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Top 5 Songs Of Tiwa Savage: The Singers Rise To Fame

Top 5 Songs Of Tiwa Savage
Tiwa Savage

We will be talking about the top 5 songs of Tiwa Savage. These songs are fan favorites rather than personal picks. The reason for that was to make it as fair as possible. But, just because it is fair doesn’t mean everyone will agree. Even if it were to cause friction among fas, we would stick with this rendition of her top list as most fans will agree with this list. Because at its core, the function of this list is to introduce as many people to the songstress. And introducing someone to a new artist can be hard if you go down the personal route; it’s a different matter if the person you are going to recommend is to your friend. So, without further ado, below is the list of the top 5 songs by Tiwa Savage.

Top 5 songs of Tiwa Savage

There is quite an interesting tale behind the Top 5 popular songs of Tiwa Savage. The story encompassed all of her careers and was a decision she made back then. The decision was remarkable and had a profound effect not only on her life but on the Nigerian Music Industry. Savage was going to be a British-based singer and was ready to launch her career. Still, she changed her decision on that future once she learned about the growing Music Industry of Nigeria from that moment in its history. The singer is semi-fresh in the industry; the singer has not been in the biz for long, but she is not that new either. Most new artists decline as time passes, but Savage has stood the test of time, and she still goes on strong.

Top 5 Songs Of Tiwa Savage

CC: Tiwa Savage

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5) Ello Baby

The music of this song is otherworldly. Though it has three singers take the helm and work together to bring this piece of art forwards. Tiwa Savage, Kizz Daniel, and Young John used the superb talent of their singing and created this hit. The music video of this song was released in 2019. This solid entry in the Top 5 Songs Of Tiwa Savage will get hard to pick as she releases more songs.

4) Keys to the Kingdom

Unlike the last entry in the Top 5 songs of Tiwa Savage, the song is performed by Savage alone. The song starts with music that goes smooth and soft as it began but rises in tempo. The songstress matches the tempo, and you can feel her energy rise as the song continues.

Top 5 Songs Of Tiwa Savage

CC: Keys to Kingdom

3) Ma Lo

Tiwa Savage and WizKid are together to perform this single, and it doesn’t get any better than this. The third entry in Top 5 songs of Tiwa Savage takes off right away, unlike the last entry, which built over time. It would be one reason to listen to the song for Tiwa but adding Winkid into the mix is a treat, unlike anything.

2) Somebody’s Son (Ft Brandy)

Another song starts slow but starts to go high as the song continues. And for this one, Tiwa is accompanied by the singer Brandy to perform the song. It is also one of the recent entries on the list and a testament to her growing skills. The song is so good it might remain in Top 5 Songs Of Tiwa Savage for a long time.

1) Koroba

Another Song by Tiwa in a collab. Just like the last one, the song is one of her newer ones and has found dominance in the market. This single by Tiwa is bound to make anyone fan of her singing and make them wait for her new songs. Given how well the singer has been doing, it won’t be a surprise to see her put out another single that will alter the Top 5 songs of Tiwa Savage from top to bottom.

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