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Aoashi Episode 15 Release Date: Aoi’s New Position In The Team


In the past couple of years, we have seen a drastic change in people’s preference for the segment of the anime genre. A few years back, there was a huge craze for shonen anime, and fans used to love flashy action, highly saturated graphics, and gore action, but today, something unordinary is taking shape. We are not saying that the love for the shonen genre got degraded with time, but today, fans are more into chill vibes anime where the battle is not the center of the universe, and the arcs seem more realistic. One such genre, Sports is loved by billions of fans worldwide, and we can safely say that this genre is giving tough competition to other genres out there. There can be multiple reasons why this genre gets accepted by the fans in a very short time.

Aoashi being the sports anime is trying hard to get accepted by fans, and till today, each of its episodes did a great job with story buildup and character portraying. These two are the fundamental building blocks to developing a great anime and Aoashi is perfectly walking on the path of success. In total, 14 episodes have already been released so far, and the next episode is all set to release very soon. Fans are eagerly waiting for this episode for multiple reasons, and that’s why we have decided to reveal the release date and expected events of Aoashi episode 15 in this article itself.

Aoashi Episode 14 Review:

Before talking about the 15th episode of Aoashi, let’s talk about what the 14th episode set up for the storyline. The 14th episode of Aoashi was one of the most dramatic episodes of the series that featured many exhilarating moments and lots of interesting characters. The episode proved to be very unfortunate news for Aoi as he will not be playing in a forward position on the team. Instead, he will be playing as a defender on the team, as mentioned by the coach Fukuda. This sudden news made her heartless, and now he is in a dire situation.

Not only he but all of the team members are surprised by this announcement, and for this reason, episode 14 was filled with tension and thrill from the beginning till the end. Apart from the great story buildup, episode 15 had intense animation quality that made fans hooked to the screens and awesome BGM that put the cherry on the cake. After this awesome episode, fans have very high expectations from the upcoming episode, and they are eagerly waiting for this. Let’s find out what we can expect in the 15th episode of Aoashi.



Aoashi Episode 15 Release Date:

The 15th episode of Aoashi is all set to release on Saturday, 15th July 2022 worldwide. The title of the upcoming episode will be “Where I Ought To Be”. The episode will build up after the events of the 14th episode, and we can expect the same amount of intensity as the 14th episode. Even though we haven’t clearly know what will happen in the next episode but we can all expect that Aoi will accept his fate of playing as a defender on the team and giving his best. The episode will be crucial for the future of the anime, and you must not skip this episode if you are following this series from the very beginning.


Aoi A

Watch Aoashi Episode 15 Online:

There are many platforms from where you can watch all the episodes of Aoashi. One of the most popular platforms is Crunchyroll. You can binge thousands of other animes including Aoashi, with just your single subscription, and you will find almost all the popular anime on this platform. Crunchyroll has various plans, and you can choose any of them according to your preference.

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