The Kaleidoscope Netflix Release Date: The New Heist Series

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The Kaleidoscope Netflix Release Date is quite soon and fans are excited to know more about this upcoming series which promises a fresh batch of heists. I mean, Netflix hit their luck with Money Heist, and well, this might be their other attempt to have a show with a similar genre. It would be very interesting to see what the platform will do with a whole new batch of a clean slate.

It will be interesting to see what they will add uniquely to this series so that it is differentiated from its other successful shows. The thing that made the audience connect with Money Heist was the characters and their backstory. Each of them raised from ashes had nothing and thus, it was what made us connect and actually cry when they died. Will Kaleidoscope do the same? We will have to see.

Other than that, the trailer looks pretty promising. I mean, Giancarlo Esposito for Netflix, talked about everything that we can expect from this new series. He says that humans are programmed to think one step ahead of themselves and even when they watch a trailer for something, they will just start making up the future and how it is going to affect them with all that force. Well, he says that this series will put a stop to all those thoughts and will need the audience to stop being so impatient and just “wait” for the answers. I mean, I am sold by this line. It really takes one psychological connection to a series, which Giancarlo here gave me, and I am hooked.

The Kaleidoscope Netflix Release Date
A still from The Kaleidoscope

About The Kaleidoscope on Netflix 

As per the official synopsis of the series, it is described by Netflix that there will be a master thief (much like The Professor I guess but who’s comparing?), and his crew of thieves (Tokyo, Berlin, etc. but again, who’s comparing?). They are going to attempt a heist that is worth more than 7 billion dollars in the United States. For the whole act to come off, they will have to plan and strategize and then execute it all.

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One thing that money heists had was trust. Trust between the people and trust between the disciples and the Professor. But well, as far as my “human tendency” of guessing and analyzing the future is concerned, I think, there will be a heist and the people will be to pull it off for sure. But the thing that will happen next is betrayal and greed coming in between as the thieves will start playing the heist among themselves. This is the only cue that I can think of which will set this upcoming Netflix series apart from Money Heist and don’t blame me. There will be “other threats” too as promised by Netflix in their synopsis and it will be interesting to see what it all is going to be about.

The Kaleidoscope Netflix Release Date

The Kaleidoscope Netflix release date is on the 1st of January 2023. All the episodes of the series will drop out on Netflix at once. This is the platform’s way of telling us that this is an important series if they are planning to drop it on New Year’s and we should take it seriously, which I personally am.

How to Watch The Kaleidoscope

The Kaleidoscope will drop out all of its episodes on Netflix. The date is already provided above and right now, you can buy a subscription beforehand in order to be hassle-free and watch the series with ease. It will cost the fans 6.99 dollars with ads. They can always go with the basic plan at 9.99 dollars, the standard one at 15.99 dollars, or the premium one with the most benefits at 19.99 dollars. Netflix, unfortunately, does not offer a free trial at all.

The Kaleidoscope – Cast

As for the cast, we will see Giancarlo Esposito in the lead who will reprise the role of Leo Pap. Rosaline Elbay will enact the character of Judy Goodwin. Niousha Noor will play the part of Nazan Abbasi. Tati Gabrielle will reprise the role of Hannah Kim. Rufus Sewell will enact the character of Roger Salas. Peter Mark Kendall will do the part of Stan Loomis.

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