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Avengers vs. Justice League: Who Is The Strongest Superhero Team?

Avengers vs. Justice League
Avengers vs. Justice League

We have a legendary fight coming your way, The Avengers versus the Justice League. Avengers and the Justice League are two of the most iconic superhero teams of all time. With the likes of Superman, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, and Hulk filling out the rosters. And who would win between the two is a debate that’s raged on for decades.

But today, we’re not focusing on the comics versions of the team, but the MCU and the DCEU versions. Also, just to note, we’ll be using full rosters in this fight. I know, I know, the Avengers have a pretty significant numbers advantage here. But I don’t really think we can fault the team for expanding the roster when the JL didn’t.

Plus, a significant number of The Avengers team are humans and street-level heroes, while the Justice League really just has one. So the numbers advantage isn’t even that big of a deal. But we will also see who wins if we just took the Original Six Avengers on one side and Six Justice League members on the other side.

Avengers In MCU

The Averages are a team and extraordinary individuals with either their superpowers or other special abilities designed to protect the world from inner and extraterrestrial threats. Iron Man is the founder of the team.

The smartest man in the world has a suit of armor that allows him to battle directly against Thanos and create weapons imaginably. Captain America is the pinnacle of human physical potential, one of the best fighters in the world, and carries on an unbreakable Vibranium shield.

All Avengers in Endgame

All Avengers in Endgame

Thor is the God of Thunder. He is one of the strongest, most powerful heroes in the universe. He is able to control lightning, as well as to have a powerful weapon in Stormbreaker. Hulk is definitely one of the strongest beings on Earth.

Quicksilver is the fastest man alive, and Vision is a powerful Android with the ability to manipulate his density. It has a frickin Infinity stone on its forehead. Hawkeye has the most accuracy in the world. Black Widow is the master spy and assassin.

Falcon can fly with this high-powered jetpack. Winter Soldier is a Super soldier with a powerful Vibranium arm. Just like Iron Man, War Machine has an immensely powerful suit of armor. Valkyrie is one of the most elite warriors in all of Asgard and Okoye is one of the most elite warriors in all of Wakanda.

Spiderman has the proportionate speed, strength, and durability of a spider. Black Panther has a strength of a Super soldier who has nearly indestructible armor with powerful Vibrainium tech. Rocket Raccoon is a genius.

He has an immensely powerful arsenal of alien weapons. And-Man has powers to shrink down to microscopic size or grow to over 100 feet tall. Wasp can shrink down to microscopic sizes and fly. And then Nebula is a master assassin feared throughout the universe.

Scarlet Witch an insanely powerful telepath with vast telekinetic powers. Doctor Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme, the most powerful sorcerer in the world. And Wong is right there by his side, who is also a powerful sorcerer. Finally, we got Captain Marvel. She’s almost stronger than Thanos himself, isn’t phased by Thanos’s attacks, can fly at Lightspeed, and can fire immensely powerful energy attacks.

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Justice League In DCEU

So that’s what we got on one corner, MCU Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, The Avengers. Into the other corner, it’s DCEU Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the Justice League. The Justice League is a group of superheroes that are dedicated to protecting the world from all sorts of threats. The team was founded by Batman and Wonder Woman when Doomsday killed Superman, and Batman saw warnings that a bigger threat was still coming.

Justice League in Snyder Cut

Justice League in Snyder Cut

So Bruce and Diana went on to form a team of superhumans with the sole intent of ensuring the survival of Earth and humanity. Batman, Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman then went for a procedure to bring back the Man of Steel. This helps them get their victory against Steppenwolf and his Parademon army.


Superman is obviously the most powerful member of the League, and he’s so strong that he destroyed large parts of Metropolis in his battle against Zod and destroyed Steppenwolf. He was strong enough to fight against the rest of the League by himself.

Superman is durable enough to take attacks from Doomsday and General Zod and is able to recover from a nuclear explosion. He also moved so fast that people literally appeared to be frozen in time. That’s almost as fast as the Flash.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is strong enough to lift and throw a tank. She’s battled against Doomsday and also charged Steppenwolf through a wall. She’s durable enough to take attacks from Doomsday, Steppenwolf, Aries, and Superman. She is a casual bullet Dodger, stopping bullets right through opponents.


Batman is in peak physical condition. He is stronger enough to send people flying backward with his attacks. He is actually durable enough to take attacks from Superman. Batman is also a highly skilled and rather brutal fighter. Bring able to clear a whole warehouse of armed thugs and mercenaries within a few minutes.


Aquaman is incredibly strong. He was able to lift a submarine out of the water, punch Steppenwolf and send him flying. Also durable enough to take attacks from Superman and Steppenwolf. He is fast enough to break the sound barrier under the water. He is a skilled and trained fighter, especially with his Trident.

Aquaman in Justice League

Aquaman in Justice League


Cyborg is incredibly versatile, able to form rockets and Shields to protect from Superman and able to blast back Steppenwolf with a single shot. And that is also quite strong, throwing Aquaman to a considerable distance. He’s also got hacked into any form of technology, even hacking Kryptonian tech and subconsciously hacking into the Batcave.


Finally, we have the Flash. Barry is remarkably fast. Actually faster than Superman and managed to dodge attacks from the Man of Steel.

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The Avengers vs. Justice League

There are a lot of street-level superheroes on the Avenger’s side. But no street-level heroes are going to take down the likes of Superman or Wonder Woman. The Avengers will have to pull out the big guns in order to take them down. And honestly, Superman and Wonder Woman are the only real threats to The Avengers from the Justice League. Hear me out.

Batman Against The Avengers

Now looking from a street-level perspective, well, Batman is absolute toast. Yeah, yeah, he’s Batman and all that, but going up against Captain America, Black Panther, Winter Soldier, Nebula, Wasp, and even Hawkeye, Black Widow, Falcon, and Okoye, Bruce is not gonna beat them. He can’t even beat Steve or Black Panther on his own. See, at street level, the fight definitely goes to The Avengers.

The Flash Against The Avengers

Let’s start off by taking a look at the Flash. He is easily the fastest hero here, faster than anyone else on either team. But he is just not a fighter. As he said, he kind of just pushes people and then runs away. Gradually he did get better as the movie progressed, but still not by much. I also don’t think Flash pushes are going to do much to the Avengers here, any Avengers.

Captain America and even Hawkeye took Quicksilver’s attacks. Steve literally got right back up after speed Blitz. And Flash’s attacks never really struck me as significantly more powerful than Quicksilver’s. Flash is able to destroy Parademons, and Quicksilver is able to destroy Ultron drones. It seems about the same to me.

Quicksilver against Captain America

Quicksilver against Captain America

Flash also isn’t infallible. He literally trips over his own feet sometimes. So it’s a real possibility that either someone attacks him, or he literally takes himself out of the fight. Finally, Flash is gonna be able to do nothing when going up against the likes of Thor, Hulk, or Captain Marvel. He’ll literally just be knocked backward, just like what happened in this fight against Superman.

So yeah, Flash isn’t enough to take the Avengers down. And the Avengers had their own speedster, too, Quicksilver. And while Flash might be the fast one out of the two, Pietro is still fast enough to keep Barry occupied, especially since Quicksilver is the better fighter and is better at using his speed in a fight.

Aquaman Against The Avengers

Let’s talk about Aquaman. Well, Arthur is really impressive. He lifted up the massive submarine out of the water, which, if you do the math behind it, it’s one of the greatest strength feats in any superhero movie. He sent Steppenwolf flying with his attacks and has also taken attacks from Steppenwolf and even Superman.

He is a very skilled fighter with his Trident. But it’s just gonna be numbers that get him. Like, tell me, how will Arthur do against War Machine, basically Iron Man lite? Antman is now a Giant-Man able to knock out leviathan. Spider-Man was able to stagger Thanos.

And as for Vision, Aquaman definitely can’t counter his phasing. Even Wong for magical backup and Rocket launching weapons all over the place. Arthur could potentially win against any one of them. But it’s just those numbers that are gonna get him.

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Cyborg Against The Avengers

Cyborg, honestly, just from a physical standpoint, I’ve never really been too impressed with Cyborg. He was able to block heat vision from Superman. But his counterpart over The Avengers, Iron Man, is leagues above that.

And if he crosses paths with someone like Thor, Hulk, or Captain Marvel, he’s gonna get ripped in two, just like Steppenwolf did to him. It’s really his hacking gear that makes him a potential threat to The Avengers. A lot of them are technologically based.

Iron Man, War Machine, Vision, and Nebula, just to name a few. So how great is this hacking? Actually, he showed his hacking skills in the Bat cave, wirelessly hacking into a government computer, even hacking Batman’s computer, and plugging into the Nightcrawler to operate it. He was also able to plug into the Mother Boxes.

Cyborg separating Mother Box

Cyborg separating Mother Box

However, he had to have physical contact with the Kryptonian tech and Batman’s Nightcrawler. And we don’t really know how long it took him to get into other computers. Don’t know if it was instant or took a while. I’m not sure hacking will be enough to single-handedly take down The Avengers and their tech. Vision is able to counter Ultron and overcome him, blocking him out of the Internet entirely.

So he’ll be difficult to hack into and control. Tony created tech to prevent Ultron from hacking into both the Iron Man and War Machine armor. Tony was able to totally hack into North Korea, Hammer Industries, and others in just seconds from this phone.

Honestly, nothing Cyborg has shown us that is impressive enough to justify saying he instantly hacked into and defeated Iron Man, War machine, and Vision. Basically, if Ultron can’t do it, Cyborg can’t do it, either. The only one that he can probably hack into is Nebula, and that’s because she was basically built to be hacked into.

Wonder Women Against The Avengers

So Superman and Wonder Woman are the only two bonafide threats for The Avengers in this fight. Clark and Diana will be going against the likes of Thor, Hulk, Captain Marvel, and even Iron Man and Giant man to some degree. Then there are the larger threats, Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch.

Let’s talk about the physical threats first. So when it comes to Wonder Woman, honestly, after Infinity War, Iron Man could give her a good fight. Maybe not necessarily beat her. Diana is still faster, and she’s got that lethal sword.

But with the Hulk in the mix. I think she is going down more times than not. Hulk’s a lot stronger than her and can beat her up as Doomsday did, and Ironman can provide some range attacks and slug her out physically too. I just find it hard to say Diane would win here. Her sword is still lethal, but we still got Giant men out there. They really need that extra backup, which they probably won’t.

Hulk in Age Of Ultron

Hulk in Age Of Ultron

Superman Against The Avengers

And then there’s Superman. Now Superman is insanely strong, insanely fast, insanely durable, and is the powerhouse on the JL, even the entire DCEU. After a while, Clark did a speed blitz against Steppenwolf and actually didn’t even allow Steppenwolf to land a single hit. Superman also could knock Steppenwolf out. And this fight was going up against Thor, and Captain Marvel, who actually got faster raw speed than Superman.

Thor has magical weapons, and as we know, Superman is vulnerable to magical weapons. And then there is Captain Marvel in the mix too. She’s strong enough and durable to fight against Thanos and, as we said, has more raw speed than Clark.

Superman could definitely beat either one of them on his own. But in a two-on-one fight, well, I got a favor, Marvel, even with Superman’s speed and power. Then there is also Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch, who can go up against any one of the Justice League Members.

Who Would Win In A Fight Between Avengers And Justice League?

So, who would win in a fight between the Avengers and Justice League? I think, if you are considering all the Avengers that were fighting against Thanos in the Endgame, then obviously, Avengers would win. But if we are just considering the six main Avengers and making it a fair six v six-fight, then definitely Justice League is going to win.

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