Series is a direct continuation of the heist thriller film named Sky High. The story starts right after Angel’s death in the previous film. Sole aspires to be independent and lead the gang on her own, but her father, Rogelio, always comes in the way as he thinks that she cannot handle things well. She has always been dependent on her father but doesn’t want to be anymore and wants to do things on her own for herself and her son Pablo.

Fernan and Sole become too close too fast, and while the chemistry was initially fascinating and felt passionate but faded somewhere toward the end of the story. Also, it’s strange that Sole is sobbing for Angel and snuggling with Fernan at the next moment.

The story leaves a lot many questions unanswered, and we don’t even understand why someone did anything. The characters’ relationship is given minimal depth. Nothing is shown about Marta and Rogelio’s relationship, why Mercedes would set Sole, and what was in the pen drives of Mercedes.

The story feels really underdeveloped and a lot confusing. Also, many things are not paid attention to. The car chase scenes keep the audience hooked to the screen, but that’s it.

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Our Verdict 

Sky High is a mediocre series that leaves many issues unanswered. It isn’t anything extra, but the action sequences keep you interested. 

Our Rating: ⭐ (2.5/5)

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