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36 Best Games Like Exploding Kittens: Board and Card Games To Play

Games Like Exploding Kittens
Exploding Kittens

Card games like Exploding Kitten or board games can be a great way to reset during the weekends or to have a chill time with your friends and family. It can be a fun end to a hectic week or an amusing start to a busy week. Exploding Kitten is a card game that is simple yet fun, which equals the definition of a perfect game to play during the weekends. It is pretty much like Russian Roulette but with cute kitten-filled illustrations.

In the game, players draw cards turn by turn and try to avoid an exploding kitten card which can cause them to lose the game. It’s easy enough for you to play with your family and complex enough to keep you entertained for a very long time. The game can be played among 2 to 5 players making it suitable for a small group of people. 

Games Like Exploding Kittens:

If you seldom find yourself playing Exploding Kittens with your friends and want to look for something similar, or if you want to play a unique and easy breezy game, then we have curated the perfect list of card and board games for you which will have you hooked for many weekends.

1. Joking Hazard

As its name suggests, Joking Hazard is a game in which players are required to make jokes using the words written on the card they picked. Joking Hazard is a party game that will make you laugh till your stomach hurts. If you are the clown of your group, then this might be the best game for you, but if you are the lamest? Get ready to lose!

Games Like Exploding Kittens

Joking Hazard

Joking Hazard can be played among three to ten players and contains hilarious illustrations, which make it more fun. It’s a fast-paced game that will keep you laughing or groaning, depending upon the kind of friends you are playing it with, till it ends. It can be used as an icebreaker to get the party started and make some new friends by showing off your humor.

  • Player: 3-10
  • Price: $25

2. Sushi Go Party!

Sushi Go Party! is a fast-paced card game that contains a sushi restaurant-themed card illustration. In Sushi Go Party! Players take cards from a shared deck one by one and try to build the best sushi possible using various combinations of cards. The game is a good investment since it can be played a million times by shuffling the deck of cards and creating a lot of combinations that are different from the previous ones.

Games Like Exploding Kittens

Sushi Go Party!

In order to win the game, the player has to score as many points as they can by using various combinations of cards. Due to its wide variety of illustrations, every combination can be unique, which makes the game a lot more fun. Sushi Go Party! is unique and simple, making it the perfect family night game.

  • People: 2-8
  • Price: $22.00 on Amazon

3. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is a one-of-a-kind game that might seem hilarious to some people and a little offensive to others. The games contain two colored card decks, a black one and a white one. The black card contains to fill the blanks questions, while the white cards contain responses to those questions.

Games Like Exploding Kittens

Cards Against Humanity

To play the game, a player has to become a judge while other players are given white cards. Then, turn by turn, each player draws a black card and tries to match the funniest or most sensible response possible using the white cards. The Judge gets to decide if the answer is worthy of a point or not, depending upon his sense of humor. It may sound like a difficult game to play by reading this, but it’s one of the most hilarious games that you can find. 

  • People: 4-30
  • Price: $29.00 on Amazon

4. What Do You Meme?

What Do You Meme? is a great party game for people who love creating memes or watching them. It’s a game that checks the player’s wittiness and creative abilities by making them create memes out of the given deck of cards. Each card has a picture of words that the players have to use by withdrawing them one by one and creating the funniest meme according to them.

Games Like Exploding Kittens

What Do You Meme?

When a player feels that they have created the best or funniest meme, they can call the shots and show it to all the other players. At that point, whoever’s meme is the funniest gets the point, and the game goes on. It can be played among 3 to 10 players at once, making it a great party game.

  • People: 3-20
  • Price: $29.99 on Amazon

5. The Game of Things

The Game of Things is a fun game for any gathering, like a picnic or sleepover, or family night. In the game, a designated reader is chosen from the people playing who pick a card and reads the prompt written on it out loud. All the other players write down a response to the prompt and then give it to the reader, who reads it out loud twice. 

Games Like Exploding Kittens

The Game Of Things

The player sitting on the left of the reader gets to guess who wrote the response read by the reader, and if he gets it right, he gets to be the next reader, but if he is wrong, then he is eliminated from being a reader, and the person to his left gets to guess who wrote that response. The person whose answer couldn’t be matched to his wins the game.

  • People: 4-15
  • Price: $38.59 on Amazon

6. Telestrations

If you are terrible at drawing, then you might regret playing this game. Telestartions is a drawing game that comes with a set of words, some erasable sketchbooks and markers, a sand clock, and a die. In the game, each player is required to pick out a word by rolling the dice and then draw the word or telestration that they got while the clock is turned on. 

Games Like Exploding Kittens


After the time is up, each player passes the notebook to the player beside them and tries to guess what they have drawn and then draw what they think the other player had drawn. Sounds complicated, right? It’s not once you get the gist of it. Telestrations is similar to Exploding Kittens since it can be chaotic and confusingly hilarious at the same time.   

  • People: 4-8
  • Price: $29.99 on Amazon

7. Dixit

Dixit is a guessing card game that can be played with both friends and family during game nights. Dixit contains cards with illustrations drawn on them. A player is chosen to be the storyteller who picks a card and then says a sentence that he thinks best describes the picture on the card. All the other players are then required to give one of their own cards to the storyteller as a response to the sentence said by him. The storyteller then shuffles all the cards he receives before showing them to all the players.

Games Like Exploding Kittens


All the players have to guess which picture was described by the storyteller. If the majority of the players guess the correct card, the storyteller gets zero points. If not, then the storyteller gets two points. The players have to have a creative mind and imagination to play this game.

  • People: 3-8
  • Price: $49.95 on Amazon

8. Codenames

As its name suggests, Codenames require a player to come up with codenames. In the game, players are divided into two teams, Blue and Red, and then a leader is chosen for each team. The selected leaders assign a code name to their teammates, which helps them identify the card chosen for them by the team leader.

Games Like Exploding Kittens


 Both the team players go turn by turn and guess the name of the illustration drawn on the card assigned to them; whichever team’s players guess their cards correctly wins. Codenames can be played as an icebreaker at an event of family gatherings since it requires a team to play united in order to win the game. 

  • People: 2-8
  • Price: $15.79 on Amazon

9. Coup

If you are someone who has had enough of the laughing or humorous card games and is looking for something different, then you will love this game. Coup is a card game that requires quick thinking and strategic thinking. It will improve your thinking skills and entertain you at the same time. In Coup, players have to remove their opponent’s influence from the board.

Games Like Exploding Kittens


In the beginning, each player is given two influences that they can use to take control over others as the game goes on. In Coup, players are required to use bluffing and manipulation in order to win the game. At the end of the game, whoever’s influence remains on the board wins the game. If you are a slow-witted person, then this might not be the game for you.

  • People: 2-6
  • Price: $13.99 on Amazon

10. Love Letter

Like Exploding Kittens, this game also requires players to draw cards and discard the unwanted ones turn by turn, but in Exploding Kitten, players try to avoid the exploding kitten card, whereas, in Love Letter, the players send love letters to a princess to win her over. The game contains 16 cards, each of which can give the players different points. 

Games Like Exploding Kittens

Love Letter Card Game

At the end of a round, the player who has the card with the highest points in his hand wins the game. It’s a fun and fast-paced game which ends as soon as it starts, but only if you know how to play it well. Otherwise, it can drag on and on for a few hours. 

  • People: 2-4
  • Price: $19.78 on Amazon

11. Catchphrase!

The catchphrase is like Dumb Charades, but here you are allowed to talk. In catchphrase, players are divided into two teams. A team player from the first team gets to pick a catchphrase, and he can either act it out or talk it out or do both to make his teammates guess the word and yell it out loud before the buzzer goes off. 

Games Like Exploding Kittens


The team with the highest number of correct guesses wins the game. The catchphrase is a great party game for all ages since it’s highly entertaining, and everybody gets to be a part of it. It can be a great icebreaker at an event or party.

  • People: 2-4
  • Price: $10 

12. Jaipur

Jaipur is a unique board game that requires the players to buy and sell various kinds of goods like spices and cloth in each turn they take. In each turn, players decide on selling the goods at the market or keeping them with the motive of selling them later at a higher price. But if they keep the goods with themselves for too long, then they might have to sell them at a lower price than they intended. 

Games Like Exploding Kittens


The player who has more money by the end of the game wins. Jaipur is a fun game for those who like to assess their moves before playing the next turn. It’s a game that requires quick thinking and risk management skills.

  • People: 2
  • Price: $24.99 on Amazon

13. Reverse Charades

Reverse Charades has various editions, including junior edition, girl’s night edition, holiday edition, sports edition, Hollywood edition, and others. Like Charades, Reverse Charades also require the players to be divided into two teams and act out words or phrases, but in this game, every member of a team except one acts out the word together to make that one person understand. The team gets one point for every word they get right, and one point is deducted for every word they spoke by mistake. 

Games Like Exploding Kittens

Reverse Charades

Reverse Charades is an extremely entertaining game perfect for big gatherings or groups. The game can be played by people of all ages since there are different editions available that they can choose from.

  • Players: 6-99
  • Price: $15

14. UNO

UNO is one of the most popular card games out there because everybody has played it at least once in their life. Uno comes with 108 cards which contain numbered cards from 0 to 9 in four colors and some special cards like skip, reverse, draw 2, wild, wild +4, and so on. To play the game, players are distributed a number of cards, and then all they have to do is match the card, which is put in the middle either by number or color.

Games Like Exploding Kittens


It isn’t as simple as it sounds because the special cards cause a player to skip a turn or withdraw two or more cards from the pile. The player who is left with one card must yell UNO. Otherwise, he will be given a penalty of one card, and then he will have two cards. The player who runs out of cards first wins the game. UNO is a fast-paced and addicting game that can go on for hours if you play it with somebody who is competitive.

  • Players: 2-10
  • Price: $6.80 on Amazon

15. Unstable Unicorns

Unstable Unicorns is an interesting card game with illustrations of different magical unicorns on them. In the game, players have to collect unicorns and build an army of them and then destroy their opponents. Sounds pretty simple right? Well, it isn’t. While building their armies, players will constantly be attacked by other players who might even try to steal their unicorns.

Games Like Exploding Kittens

Unstable Unicorn

Unstable unicorn is all about strategic and quick thinking. It’s easy and complicated at the same time while also entertaining. The player who succeeds in building an army first becomes the righteous ruler or the winner of the game.

  • People: 2-8
  • Price: $14.42 on Amazon

16. Happy Little Dinosaurs

Happy little dinosaurs is a card game that contains different types of cards like disaster cards, point cards, etc. The people playing the game have to protect their dinosaurs from little disasters that come their way. The disasters can either be natural, predatory, or emotional such as being struck by a meteor or ditched by a date. 

Games Like Exploding Kittens

Happy Little Dinosaurs

The point cards contain various tools and weapons which can be used to avoid disasters and gain points. The player who remains at the end after avoiding all disasters or the first person to gain 50 points wins the game. Happy little dinosaurs are like real life, where we try to get through every little disaster or problem that comes our way in order to have a happy life.

  • People: 2-4
  • Price: $15- $27 

17. Skip-Bo

Skip-Bo is another fun game like UNO and contains different colored cards and special cards like wild. The game contains 120 cards which are distributed equally among players who then have to discard them turn by turn so that at the end, a player runs out of cards and becomes the winner.

Games Like Exploding Kittens


Skip-Bo isn’t exactly like UNO since it has cards numbered from 1 to 12, while UNO has cards numbered from 0 to 9. Skip-Bo also has different rules which are easy to understand for all age groups.

  • People: 2-6
  • Price: $12.50 on Amazon

18. GUBS

The GUBS is a game of ‘wit and luck’ as described in its box. It can be played with 2 to 6 players and consists of 70 cards which are very different from one another. The people playing the game have to protect their GUB characters from various calamities, and hurdles before the three letters G, U, and B can emerge from the extra pile of cards put in the middle.

Games Like Exploding Kittens


The main motive is to protect their GUBS from the disasters that come their way using various equipment cards, and the player who has the most protected GUBS character by the time letter ‘G’ emerges from the middle pile used to draw cards wins the game. GUBS is a fun game that can be played with family members for an eventful night.  

  • People: 2-6
  • Price: $12- $18 on Amazon

19. Sparkle Kitty

Sparkle Kitty is a unique card game with 173 cards that contain princesses, spells, and other special cards. In Sparkle, Kitty players choose a princess card to represent themselves with and then draw different cards which contain spells, towers, etc.

Games Like Exploding Kittens

Sparkle Kitty

The player who manages to lose their cards first and manages to free their princess from the tower or sparkly kitty wins the game. Sparkle kitty may seem like a complicated game, but once you get the hang of all the different cards and how they work, then it becomes super easy.

  • People: 3-8
  • Price: $11- $14

20. You’ve Got Crabs!

For playing You’ve Got Crabs, the players will have to be divided into teams of twos and create a secret code that only the two of them would understand. Each player is given four cards, and each team is required to collect 4 of the same crab cards without letting other people know. Once a player collects them, he can signal in a secret code to his teammate, who will point to him and yell, ‘You’ve got crabs,’ and they will get one point.

Games Like Exploding Kittens

You’ve Got Crabs

But, if some other team player catches their signal and yells, ‘you’ve got crabs’ instead of the player’s teammate, then that team will get the point. In the end, the team with the most points wins the game. You’ve got crabs is an entertaining and strategic game that requires good coordination between the two teammates in order to win the game. 

  • People: 4-10
  • Price: $14.42 

21. Farting Frenchies

Farting Frenchies includes one thing that everybody loves, which is dogs. It has 54 cards which contain cute dog illustrations and other things. To play the game, players have to collect dogs or Frenchies while also leaving fart bombs for their opponent’s Frenchies.

Games Like Exploding Kittens

Farting Frenchies

The winning strategy is simple, the more Frenchies you collect, the closer you are to winning and having your Frenchies stolen. Farting Frenchies is an entertaining game that you can play with your family and friends any day. It’s a fast-paced game perfect for 2 to 4 players, so if you have more people than that, you can just quickly end a game and swap seats with other players so that everybody can get a chance to play.

  • People: 2-12

22. Hanabi

Hanabi includes explosions like Exploding Kitten, except in Hanabi, fireworks explode instead of animals. The game contains five sets of different colored cards numbered from 1 to 5. The people playing the game have to arrange the cards in a proper manner to put on the perfect firework show. Sounds simple, but there is a twist.

Games Like Exploding Kittens


A player can’t see his cards, but his teammates can. The teammates are supposed to help the player in arranging the perfect firework explosion before they reach the end of the pile. Hanabi is the perfect game for you and your friends, so see how well you can coordinate with them and win the game.

  • People: 2-5
  • Price: $8.99 on Amazon

23. Dominion

Dominion is a one-of-a-kind card game with cards that are lightly medieval-themed. It consists of 500 cards so that the players can play this game in different styles. However, they want. In the beginning, each player gets a small deck of cards that they can use to buy lands and other things based on their budget from the deck of cards put in the middle.

Games Like Exploding Kittens


Each player is supposed to build a deck of cards by buying cards and giving up cards from his deck. In the end, whoever has more victory points wins the game. Dominion is an interesting game that can go on for hours but not get boring. 

  • People: 2-4
  • Price: $41.98 on Amazon

24. Star Realms

Star Realms is a competitive game. It includes cards with illustrations of spaceships, space bases, and everything related to space. Some of Star Realm’s editions also contain a Star Wars theme. It is a deck-building game that requires its players to store the best spaceships and bases in order to win the game. 

Games Like Exploding Kittens

Star Realms

Each player has to use trade to acquire bases and spaceships, which they can use to further trade or destroy their opponents so that their ranking can become zero. When a player manages to make every other player’s ranking or authority score become zero, they win the game. 

  • Players: 2
  • Price: $14.99

25. Word on The Street

Word On The Street is a board game that includes quick thinking. The game consists of different categories, all consonants excluding j, p, x, and z, and aboard. The players are required to set up the board and think of something after a category is given to them. For example, if a player gets ‘something that we wear on our feet as their category and the player says ‘socks,’ then he would get s, k, s on his side of the lane.

Games Like Exploding Kittens

Word On The Street

Once a player gets a word in their lane, it can’t be removed from there. The player who gets eight letters in their lane the fastest wins the game. The game might seem simple, but the categories make it difficult to come up with something in under 10 seconds which is why the game stretches for a longer time than you might think.

  • People: 2-10
  • Price: $64.95

26. Fluxx

Fluxx, like its name, is an interesting game that lets the people playing the game make their own rules about how many cards they can hold, how many cards to withdraw, and even how to win. Fluxx is simple enough to be played with family and entertaining enough to keep you occupied for a while.

Games Like Exploding Kittens


In the beginning, each player is given three cards, and they are required to draw a card from the extra pile of cards and then play one card, and so on. The players get to decide how many cards they want to begin the game and how it should end. It’s safe to say that the game is unique because of its ‘fluctuating’ nature.

  • Players: 2-6
  • Price: $20 on Amazon

27. Munchkin

Munchkin is a card game about winning treasure. It comes with a wide variety of themes and sequels that players can choose from. Munchkin comes with two types of cards, treasure, and encounters. Every encounter consists of different types of monsters whom you can kill or you can try to run away from them. In the game, there are different levels from 1 to 10. and in order to win the game, the player needs to get to the last level.

Games Like Exploding Kittens


The players need to start from level 1 and face several encounter cards. If they are successful in defeating the encounters, then they upgrade to the next level; if not, then they are either returned to the previous level or thrown out of the game. When a player defeats a monster or encounter, they get treasure cards which can either be weapons to face the meetings with or points. 

  • Players: 3-6
  • Price: $24.94 on Amazon

28. Killer Bunnies

Killer Bunnies is a card game with bunny illustrations which may seem cute to some people, but when they begin to play the game, they will find out that the bunnies are anything but cute. In the game, the players have to kill or hinder their opponent’s bunnies by feeding them cabbage or water in order to steal their carrots. The main motive should be to collect as many carrots as possible in order to find the ‘magic carrot’ and win the game.

Games Like Exploding Kittens

Killer Bunnies contains several special cards which may help the players in defeating their opponents, who will be armed with several kinds of weapons. Killer Bunnies have different levels, and in order to find the magic carrot, one player has to reach the highest level while collecting carrots and trying to keep their bunnies alive.

  • Players: 2-8
  • Price: $26.77 on Amazon

29. Family Feud Blockbuster Movie Edition

Family Feud is a game that consists of several editions like Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, After Hours, and many more. Because of its wide range of editions, Family Feud is extremely popular and loved by many. In this Blockbuster Movie Edition, players have to be divided into two teams so that they can compete against each other. 

Games Like Exploding Kittens

Family Feud Blockbuster Movie Edition

Every team is required to fill out a survey form containing 200 plus questions, all related to movies. Then they can have face-offs in different categories and gain some fast money. Family feud is a fast-paced and extremely engaging game that will make you laugh your heart out. It’s the perfect way for you to show that ‘Netflix and chill’ isn’t a waste of time. 

  • Players: 3-25
  • Price: $18.99 on Amazon

30. Screw It, Let’s Do It

Screw It, Let’s Do It is an adult party game, similar to ‘Truth or Dare but without the truth. Each player takes a turn withdrawing a card from the pile and then doing the things written on it. The person who doesn’t want to do the thing written on the cards has to take a shot of anything, and it could be a bitter drink or alcohol; it’s totally up to the players.

Games Like Exploding Kittens

Screw It, Let’s Do It

The game is fun and for people who are outgoing and bold enough to do the dares. The player with the most numbers of shots and the least number of dares wins the game. It’s an extremely fun party game that is perfect for birthday or Christmas parties. To make the game more fun, pair it with ‘Spill the Beans’, and you have the perfect pack of Truth or Dare. Screw it, let’s do it comes with 50 daring cards.

  • Players: 5-10
  • Price: $4.24

31. Lost Cities

Lost Cities is a card game containing bidding at auctions with the money that players have with themselves. It contains different types of cards like wager cards of different colors, money, expedition, and others. Each player is given two different types of wager cards which they can use to buy a card from the deck of cards in the middle. 

Games Like Exploding Kittens

Lost Cities

Each gold coin consists of points, and each expedition consists of 8 points. At the end of the game, whoever has the highest number of points, wins the match. Lost cities consist of several decks of expedition cards, so the game can go on for a while. 

  • Players: 2-4
  • Price: $12.70 on Amazon

32. Morels

Morels is a two-person game that is perfect for playing at a time when you have to take a break from studying or even if you are just bored since it is fast-paced and easy. In the game, the players collect a variety of mushrooms in the form of cards from a jungle and cook them to earn extra points. The players can also sell the mushrooms if they don’t wish to keep them.

Games Like Exploding Kittens


Their game comes with two decks of cards: one contains 84 cards which consist of different types of mushrooms and various cooking materials, and the other contains eight cards. Each player has to gain as many points as they can while keeping in mind not to collect the poisonous mushrooms, which could cause them to lose the points. The player with the most points, in the end, wins the game.

  • Players: 2
  • Price: $26.95

33. Biblios

Biblios is a fast-paced and easy-to-play game that can be played by anyone. It includes several types of cards like money cards, bishop cards, several colored cards, and dice. Each player is given an equal number of cards, and a pile is put between them. The players have to draw cards and then decide whether they want to keep them for themselves or add them to the action pile to be auctioned later. This goes on for a while till the pile in the middle has come to an end.

Games Like Exploding Kittens


Then comes the auction phase, where players can buy several cards to have all cards of a single category. For example: ‘A’ will collect all yellow cards, while ‘B’ will collect all red cards. But for collecting those, they might have to sell a few cards that are useless to them in exchange for money cards since the category/colored cards can only be bought with money cards. At the end of the game, whoever has the die with the biggest value wins the game. The values of the dice are predetermined, so even if the players don’t have a lot of points by the end, they would still have a chance of winning the game.

  • Players: 2-4
  • Price: $55.00 on Amazon

34. Targi 

Targi is an interesting Tribal game that requires marketing skills as well as strategic thinking. The game contains a board on which the cards are dealt as well as a card pile that is kept in the middle. A player can only hold one card in his hand at a time. The players have to decide whether they want to keep the cards or spend it to buy another card.

Games Like Exploding Kittens


In the end, whoever has more victory points wins the game. Targi may come off as a difficult game, but once you get the gist of it, it starts to seem easy and fun. Since it has various phases, Targi takes up a lot of time, so if you decide to play this game, then make sure that you take out a few hours from your schedule before playing it.

  • Players: 2
  • Price: $19.95 on Amazon

35. Sounds Like a Plan

If you are someone who likes to give advice to your friends, then this game is made for you. Sounds Like a Plan consists of a board, advice cards, to-do list cards, advice die, and paws of different colors. The game is to understand and a lot of fun, so it can be played with family or friends. Each player is given a set of advice cards, and a planner is chosen from among them.

Games Like Exploding Kittens

Sounds Like a Plan

The planner picks up a list and then rolls the advice die, which tells the planner what kind of advice they should be seeking among the best, worst, wild, grandma, and kid advice. Once he gets a type of advice, he picks a sentence from the list and reads it out loud. All the other players give an advice card to him that best fits the situation. The planner assesses the advice cards and ranks them. The ranking of the cards is appointed points, with the best advice getting more points as compared to the worst one. In the end, whoever gains the most points wins the game.

  • Players: 4-6
  • Price: $17-$20

36. Monopoly

Monopoly is a board game with a real estate theme. Players buy land and then build premises on it, which could either profit them or cause them to lose all their money. In Monopoly, each player is supposed to roll two dice and move their pawns according to the number on the dice. If a player reaches land that hasn’t been bought by his opponents, then he can buy it; otherwise, he would have to play to rent his opponent to stay on their land. 

Games Like Exploding Kittens


If a player manages to buy all land of a particular color, then he can build restaurants or houses on them and benefit from them when a player lands on them. But the player is also required to pay taxes on them, and if his business goes into loss, then he could end up in jail. In order to win the game, one player has to remain in the game with some wealth. 

  • Players: 2-8
  • Price: $18.99 on Amazon
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