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Avengers vs. Eternals: Who Is The Strongest MCU Team?

Avengers vs. Eternals
Avengers vs. Eternals

Would win the battle between The Avengers and the world’s first superhero team, the Eternals. I know you were debating it with your friends in the theater parking lot after the movie, and I’m here to give the definitive answer or at least try.

And today’s article, I will be pitting the MCU Phase 3 Avengers: being The Avengers that show up in Avengers Endgame against the Mighty Eternals to determine who is truly the superior group. However, I will be giving The Avengers the full power of Scarlet Witch just to help them out a little bit.

First, we’ll talk about how powerful Eternals are in the MCU then we’ll see The Avengers vs. Eternals. Of course, this article does contain major spoilers for the Eternal (and obviously Avengers movies), so proceed with caution.

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How Powerful Are Eternals In The MCU?

To start, let’s analyze the Eternals and their powers. There are a total of ten Eternals on the team. So we will talk about each one of them, their abilities, and how much power they are.

Eternals in MCU

Eternals in MCU


First, we have Ajak, the leader and healer of the team. While Ajak is superhumanly powerful, she really isn’t that impressive from a battle standpoint. She’s great to have on the back lines to heal any injuries, but as far as fighting, she doesn’t really do much. We only see her fight Deviants one time in the film when she is forced into it, and she resorts to using a shotgun and ends up being taken out fairly quickly.


Then there is Sprite, who is able to create lifelike illusions which can confound her opponents. Even her fellow Eternals are unable to see through these illusions as Cersei thought Sprite had glamoured herself into Ajak, when in reality it’s right, turned herself invisible, and created a copy of Ajak to get the jump on Cersei.

Sprite can enclose you in an illusion, making her power set similar to what Mysterio can do, but there are no drone limitations to sprites power. Sprite can even conjure up multiple mountain-size illusions on the spot, as she does during the finale when she creates several volcanoes to disorient Cersei.


Speaking of Cersei, she has the ability to transmute matter at a whim, turning any Non-Sentient object into anything else that you can think of. She could turn Iron Man’s armor into steam, Thor’s Stormbreaker, and a Mercury, Captain America’s shield, into god damn snowflakes.

The options are endless. I mean, she isn’t the greatest hand-to-hand fighter, but she’s invaluable as a support option, able to lay traps that her fellow Eternals can leave their enemies into.

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Next up is Phastos, a technopath who is able to create any invention, weapon, or piece of technology, which he can then power with the Cosmic energy given to him by the Celestials. Being a technopath, he can also control tech at a distance.

Phastos in Eternals

Phastos in Eternals

This would allow him to essentially remove most of The Avengers out of the equation by himself as many rely on high-tech suits and equipment to be useful, such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Panther, Ant-Man, Wasp, War Machine, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Falcon, and Vision, just to name a handful.

Phastos would be able to take these Avengers down without them even realizing what had happened. And he doesn’t just have to take them out of the battle. He can actually repurpose their tech for the Eternals to use.

Is Ajak vulnerable as a healer in the background? OK, give her an Iron Man suit. Does Sprite need a little bit more durability? OK, now she has Black Panther’s Vibranium outfit. So Phastos is definitely not one to be underestimated here.


Not to mention Druig, who, with his mind control abilities, can easily take over the minds of the various Avengers and turn them on their team. Druig is very, very underrated in the film because he really only ever had the chance to mind-control standard humans. But when fighting The Avengers, he’d have dozens of powerful options to enthrall, turning the tide in the Eternals’ favor despite their numbers disadvantage.


Makkari also has a distinct advantage over The Avengers as she is stated to be the fastest woman in the universe. Makkari would, by default, the scale above Captain Marvel, who was powered by the Space Stone and granted faster-than-light travel speeds and massively hypersonic reaction speeds by the light force. Meaning Captain Marvel can react to attacks moving over 750,000 mph.

However, Makkari would simply be faster than Carol and the rest of The Avengers that scaled Captain Marvel. And just to quantify her speed a little bit, instead of just taking the blanket statement that she is the fastest woman in the universe at face value, just to provide a little bit of support in the film.

Makkari runs from Rome to Rio de Janeiro in about 3 seconds, which puts her speed at Mach 8932, and if you wanna convert that to mph, she was running 6,853,248 mph and reacting to all of the obstacles in her way during that time.

Makkari in Eternals

Makkari in Eternals

Not to mention that Makkari is also extremely powerful, far more so than the other speedster that we’ve seen in the MCU, Quicksilver, who was killed by bullets. Makkari is able to harm Ikaris, the second strongest Eternal, which would give her enough attack potency to take out the majority of The Avengers before they could even blink.


If the Eternals need a more ranged option, there is Kingo, who is an experienced fighter who can project cosmic energy from his hands, allowing him to shoot projectiles from a distance and allow the heavy hitters to get closer. But in a pinch, he can charge up these projectiles into larger blasts that are able to destroy Deviance.


So the Eternals are already a major issue for The Avengers, and I haven’t even discussed their most powerful members yet. Then being the first of those who inspired the tales of the Goddess of War. Thena can conjure any handheld weapon she can imagine by using the cosmic energies of the Celestials. Thena is a fierce warrior who is more comfortable on a battlefield than anywhere else.

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Ikaris, arguably the most powerful Eternal, can fly, has super strength beyond the level of most of his fellow Eternals, and can emit cosmic energy from his eyes. I mean, he’s essentially the Superman of the team, and it takes multiple Eternals just to try and defeat him. Kingo himself states that all of them combined could not hope to defeat Ikaris, and he was right.

Ikaris in Eternals

Ikaris in Eternals

Ikaris defeated Thena easily, took out one of the biggest threats in Druig immediately, and then handled his business against the rest until their fight was interrupted, and Phastos was able to restrain him and drain his cosmic energy. However, Ikaris was still able to escape while having his power drained.


And finally, we have Gilgamesh, who was just blatantly stated to be the strongest Eternal, and who regularly has to fight and defeat Thena as her protector. Not to mention that he fought alongside Odin to defeat Laufey and his army of Frost Giants in Tonsberg, Norway, showing us that Gilgamesh has guardian strength at a bare minimum. And as we know, Thor idolizes the Eternals as a child, so they must have been extremely powerful to gain the young god’s admiration.

Additionally, Gilgamesh performed so well at the battle that Odin granted him the secret recipe to Odin’s Asgardian Mead, which I guess isn’t that relevant, but it’s just cool to note. To amplify his already impressive strength, Gilgamesh can summon eight cosmic energy-enhanced exoskeletons around his forearms and fists.

Is Eternals Stronger Than The Avengers?

So with all of that out of the way, what chance do The Avengers have against the Eternals? Well, I’d say an extremely low chance. Most of The Avengers is a non-factor due to the abundant hacks of the Eternals. And by hacks, I mean various abilities that aren’t just punching and kicking. As I mentioned earlier, Druig, Phastos, and Makkari can easily deal with the majority of the team.

And with Druig controlling the minds of those who cannot resist, I just don’t see a path to victory for The Avengers. If we want to compare mind-controlling abilities, Wanda and Druig have similar feats of controlling entire cities. Wanda does so in Age of Ultron and, of course, during WandaVision. However, through stats that he can Mind control the entire planet, something Wanda has never been shown capable of.

Wanda trying to mind control Thor

Wanda is trying to mind-control Thor.

Not only can the minds of standard humans like Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, and Clint Barton be affected, but Thor and the Incredible Hulk have shown little to no resistance to disability as well. So if Druig can control Thor and Hulk while Phastos eliminates any tech users, The Eternals breeze through the battle.

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The biggest obstacles at that point would be Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, who has been shown to resist some mind-altering abilities while in her binary form, and Scarlet Witch. However, Makkari should be able to take out both the Sorcerer Supreme as well as the Scarlet Witch with her superior speed.

Being faster than Carol, Makkari would have no problem taking out Wanda or Strange before they even realized what was happening. Then it’s Carol alone to fight Thena, Kingo, Ikaris, Cersei, Sprite, Phastos, Gilgamesh, and the rest of The Avengers, who were controlled while Ajak can heal anyone, that’s hurt by Carol.

But let’s say that somehow, or in Hulk, can resist Druig’s mind control. You know what? Throw in Captain America as well. We’ll give him the owner and the benefit of the doubt that he’s also able to resist the mind hacks of Druig.

They still have to contend with the physical might of the Eternals’ heavy hitters while they have a ton of support backing them up. Consider Sprite, who could simply turn all of the Eternals invisible, and The Avengers would not be able to see any single attack coming.

Or she could create dozens or hundreds of duplicates of each one of the Eternals to make the complete battlefield chaos. The Avengers would have to react to threats that aren’t actually there, while the actual Eternals could be attacking from various angles.

Sprite can create illusion

Sprite can create an illusion.

Not only would Sprite’s allusions create opportunities for the heavy hitters like Ikaris, Gilgamesh, and Thena, to get in close to the strongest Avengers. But that would also give Cersei opportunities to set even more traps.

Who Would Win In A Fight Between The Avengers And Eternals?

Honestly, it’s just a horrible matchup for The Avengers. They’re ultra-powerful, no doubt about that, but they’d be stuck in a mismatch across the board against the Eternals, who are all essentially The Avenger’s greatest villains on steroids.

Sprite is a better illusionist than either Loki or Mistero. Phastos controls tech far better than Ultron. Gilgamesh is a Thanos-level bruiser etc., all the way down the line. So is there any way for The Avengers to win if we hamstring the Eternals?

Let’s say we take away Makkari because Makkari is going to be a major issue for everyone that is weak enough to essentially get one shot by her. That would be like the base-level humans or Super soldiers and people like that, and she’s going to take out all of them pretty much instantaneously.

So if we get rid of her, I think there are a lot more options for The Avengers to take advantage of. Especially with Doctor Strange and Scarlet, which will have more of an opportunity to flex their magical abi3, possibly able to counter Sprite’s illusions.

But they’re still Druig to worry about. Druig’s mind control abilities are potent enough to control Doctor Strange or Scarlet Witch. Then again, it’s just over from there, and you just have to take away too many of the Eternals to give The Avengers a real shot. Like Phastos takes out pretty much the entire Avengers team by himself.

So again, it’s really just a mismatch for The Avengers at every single position. I think the Eternals basically dominate The Avengers in a fight, and it’s not really close. What do you guys think? Do you think The Avengers have any possible way to win? If you’re just putting both teams at full power against each other, I just don’t see any opportunity for The Avengers to come out on top.

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