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Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 Episode 12: Release Date, Preview & Where To Watch


Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 Episode 12 release date is quite soon. The series throws light on a culinary reality TV series which is managed by none other than the top chef Gordon Ramsay himself. Throughout the seasons, we witness two teams who are set up against each other in a culinary war where they have to compete against each other in order to prove who is the best of all.

The two teams are provided with a set of competitions in each round and will have to prove their talents to the chef, who is the ultimate judge in the rounds as well. Despite the ultimate price of being the head chef at a restaurant owned by Gordon, there are mini delights at the end of each episode for all the winners.

They are awarded a treat when they lose to do something boring, such as cleaning the whole kitchen or taking out the trash. The show follows a format of progressive elimination throughout the episodes where the other celebrity chefs also accompany Gordon Ramsay while he makes the judgments.

Hell's Kitchen Season 21 Episode 12 Release Date

A still from Hell’s Kitchen Season 21

The best part about the show, you ask me? It is the huge explosion that Ramsay generally has during the rounds on the chefs who are participating in the show. It makes up for the entertainment of the audience and keeps us all hooked on the drama.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 Episode 11 Recap

In the 21st season of the series, head chef Gordon Ramsay has come back once again to be the host of the series. As for the red and blue teams, which are famous in the shows, we see Christina Wilson from season 10 come back as the red team’s sous chef. And for the blue team, we see Jason Santos, who was a runner-up in the seventh season of the show.

Back in Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 Episode 11, titled 22nd Annual Blind Taste Test, we saw the team challenge being presented. They were tasked with the annual Blind Taste Test. Now, the chefs are required to eat something where they are blinded by the folds. To win, they must recognize two ingredients of the dish correctly.

If they fail to do so, their teammates will be hit by Alfredo sauce which must be quite annoying, to be honest. If they still cannot get the answers correct and ingredients right, further ingredients and sauces will be dumped on the team.

Later, we saw that Dafne scored just one point in the round, while Sakari did not even score one. Tara was at one, and Alex at zero. Brett won one, and Sommer at zero. In the last round of the game, we saw that the blue team could gather 3 points, and even though the red team could only bag 2, their team won against the blue.

The red team was awarded a jolly time in the Hollywood Hills as they went horseback riding and later enjoyed Italian cuisine. As for the Blue team, they were stuck at work in the kitchen while baking a lot of macaroons. Later, Ramday eliminated Brett from the team after taking in the elimination suggestions.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 Episode 12 Release Date

Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 Episode 12 release date is on the 19th of January 2023. The episode will drop out on Fox at 8 PM Eastern Time. New episodes of this culinary drama series release every week on the channel at the same time on Thursdays.

How to Watch Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 Episode 12

Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 Episode 12 will release on Fox soon. The episode will broadcast live, and this is the best time to catch it on TV. Although, the fans will also be able to watch the episodes later. All they have to do is log into Fox’s official website and watch the entries online. They will need a valid ID and password for the same.

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