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Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 14 Release Date: Will Yong Mi, Soo Ja And In Kyung Continue Their Mission?

Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 14
Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 14

Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 14 is coming soon! As we’re getting close to the ending, Yong Mi, Soo Ja, and In Kyung are digging deeper into this risky insider trading. They have even set up their own cleaning company so they could gather inside information from different corporates. Even Geum Jan Di has joined them to manage their accounts. However, not everything’s turning in their favor, especially in the newest case Dr. Topper.

Finally, 6 months after opening their company, the trio finds a new piece of trading information regarding a pharmaceutical company, Dr. Topper. After facing various troubles while gathering more inside information, the trio eventually decides to invest. Due to the lack of money, the trio takes a loan of 200 million won from Oh Dong Joo. However, later they learn that they may lose all their money if the truth gets out. And if not, they may fail their friendship with Geum Ran.

Despite the loss, Yong Mi, Soo Ja, and In Kyung take the risk and decide to help their friend. However, the path is not easy when the man Lee Young Shin himself stands between them and their goal. Therefore, with Lee Young Shin’s return, Yong Mi, Soo Ja, and In Kyung will question their action to continue this business in Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 14!

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What To Expect In Ep 14?

Finally, Lee Young Shin has entered the picture, narrating a new chapter in the upcoming Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 14! His last scene showed how Lee Young Shin and Song Won Chang got into a car accident, but only Lee Young Shin found a way out before the car exploded. But then again, it will not be a kdrama if they cut off the main antagonist this early. Therefore, there is a high possibility we will soon see Song Won Chang. Besides, Lee Young Shin is still in contact with Yoon Tae Kyung, which shows they must have been working together to take Song Won Chang’s empire down.

Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 14 release date

Yoon Tae Kyung and Lee Young Shin Cr: JTBC

Unlike Lee Young Shin, Yong Mi’s story is different. Meeting him may have put some burden on her. Considering her personality, Yong Mi must have blamed herself for Lee Young Shin’s injury. Therefore, the upcoming episode will be a turning point. After all, Yong Mi will have to make up her mind regarding whether or not she wants to continue this insider trading.

Besides Yong Mi, Soo Ja and In Kyung are tied up in this risky business. Although they have already taken a step forward by opening a cleaning company, the outcomes may be risker than they assumed. After Dr. Topper’s case, the trio will understand the gravity of their action. But in the end, it’s in their hands when to stop this dangerous game!

Since we will be getting closer to the end, Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 14 will show where Yong Mi’s team’s partnership with Geum Jan Di heads. After all, all four ladies are gambling their lives by standing up against Song Won Chang. Therefore, Lee Young Shin’s support is vital, but only time will tell who Lee Young Shin will choose!

Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 14


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Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 14 Release Date

Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 14 will be released on 17 July 2022 at 10:30 pm KST on the JTBC network. With Lee Young Shin’s return, Yong Mi, Soo Ja, and In Kyung’s relationship change. Lee Young Shin wants Yong Mi to be out of this dangerous game of insider trading. But will she? Thus to know what path Yong Mi, Soo Ja, and In Kyung choose, watch new episodes of Cleaning Up kdrama every Saturday and Sunday!

Watch Cleaning Up Korean Drama Ep 14 With Eng Sub Online – Streaming Details

The kdrama Cleaning Up is airing on the JTBC channel at 10:30 pm KST for South Korean viewers. Meanwhile, in other nations, Ep 14 will be out on the same day at 11:30 pm in Australia, 7 pm in India, 9:30 am in the USA, and 2:30 pm in the UK. Currently, Cleaning Up is not available on any OTT media service. However, viewers can watch short clips on the official YouTube channel of JTBC.

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