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The Law Cafe Episode 8: Release Date, Preview & Expectations

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The Law Cafe Episode 8

Last Updated on September 27, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

The Lee Eun Jin-directed legal series The Law Cafe is flowering with the romance between Kim Jung Ho and Kim Yu Ri. So far, we have seen the duo try their best to solve every criminal case. After witnessing the recent tragedies, The Law Cafe is now at an important standpoint. 

The K-drama series is based on the web novel “Love According to Law” written by No Seung Ah. Recently, cafe dramas and law dramas are becoming a hit. So, no wonder this series is loved by all the viewers. Lee Se Young’s character Yu Ri and Lee Seung Gi’s character Jung Ho are receiving unending compliments for their intellect and fast wit. Fans are also loving the chemistry between the main leads. 

Canonically, Jung Ho and Yu Ri are old friends who meet again. The part where they are getting to know each other again is portrayed so well by the actors, that it never seemed out of place. With the perfect balance between comedy, romance, and mystery, The Law Cafe has built up into one of the most-loved K-dramas right now. 

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The Law Cafe Episode 7 Recap

Episode 7 was released and instantly became the best episode of The Law Cafe. But since the fans believe that the series keeps getting better, who knows what the next episode awaits? Of all the actors in this episode, Sang Hoon, who played the role of the main bully, was loved the most for his acting skills. 

recap episode 7

The Law Cafe Recap

The last episode dealt with bullying by showing Eun Gang’s sister getting bullied. Without anywhere to go, she could not deal with the bullies anymore and die by suicide. The story of her getting bullied was hard to listen to and Sang Hoon’s acting as the bully really sold it to the viewers. However, the bully was not portrayed as a straight-up villain but was more toned down, but that does not excuse what Eun Gang’s sister had to go through.

The episode was not heavy throughout. There were some light moments to balance it out, but neither of the scenes seemed overbearing. However, there seem to be some secrets about Jung Ho’s uncle. There must be something about his past that his hiding. Till now, he is only known as an illegitimate son who has grown up devoid of paternal love. 

The scene that made the episode memorable was the kiss between Seung Gi and Se Young. The chemistry between the two characters is top-notch. Hopefully, in the next episode, we will get to see more of the duo. What is the preview saying?

The Law Cafe Episode 8 Preview

As the Preview explains, things are definitely going to change between Yu Ri and Jung Ho. The couple is seen on the beachside as Yu Ri confronts Jung Ho. It seems like Yu Ri wants to have a more open conversation, but Jung Ho is still not ready for it. There are some hidden secrets on the hill they were visiting. So there will be a fair share of adventure as well.

Meanwhile, Yu Ri’s grandma takes care of her after her fight with Jung Ho, and the grandma-granddaughter duo spends some time together. Finally, Jung Ho will try to make it right and admit his wrongs.

stremaing kbs

The Law Cafe Streaming on KBS

The Law Cafe Episode 8 Release Date

The 8th episode of The Law Cafe is set to release on the 27th of September 222, Tuesday. The series is currently running on the original network KBS at 9:50 pm Korean time (KST). For international viewers, the series will be available at:

  • 6:20 pm IST
  • 5:50 am PST
  • 8:50 am EST
  • 7:50 am CST
  • 9:50 am JST
  • 10:50 am AEST

How to Watch The Law Cafe Episode 8?

Other than KBS, the show is also available on the Viki app and Viu TV. You can download the Viki app and buy a subscription of $4.99 per month to watch the series with subtitles, which are usually available after 24 hours on Viki. Viu TV app is also available for download.

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