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Family Law Filming Locations: The Beautiful Visuals & Sets

family law filming locations
Family Law

Are you excited to know family law filming locations? If yes, then you have landed on the perfect article. In this article, all the details related to family law filming locations will be revealed. Stay tuned to get amazing location recommendations. But first, moving to the locations part, we will be giving you the premise of the whole article. So, in this article, we will be first giving you an introduction to Family Law, in the next segment of the article, we will reveal family law filming locations. Stay tuned till the end to know the plot details and other exciting things.

Family Law is a Canadian television show with a total of 10 episodes in season 1. The genre of the show is Legal drama. Family Law is created by Susin Nielson. The show’s star cast includes Jewel Staite, Victor Garber, Zach Smadu, Genelle Williams, and Lauren Holly. The recurring stars include Bobbi Charlton, Luke Camilleri, Eden Summer, Brett Kelly, Brendan Sunderland, Ali Liebert, Celia Reid, and Kelli Ogmundson. Tom Cox, Jordy Randall, and Erin Haskett are the executive producers of the show Family Law. In the next segment, we will reveal family law filming locations. So do read that part because it is the highlight of the whole article.

Family law filming locations

Family Law

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Family Law Filming Locations

In this article segment, we will discuss family law filming locations. Where did family law shoot? Are you ready?

The filming of the Family Law primarily took place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.Β Yes, the primary shooting took place in Canada. Now the family law filming location has been revealed, let us learn a little about the location. The series shows how a group of family members reluctantly work together at their father’s law firm in downtown Vancouver. Vancouver is a major city in Western Canada, which is located in the lower mainland region of British Columbia. Vancouver is the most populous city in British Columbia. Vancouver is among the most livable cities in Canada and the World. It is on the verge of becoming the greenest city in the world.

Family Law filming locations

Filming location of family law

Vancouver remains warmer even in the winter. As we all know, Canada’s winters are quite popular, but Vancouver is one such city in Canada that remains warm during the winters. Vancouver is also famous for its architecture. Some ancient buildings enrich the heritage of Canada. For instance, the Vancouver Art Gallery, which is housed downtown, is in the neoclassical former courthouse built-in 1906. There are some modern buildings as well in the downtown area, which include the Harbour Centre, the Vancouver Law Courts, the surrounding Plaza known as Robson Square, and the Vancouver Library Square, among the famous buildings in Vancouver.

Apart from these, Vancouver’s economy is also accelerating quickly. So, in this section of the article, we revealed Family law filming locations. Don’t forget to read the next segment to learn about the plot details of Family Law.

Family Law: Plot Details

In the above segment, we revealed Family Law filming locations. In this section, we will discuss the plot details and other things about Family Law. So let us get started.

The series has a total of 10 episodes, with each of them running for approximately 1 hour. The show portrays how different family members reluctantly work in their father’s law firm. The show premiered on 6 July 2021, and on Global, it premiered on 16 September 2021. The show revolves around Abigail Bianchi, who is a recovering alcoholic and a lawyer who goes to work with her father and two half-siblings. She has worked with family law before and immediately finds herself managing her clients’ family dysfunction but her own. She must learn to work with her father and siblings while maintaining sobriety.

The show has been renewed for another two-seasons straight. So, fans would see more of the family dysfunction and how Abigail makes her way through it. To sum it up, in this article, we revealed Family law filming locations. Also, we discussed the plot details of the show.

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