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Sasaki And Miyano Season 2: Will It Be Renewed?

Sasaki And Miyano
Sasaki And Miyano

Based on the Japanese manga series by Shou Harusono, Sasaki and Miyano is a love story animation. The Sasaki and Miyano Season 2 Release Date will be discussed today. Will it be extended? Almost everyone loved season one because of its lovely plot and ‘calming yet chugging curiosity in you about the relation of the two main leads’ kind of nature. Fans have been waiting for the second season from all parts of their heart. Let’s see if any of their prayers actually came as help.

The main character of this program is Miyano, a loner teenager who is shocked when his senior, Shuumei Sasaki, saves a student from bullies. After their unexpected encounter, the latter starts making jokes with the former as they get used to each other. Sasaki unintentionally learns about Miyano’s passion for male love manga while he tries to conceal it. He is surprised by his interest and decides to borrow a few novels to understand what makes them so unique.

The friendships between the two buddies change as they get closer due to their growing interest in male love mangas. Their impassioned and heartbreaking exchanges attracted a sizable global audience to the anime. Doesn’t this remind you of the new Netflix show Heartstopper? It does to me, kind off.

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Sasaki And Miyano

Sasaki And Miyano

Sasaki And Miyano Season 1 Recap

Miyano, a freshman in an all-boys high school, sees another student getting physically assaulted. Second-year student Sasaki jumps in and breaks up the conflict as he is ready to intervene. Just a few days later, Miyano pays a visit to Sasaki’s classmate Hirano’s classroom. Hirano is a fellow member of the disciplinary committee. Hirano accuses Sasaki of harassing him and tells him not to disturb Miyano, but Miyano appreciates him for breaking up the fight.

In revenge, the bullies Sasaki stopped pounding him up. After that, Sasaki half-jokingly asks Miyano out on a date while Miyano offers him a bandage. The two lads begin to commute to school together and become friends during the ensuing months. When Sasaki asks for manga suggestions, Miyano shares his passion for the yaoi subgenre. As a result, he frequently lends Sasaki copies of his favorite manga, which they discuss in private at school. Sasaki starts to have feelings for Miyano.

When Sasaki requests permission from Miyano to talk about yaoi comics in school, Miyano feels humiliated. Sasaki battles his growing affections for Miyano in private. When Miyano’s classmate Tashiro notices their tight relationship and inquires about their romantic status, Miyano vehemently denies it. Despite Sasaki’s reputation as a troublemaker, Kuresawa, the classmate who was being assaulted, defends their manga arrangement.

Sasaki and Miyano

Sasaki and Miyano

Miyano is concerned because of the encounter that Sasaki is being bullied because of his pastime. Sasaki recommends that he and Miyano buy candy for each other on their walk home from school after spotting Valentine’s Day display, but the latter rejects it. Nevertheless, Sasaki buys him chocolates. Miyano starts to doubt whether Sasaki’s feelings for him are sincere platonic ones. He hears a senior challenge Sasaki about his passion for yaoi comics, but Sasaki doesn’t appear embarrassed. Sasaki receives candy from Miyano on White Day, which causes Sasaki to become agitated and flee.

As the academic year comes to an end, Miyano runs into Ogasawara, the pupil who had asked Sasaki about yaoi since his girlfriend was a fan. Sasaki and Miyano take the train back together later that day. Sasaki says, “I like you,” to Miyano as the latter lays his head on his shoulder and appears to be dozing off. Miyano is startled awake by this. As the new academic year gets underway, Miyano continues to ponder Sasaki’s meaning and thinks if he has feelings for him. Unintentionally bumping Miyano into Sasaki in the hallway, a bystander causes the latter to grow visibly agitated by their proximity.

Miyano claims at home that because he had a crush on a girl in junior high, he cannot be attracted to Sasaki. Miyano listens in on Ogasawara’s phone argument with his girlfriend Emi and tries to offer some guidance. Ogasawara leans out to pat Miyano on the head, but Sasaki, who is passing, instinctively grips Miyano from behind before recognizing that Ogasawara is the only one he is speaking to. The event makes Miyano wonder if he is actually attracted to men, and he considers whether Sasaki is too.

Sasaki and Miyano

Sasaki and Miyano

The high school holds a sports festival as summer approaches. Sasaki reveals romantic feelings for Miyano while alone with him but adds he is under no need to respond right away. However, Sasaki panics and responds, “Your face,” when Miyano wonders what it is that he likes about him. When Miyano is by himself, he struggles with his contradictory impulses for Sasaki and passes out temporarily. He passes out at a committee meeting, so Hirano asks Sasaki to look over Miyano while he visits a teacher. Miyano is shocked to see Sasaki when he first wakes up. After Miyano has left, Hirano notices their uncomfortable exchange, and Sasaki confesses to him about his confession.

He contacts Miyano on Hirano’s phone and tells him there is more to him than just his appearance before hanging up. Miyano is relieved that Sasaki adores him for reasons other than his appearance, something he felt vulnerable about that in middle school, as Hirano and Sasaki engage in a more in-depth conversation. Following his admission, Sasaki and Miyano continue to hang out as friends. Miyano thinks about the best way to honor Sasaki’s impending birthday, given their present shaky relationship as midterm exams get near.

When the day comes, he finally gives the boy the lollipops Tashiro had provided. They realize that a year has gone since they initially met one day as they walk together to school. Sasaki and Miyano use an umbrella whilst walking down the road on the final exam day. Sasaki says that he had never been drawn to other men before meeting him when Miyano directly asks him if he is gay. Miyano acknowledges that he has never thought about males and that he is still unsure of his sentiments. He also makes the suggestion that Sasaki’s feelings might alter as he matures.

Sasaki and Miyano

Sasaki and Miyano

Sasaki, however, claims that his love for Miyano is unwavering and expresses his happiness that the latter is giving his revelation serious thought. They decide to keep their friendship going until Miyano can respond to his question. For its next cultural festival, the high school is getting ready. He is grudgingly nominated by Miyano’s class to represent them in the cross-dressing event, and he hesitantly agrees under the condition that Kuresawa would stand in for him and that his attire won’t be very feminine.

Miyano runs across Makimota, the middle school crush he had while shopping with Sasaki. They spark up a cordial discussion, but Sasaki drags him off out of jealousy. She was once his crush, but Miyano tells him that he no longer has any affection for her. In response, Sasaki expresses regret for pushing him away and claims he didn’t want to be harsh. While at work, Sasaki worries that Miyano might be crushing on someone else. Kuresawa, who he also runs into, tells him he is nearby to meet his girlfriend, who is now in the hospital.

He also formally acknowledges Sasaki for standing up for him months earlier and confesses that he started the altercation that day. Later that same day, Sasaki and Miyano connected while riding in the same car to school. Sasaki continues to tease Miyano about his personal crush on him when they are at school and flirt with him. Miyano is fitted for a traditional costume by Chairman Hanzawa as part of his assistance in getting him ready for his part in the upcoming competition. Hanzawa asserts that the biggest sign of love is to be always thinking of someone when Miyano questions him about what he believes it means to have affection for someone.

Sasaki asks Miyano, who is wearing his costume if he wants to compete, but Miyano is hesitant to withdraw after all the effort everyone else put into the tournament. Sasaki, who is experiencing a wave of emotion, almost kisses him but decides to hold him instead. Miyano comes to terms with his true feeling for Sasaki. Miyano finds it difficult to pinpoint the exact nature of his desire for Sasaki. Kuresawa notices his problems and asks him to accompany him to the bookstore.

Later, Miyano informs Sasaki that he has resolved to continue the drag competition, and the two of them end up spending time together at the cultural festival. Sasaki gets cold in the middle of class and visits the nurse’s office, only to discover that the nurse is not there. He runs into Miyano outside, who has come for treatment for a slight burn he sustained in his home ec lesson. They enter, and Sasaki is enthralled to watch Miyano take responsibility for taking care of him. Sasaki asks Miyano why he would agree to escort him home. When Miyano responds that he is motivated by duty, Sasaki is dissatisfied.

Sasaki and Miyano

Sasaki and Miyano

On the day of the cultural festival, Miyano and Kuresawa stop by Sasaki and Hirano’s class, where they are organizing a cosplay cafΓ© for juvenile offenders. Hanzawa is reading fortunes at the cafΓ©, and Miyano meets with him. Hanzawa responds to his request for counsel by telling him to press on even in the face of uncertainty so that he can feel more assured about his desires. The drag contest is held in Sasaki’s absence, and Miyano is declared the winner as the runner-up. The two youngsters together view the fireworks from the school as the festival comes to a close.

Miyano requests more time to respond to Sasaki because he is embarrassed by his apparent passion for him and does not want to take the chance of hurting him. Sasaki nods while trying to hide his own agitation and frustration. Later, Sasaki, his older sister, and Ogasawara are shopping at the mall when Miyano runs into them. When Ogasawara inquires about Miyano’s opinion of Sasaki, Miyano apologetically replies that he admires him. Before Ogasawara can press further, Sasaki steps in and changes the topic.

While seeing a yaoi movie with a primarily female crowd, Sasaki and Miyano overhear two other attendees, jokingly assuming that they are dating. Finally, Miyano comes clean with himself about his feelings for Sasaki. Hanzawa senses Sasaki and Miyano’s attraction to one another while they are in the movie theatre. Miyano chooses to express his feelings for Sasaki but finds it difficult to summon the bravery. Hearing a belief that couples who get acquainted right before Christmas would split up soon after is what convinces him to further delay his disclosure. Miyano meets Hanzawa and his elder brother at the mall during the break.

Hanzawa remembers how he and their sister were present when his two elder boys came out to their mother. The vacation ends, but Miyano is unable to get some alone time with Sasaki to tell him what she really feels. Finally, he is able to make plans for him to walk home from school with him. When Sasaki questions why he always switches arms to carry his schoolbag on seeing him, Miyano replies that it’s a tendency he formed to prevent his bag from bumping into him after they walk together. Sasaki is moved by the little gesture and tries to kiss him, but Miyano accidentally pulls him away. In shame and disgust, Sasaki flees.

Sasaki and Miyano

Sasaki and Miyano

Sasaki is pursued by Miyano, that is unable to keep up with him. He runs across Hanzawa and Hirano outside the school and approaches them for assistance. Hanzawa explains to him how his brothers have dealt with criticism and disagreements with their partners, but he asserts that he and Sasaki would make a good match and urges Miyano to follow him. Sasaki gets home and berates himself for crossing his limits with Miyano before she departs to visit him at his place. In an effort to run into Miyano on the route back to school, Hirano pretends to have forgotten some of his belongings and leaves a voicemail for Sasaki.

It turns out that Sasaki and Miyano meet at the train station, where they then have a private conversation in a deserted park. Sasaki apologizes for his inappropriate approaches, but to his surprise, Miyano lets him know he feels the same way, and the two of them kiss. Finally exchanging phone numbers, Miyano then begs Sasaki to be his boyfriend. In the post-credits sequence, Sasaki and Miyano announce their engagement to their schoolmates.

The school disciplinary committee’s head gets replaced a few weeks before Sasaki and Miyano start dating. Hanzawa decides to look for a keychain in the shape of a cow that a student claims his girlfriend stole from him. Kuresawa asks Sasaki if he and Miyano are dating as he and his friends hunt for it. Kuresawa swears to stand by them both no matter what else happens, despite Sasaki’s denial that they are together despite her having feelings for him. As soon as Miyano enters the room, Kuresawa pretends that Sasaki is assisting him with his schoolwork since he believes Sasaki hasn’t confessed and doesn’t want to humiliate Miyano.

However, Sasaki finds it difficult to lie to Miyano and eventually tells him the truth about their conversation. They come across a cat holding what turns out to be the student council room key in its mouth. Soon after, the cow keyring is discovered inside.

Sasaki And Miyano Season 2 Release Date: Will It be Renewed?

The anime version was formally revealed on November 20, 2020, and it took just over a year for development and release. It’s important to remember that the year the global coronavirus first appeared was one in which the anime industry was rocked. The fact that the show was created despite numerous challenges suggests that the next episode will probably be aired even sooner. Sasaki and Miyano season 2 should debut in the middle of 2023 if the sitcom’s production schedule is typical.

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