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One Piece

Why Is Shanks So Strong? Analyzing The Power Level Of Shanks

Will Shanks Die In One Piece?
Akagami Shanks from One Piece

We always wanted to see Shanks in action but One Piece fans are merely getting satisfied by what he usually does whenever he appears on the screens but it seems that Oda is all set to Shanks and reveal his secrets in front of the world. We always saw him doing something devastating and shaking the whole world with just a few seconds of screen time. We can clearly see that Oda is giving too much attention to Shanks in the past few chapters. This could mean that Oda started setting up the stage for the old man so he could present his show.

Since he is one of the four emperors of the sea for quite a long time, it was sure even before that Shanks is much stronger than you think. His influence can be felt worldwide and even the world government can’t contain him for some unknown reasons In anime and manga, there are various instances we have seen that explain his power level. We will surely talk about them in this article itself but before that, we want to make sure that this article contains the spoilers of One Piece chapter 1055. So, if you are someone who is avoiding manga spoilers then you can stop reading otherwise let’s know the true depth of Shanks’ powers.

Shanks: The Master Of Haoshoku Haki

We have to see Shanks using conqueror haki many times in the series and each time, he conquered his opponents with just a glimpse. Recently, In chapter 1055 of One Piece, we saw Shanks using his haoshoku haki against Navy Admiral Ryokugyu from a very far distance still it affects Ryokugyu greatly and makes him leave Wano Kuni. Since we know that haoshoku haki only works when your willpower exceeds the opponent’s willpower so we can surely say that Shanks’ will and haki control are on another level. Defeating the admiral by using haoshoku haki is not everyone’s cup of tea but Shanks did it and proved that he shouldn’t be taken lightly.



Not only this but we also saw his haoshoku haki when he arrived at Whitebeard’s ship to ask him to stop Ace from chasing Blackbeard. His haoshoku haki affected all the pirates present on the ship except commanders and Whitebeard. As we just talk about Haki, what other powers does he possess? Let’s find out.

Other Powers Of Shanks:

Besides a great Haki control, Shanks possess a sword Gryphon which possibly be one of the 12 supreme grade swords. The sword managed to stop Whitebeard’s Murakumogiri(One of the 12 Supreme Grade Sword) attack easily and withstand Akainu’s manga punch. This concludes that Shanks is a great swordsman also. We also know that he was the rival of Mihawk, the best swordsman in the world so his swordsman skills can be compared with the best swordsman. He may have other skills as well but at this point in time, these are the only known skills Shanks have. His other skills might reveal in the upcoming chapters.

Best Entrances In Anime

Shanks Stops Marineford War

The most significant power Shanks possess is his fierce crew. Akagami Pirates are known worldwide for their fierce battles and combat skills and his crew is something that made Shanks, the Captain Shanks of Akagami Kaizouku.

Why Shanks Is Powerful?

We just saw that Shanks is extremely powerful but what’s the reason behind this? How did he become this much powerful? The answer to this question hasn’t been revealed yet so we can only present our theories. According to us, Shanks learn most of the things when he was a member of Roger Pirates. Roger taught him about the Haki control and how things work but he mastered all of these in his pirate journey. This is the only possible outcome we could come up with. If you have any other theory in your mind, Do let us know.

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