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Thousand Years For You Episode 23 & 24 Release Date: How Did The Fight End?

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Thousand Years For You Episode 23 and 24

Historical fiction, fantasy, and romance are woven together to form the Chinese Drama series Thousand Years For You. Since the 15th of September 2022, the drama has completed 22 episodes. The drama is set three thousand years ago during the time of the saintess YunXi and the spirit Zhu Rong. 

The drama features the main leads Lu Yan, portrayed by the actor Ren Jia Lun, and Yu Deng Deng, portrayed by the actress Li Qin. Lu Yan is the “One in a thousand year General” who holds a mysterious power. On the other hand, Yu Deng Deng is known as the Righteous lady, who is also the chief of the village named Qingquan. The two accidentally meet, and their story proceeds. 

This is a relaxing and fast-paced drama. You can watch live or even binge all of it in one go. There’s rarely a moment where the series seems boring. The chemistry between the actors and the swift storyline makes it one of the easiest binge-worthy Chinese drama series. 

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Thousand Years For You Episode 23 & 24 Release Date

On Tuesday, the 23rd and 24th episodes of Thousand Years For You will finally be released on the 27th of September 2022.

How To Watch Thousand Years For You Episode 23 & 24?

With the swift pace, the series is airing two episodes every day of the week and is set to end with the season finale on the 6th of October 2022. Currently, the series is running on the channel iQiyi at 8:00 pm in China time. For watching from other time zones, you can check it out on WeTV with a free subscription at 5:30 pm IST, 5:00 am PST, 8:00 am EST, 7:00 am CST, 9:00 pm JST/KST, and 10:00 pm AEST.

To watch the series on WeTV, you have to download the app and watch any series available there free of cost with full access to HD quality. The app also allows you to watch any content without creating an account.

Thousand Years For You Episode 22 Recap

In the previous episode of Thousand Years For You, we saw Lu Yan eavesdropping on Bai Shiqi and Gu Beixi’s conversation with the help of Yuanneng. Gu Beixi’s sudden hurry as he instantly left after giving the medicine to Deng Deng planted a seed of doubt in Deng Deng, but she had no concrete reason to act on it. Deng Deng’s intuition warned her about something unforeseen after seeing Gu Beixi. 

drama recap

Thousand Years For You Recap

Afterward, Deng Deng goes to a robbery field and encounters policemen with raised guns. Among all the chaos, Lu Yan appears unexpectedly and cuts the chains off of the Spirit Clan with just a wave of his hands. The situation got tense when Director Bai ordered them to shoot. Bodies fell one by one as bullets flew by. Among all the bullet-rain, Lu Yan managed to stay calm and dealt with them one by one. 

How Did The Fight End?

As he was fighting the police, we realized that the policemen were being controlled by the insect king. The insect king was using its body toxins as a weapon. The scene was so brutal that even Lu Yan could not hold back his tears. But he managed to use his powers and spelled the Insect king into entrapment. 

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The Main Leads

After the long fight, Lu Yan could not keep up. After spending all of his powers, he felt exhausted and slowly fell in front of everyone. Seeing that, Deng Deng reacted immediately and called out Lu Yan in a panic. Deng Deng, along with everyone else, managed to help him. Eventually, Lu Yan was awoken when Deng Deng and A Xin passed down the Yuan energy to him. 

In the episode, we also saw Bai Shiqi finally brave enough to hug Gu Beixi and try to express her feelings. Gu Beixi is also trying to figure it out himself. In the next episodes, we might finally be able to see Gu Beixi and Bai Shiqi finally revealing their feelings. 

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