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Big Brother Season 24 Episode 5 Release Date: The Plot Thickens!

Big Brother Season 24 Episode 5
Big Brother Season 24 Episode 5

Another day, another Big Brother Season 24 Episode 5 recap that we must do to get a hold and sense of what’s happening. This season is getting quite moving and on its way. So, if you miss a moment, you might be missing out on key issues.

Previously on “Big Brother!” Michael won the jousting Veto competition in the third episode and got off the block. After Paloma accused Taylor of lying to Monte about wanting to go after the guys (though Paloma’s “Girls” alliance wanted that), the house decided to side with Taylor due to a misunderstanding of a game of telephone. Daniel put Taylor up for eviction next to Terrance with approval from the other house members. Who will leave this evening?

Big Brother Season 24 Episode 4 Recap

The phrase “Expect the unexpected” has never been more accurate than it is tonight, according to Julie, who began tonight’s show with the introduction. Online rumors have been circulating about what might have led to the live feeds going down for the past 24 hours. She said that “an unexpected turn of events” altered the plans for tonight’s show’s Backstage twist.

After Taylor was chosen as the replacement, tensions in the house spiked because it appeared that the other residents didn’t like her very much. Taylor was comforted by Paloma, the player who had thrown her under the bus, but wondered if she was really on her side given that she was already acting as though Taylor would undoubtedly be booted from the game.

Big Brother Season 24 Episode 5

Let’s see what went down in the last episode

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Taylor’s Defense

Taylor’s first line of defense was to ascertain how she came to be a target in the first place. Taylor denied it after realizing this was a bigger story than she had anticipated when Ameerah questioned her about whether or not she had said she would be coming for Monte. Taylor clarified the situation with Monte and got to the bottom of the male vs. female alliances, but Monte stuck with Team Paloma. Later, Taylor went back to Paloma to explain the situation, but Paloma refused to listen to her and said she’d “rather go to sleep,” so Taylor left.


Alyssa, a Girls Girls Alliance member, approached Monte, Kyle, and Pooch to join her, Paloma, and Ameerah in a new side alliance because she “knew” she needed some powerful men by her side to advance her strategy. After the offer was made to all six, everyone accepted under the impression that they were a “very tight group.” But later, they decided to “ghost” Pooch because he talked too much and went to Michael instead because he couldn’t fully trust it, given that he was the most recent addition. As a superfan, he was aware that he would have to accept because you can never refuse an offer of an alliance.

Backstage Twist Draws Closer

As the Backstage twist drew near, Brittany thought it would be a good idea to approach Pooch and offer him protection if he influenced the twist’s outcome. As a bonus, she accused some of the female members of her alliance of using his name as a threat. She wanted to prove to Pooch that she could provide information in the future.

Unfortunately for Brittany, Pooch told Ameerah what she said without asking anyone else, which led Ameerah to doubt the effectiveness of the Girls Girls alliance and perhaps shift her attention to the side alliance. Ameerah continued to speak with Brittany and Jasmine to persuade Brittany to suggest potential targets despite this. That gave Brittany the first hint that Pooch had told the girls what she had told him. Ameerah was convinced Brittany could no longer be trusted even though she claimed she hadn’t told Pooch anything.


Paloma revealed to Kyle that she had been getting only two hours of sleep, which was the worst part of her stay in the house. The house guests started to worry about her mental health as her anxiety slowly started to break down. From Paloma’s point of view, the anxiety directly affected how long she could play the game, leading her to leave for the Diary Room and never return. Daniel later informed the rest of the house of Paloma’s decision to stop playing the game.

After Paloma left, Julie said that Brittany had won the American public’s vote to be spared from the Backstage twist but that it would no longer take place. Julie informed the house and the audience that the battle between the house vote and one of the Backstage holders had been postponed due to Paloma’s exit and that no one else would be departing. Alyssa, Brittany, Taylor, and Terrance were all declared safe by Paloma, who also stated that the Backstage Twist was over and that the game would move on to the next HOH competition.

Saying Bye Bye

In the “Bye Bye Backstage” HOH challenge, the players competed for two at a time to advance to the competition’s later rounds. Daniel chose Pooch and Michael to be the first team to compete. Michael quickly defeated Pooch, who moved on to the next round. Following the first match, Joseph defeated Indy and Taylor defeated Alyssa.

In the following matches, Ameerah defeated Brittany and Jasmine defeated Terrance, but it appeared that Jasmine may have injured herself in the process. Kyle defeated Turner and Monte defeated Nicole, with no real updates on Jasmine’s injury (although she was still lying down with her leg raised on ice).

Without wasting any more time, Julie informed us that the HOH competition would end on Sunday night, the nominations would be revealed, and that the game would then take on a new twist the following week.

Big Brother Season 24 Episode 5

The cast for season 24

Big Brother Season 24 Episode 5 Release Date

Big Brother Season 24 Episode 5 will release at 20:00 hrs on CBS.

Where To Watch Big Brother?

As an add-on to Amazon Prime Video or as a standalone service, Big Brother can be watched on Paramount+. Furthermore, the program is available on both Pluto TV and DirecTV. We have finished discussing this topic at Otakukart. I appreciate your reading this piece, and I’ll talk to you soon. Happy streaming.

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