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Is Lauryn Ricketts Pregnant? NBC’s Meteorologist Welcomes a New Family Member

Lauryn Ricketts
Lauryn Ricketts

Is Lauryn Ricketts pregnant, or did I just read another rumor? No, this is not a rumor. Lauryn Ricketts, a well-known meteorologist from NBC, has been pregnant for months. And in January of 2022, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Lauryn is known for her on-screen charism and crisp reporting. Becoming a meteorologist was a lifelong dream of Lauryn. She amidst that when she first saw her father watching the weather report, she wanted that job. This awakened her interest in science and astronomy.

In an interview with a magazine, Lauryn expressed that, at first, she did not know that she would have to be on TV. When she grew up, she realized the cost of becoming a meteorologist constantly meant being in the public’s eye. She said she started mentally preparing for that role early in her life.

This 39-year-old journalist has become one of the most successful meteorologists, and she owes it all to her hard work and talent. And although she likes to do her research and reports the findings based on her findings, she does not forget to give credit to the other meteorologists and her team.

Is Lauryn Ricketts Pregnant?

Lauryn gave birth to her first child on January 27, 2022. Her newborn son is named Crew. But, this is not her first pregnancy. Lauryn first became pregnant in 2019. She carried the baby to full term. But unfortunately, she delivered a stillborn. The baby had died in her womb, and the tragic news broke the hearts of the expecting parents. However, Lauryn and her husband did not give up. But, carrying a child in later years means more risk. And following the previous heartbreak, Lauryn again had a miscarriage. But, this time, the bad news came early, at only about 4 to 5 weeks of her pregnancy.

Lauryn Ricketts Pregnant

Lauryn Ricketts Pregnant

Lauryn and her husband then went through a safer route and opted for IVF. Fortunately, with the help of In vitro fertilization process, Lauryn was able to carry her child healthily and gave birth to her healthy and beautiful son.

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Lauryn Ricketts Marriage

Lauryn Ricketts is married to Eric Earnhardt. When they got married, Eric was in the Marine Corps. Lauryn and Eric dated for quite some time before deciding to tie the knot in 2018. Lauryn Ricketts, despite being in the public eye, has been away from any sort of controversies or rumors. Before her marriage, there was no news of her dating anyone but Eric. It seems like Eric is also the same. The couple seems completely in love without any signs of discomfort or news of separation. It seems like the heartbreak brought them closer instead of tearing them away.

Lauryn Ricketts Career

Lauryn Ricketts, although currently working in a top position, did go through several hoops to achieve that place. She pursued a degree in Bachelor of Science with a major in meteorology and behavioral sciences. She later interned with three different meteorologists to learn and gain practical experience. Later, she joined WTTG as a chief meteorologist in Washington DC. Furthermore, she also joined WRIC Richmond Station as a weathercaster and later on worked for the MAR television network as a weathercaster.

Finally, after working for almost ten years, she was offered to join NBC 4 as a meteorologist and weathercaster. Later, she was promoted as a host and weathercaster, where she got to host her TV show.

Few Last Thoughts

Even though Lauryn has suffered a lot, her life now seems to be going smoothly. She went through not one but two miscarriages. At the time of her first miscarriage, her husband was deployed in Afghanistan. And even though she had a fair amount of support, she still did not have family near her. After going through so much, she had to suffer another loss. Still, she decided not to give up. So, considering how much she has gone through, before asking Is Lauryn Ricketts pregnant, we hope that she, her husband, and the newest and youngest addition to the family are happy and healthy.

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