Why Lucifer Got Canceled? Real Reason Revealed

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Lucifer TV Series
Lucifer TV Series (Credits: TV Guide)

Did you know that the Lucifer series has been making headlines recently on how in 2031, there is a possibility of the series going off Netflix as it might lose popularity? This may sound abrupt, considering how popular the series has become at present; however, that is not our concern for today. If you are someone who is curious to learn about the truth behind why the popular series got canceled, then you are in the right place to seek your answers. Yes, today we are going to discuss the cause of the cancellation of Lucifer.

Therefore in this article, we shall dive deep into the insights of the series Lucifer, its casts, and the reason stated for the cancellation of the series with the reason why it had to happen out of the blue, leaving the fans high and dry. Now without any further due, let us begin with our topic for the day.

To start from the basis, The American television series “Lucifer,” which has the genre of urban fantasy, mystery, and comedy-drama, was developed by Tom Kapinos. It was based on a comic book character. The plot of this series revolves around the protagonist Lucifer Morningstar’s story who left hell behind for Los Angeles, Lucifer owns a nightclub titled “Lux,” and he also becomes a consultant to the LAPD ( Los Angeles Police Department.

Moving back to our main concern for the day on why the series got canceled, if you are also looking for the same, then what are you waiting for?

Lucifer TV Series
Lucifer TV Series (Credits: Pinterest/@Twitter inc)

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Why did Lucifer Get Cancelled? Real Reason Explained

In May 2018, the network Fox canceled Lucifer after the third season. This startled many viewers as they were looking forward to another season. Tom Ellis, the actor who played the role of the crime-solving Lucifer Morningstar actor himself, was waiting for another season before he was informed about the show’s cancellation on a call right after he got off the stage after finishing a Q&A session with the audience. The actor added that he was at his lowest ebb when he got to know about it. 

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Originally the Fox Network claimed a “typical and rating-based decision” as the reason for the cancellation of Lucifer. That doesn’t mean Lucifer had a low rating, but in contrast with other shows and newer shows on the network had better ratings and performed well among the audience. The audience rate for Lucifer was low, triggering to put an end to the Lucifer series. 

Fans’ expectations for another season were solid since two episodes were already shot for the fourth season. But once the cancellation was announced, those two episodes were rebranded as a bonus two-hour episode to be played back to back after the third season. Though it did not stop there as fans online began a campaign on social media with the hashtags like #SaveLucifer and #Pickuplucifer. 

Lucifer TV Series
Lucifer TV Series (Credits: Times Of India)

The campaign went viral, which helped to persuade Netflix to pick up the Lucifer series back again for seasons 4,5 and 6. This also paved the way for the series to give the characters of Lucifer their complete arcs and serve the fans without having to hurry to the end.

Okay, You mentioned the network-stated reason, but what about the real one? Coming there, it turns out that the real reason is a different story. As Jerry Bruckheimer and Warner Bros were out of budget for Fox. Though ratings, and the size of the audience also played a crucial role in axing the series. The amount needed to continue the production was too expensive for the network when compared to all the possible aspects to earn a return on investment was narrow. 

The Lucifer fans are saved as Netflix responded to their voices and swooped in and rescued the canceled series and promised the audience the most anticipated other seasons.

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