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Is Jan Carabeo Pregnant? The Famous News Anchor in Question

Jan Carabeo
Jan Carabeo

Is Jan Carabeo pregnant? A name well known in the journalism world has been in the news quite a bit these days. Fans have been wondering if she is pregnant or not following her recent Instagram post. This American journalist has been gracing our screen for the last nine years. She first joined CBS 3 in 2014. From then on, she has constantly been finding her way to the top with outstanding talent and hard work. Currently, she works as a reporter and a morning anchor on the weekends.

Despite her talent as an onscreen news reporter, she is also very well-known for her writing skills in the journalism world. Jan Carabeo first started her career in journalism as a columnist for WTIC-TV in Hartford, Connecticut, where she also worked as a morning news anchor.

However, irrespective of her talents as a writer, reporter, and news host, she is otherwise known for her news series Gold star mom. She even received the New York Associated Press award in 2011. The series was about a mother and her fight against the motor vehicle department to keep a commemorative number plate in memory of her son, who died in Vietnam. In addition, Jan Carabeo has worked with several other news channels in New York, Connecticut, and now CBS 3.

Is Jan Carabeo Pregnant?

Is Jan Carabeo pregnant, or is it all just a rumor? Well, the answer to this question is extremely simple. Has she posted anything related to her pregnancy on any social media websites? Has her husband posted anything related to pregnancy? Has she announced her pregnancy online or anywhere else? Since the answer to all of this is “No”, it becomes clear that the news of her being pregnant is just a rumor. Jan Carabeo is not pregnant at this time. And if she was, the couple is keeping this happy news a well-hidden secret.

Jan Carabeo

Jan Carabeo

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Jan Carabeo’s Family and Marriage

Jan Carabeo is an American nationalist born in Maryland. She pursued her early education in Maryland. Later she moved to California to pursue higher education. Additionally, she has visited numerous cities and states of America in search of a successful career before settling in Philadelphia.

Jan Carabeo married her husband, Andrew Adamson, on August 25, 2015. They got engaged in 2014 and married shortly after. Before their marriage, Jan and Andrew dated each other for quite a while. Andrew is also in the journalism field. He’s a photojournalist working in Philadelphia. The couple married each other in a quiet ceremony on Rhodes island in the presence of 100 to 120 guests. They have been known to keep their relationship private and between each other. It is not a surprise that news of her being pregnant is floating around, considering how long they’ve been married. However, Jan Carabeo seems to be focused on her career, and the couple has given no signs that they are pregnant with their first child.

Jan Carabeo Marriage

Jan Carabeo Marriage

Jan Carabeo Career and Education

Considering how long Jan has been working as a journalist, her success seems like a result of her dedication and hard work. Jan Carabeo’s net worth currently is between $1 million to $5 million. Her net worth is a result of her career which she has earned by herself. Jan graduated in journalism from the University of Maryland in 2003, where she was born and raised. Later, she also pursued a major in journalism and a minor in English from the University of California.

Through Jan is known among her viewers for her crisp and eloquent news reporting, she is also quite beautiful and charming. Thus, it is not a wonder why the viewers are always on alert about her life. The recent news might have made everyone ask the question, Is Jan Carabeo pregnant? But, the answer also reminds us of the reality that nothing has been confirmed yet. And Jan will most definitely release the news of being pregnant with her first child as soon as the couple thinks fit. On the other hand, if she indeed was pregnant, no one would be happier than her viewers, who wish nothing but a good life for her and her family.

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