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In What Episode Does Beth Get Attacked In Yellowstone?

Beth Dutton
Beth Dutton (Credit: Amazon Prime)

Beth Dutton is a character from the hit show Yellowstone; she is a strong, fierce, and resilient woman. Even when she is faced with overwhelming odds, she doesn’t back down. She is a powerful force in the show, and her presence is felt in every scene. Beth is unapologetically ambitious and has no problem using her power and influence to get what she wants. She is not afraid to stand her ground and fight for her beliefs. She is a fierce negotiator and knows exactly how to get her way.

Her ability to remain calm and in control under pressure makes her a formidable opponent. Beth is loyal and always puts her family first. She is willing to do anything to protect them, even if it means going against her instincts. Beth also has an unwavering commitment to the Dutton family legacy, and she will do whatever it takes to preserve it. People admire her loyalty and her dedication to her family.

She is fiercely protective of her father and brother and would go to any lengths to keep them safe. She is willing to put her own needs aside to help her family. Despite her tough exterior, Beth also has a softer side that she rarely shows. She can show kindness and compassion to those she cares about, and she is willing to go to great lengths to help them.

Yellowstone has a gripping storyline, captivating characters, and a beautiful landscape combined to create a show that draws in viewers. The series follows the lives of the Dutton family, a powerful and wealthy family in Montana. The show’s central characters are the family’s patriarch, John Dutton, and his four children.

This close-knit family unites to protect their sprawling Montana ranch and defend their way of life. The show’s storylines feature compelling, complex characters. From the Duttons’ fierce loyalty to each other to their ruthless business dealings, viewers are captivated by the family’s struggles. The show’s stunning setting of Yellowstone National Park is why viewers love the series.

Beth Dutton attacked by mask man

Beth Dutton (Credit: Amazon Prime)

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In What Episode Does Beth Get Attacked?

Beth Dutton gets attacked in season 2, episode 7 of Yellowstone, titled “Resurrection Day,” She was working late at night in her office when suddenly, two armed men entered her office. When Jason tried to handle the situation, they beat him to a pulp and left him unconscious on the floor.

But as we know, Beth Dutton fears no one. She texted Rip and asked for help while the armed men were busy with Jason. Even after the armed men approached Beth and practically tried to choke her, she did not hesitate to protect herself by using whatever was present on her desk as a weapon. When the armed men point their guns at both Beth and Jason.

Beth advises Jason not to be scared and not give them the satisfaction of being scared. They eventually shot Jason, and he died on the spot. They torture Beth for hours or so. Then finally, Rip arrives at Beth’s office and finds her in a very bad condition. When Rip hugs her, she breaks down in his arms. Rip urgently calls for a doctor. While he was on the call, Beth began torturing the attackers’ bodies. Rip stops her and tells her he loves her. The doctor arrives at the office and treats both Beth and Rip.

Where To Watch Yellowstone Episodes Online?

All five seasons of Yellowstone episodes are available on Prime Video. To access the episodes, you must take the Prime Video monthly subscription, which is $14.99 only.

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