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Production Team Talks About ‘Yumi’s Cells Season 3’ Possibility: Will We Meet Shin Soonrok?

Yumi's Cells Season 3
Yumi's Cells Season 3

The second season is recently concluded, and fans are already looking forward to Yumi’s Cells Season 3! Although the second season has delivered a happy ending, its climax has left viewers with the possibility of the next season. After all, the drama has revealed Kim Yumi’s future boyfriend, Shin Soonrok! Besides, fans are swooned by actor Jeung Hoon who played Shin Soonrok in Season 2.

Furthermore, the second season was an emotional roller coaster ride for viewers. Whereas the first half was full of bubbly romance between Kim Yumi and Yoo Babi, the second half was filled with heartbreaks and healing journeys. No doubt that Kim Go Eun and Park Jinyoung have stolen millions of hearts with their heart-thumping on-screen chemistry. Thus, their breakup has broken thousands of hearts. Nevertheless, many fans are happy for Yumi and her Cells.

Like the previous season, Yumi’s Cells 2 has also introduced various new Cells, such as Tongue Cell, Dislike Cell, Stomach Cell, Inner Feeling Cell, etc. So with all Cells, viewers have gone through different emotions throughout the series. Hence, many fans are thrilled to unfold Yumi’s new journey and meet new Cells in Yumi’s Cells 3!

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Yumi’s Cells 2 Ending – What Happened In The Second Season?

Yumi’s Cells Season 2 is set after Season 1. It narrates the love tale of Kim Yumi and Yoo Babi! A year after her breakup with Ku Woong, Yumi tries to move on with her life. Meanwhile, Yoo Babi, who has fallen in love with her, respects her decision to take things slow. Despite Love Cell’s hesitation and various rounds of push and pull, Yumi and Babi decide to date each other.

Yumi's Cells 2 ending

Yoo Babi and Kim Yumi Cr: TVING

Like a fairytale, Yumi and Babi start a new chapter of their life. The couple goes through all ups and downs, such as Yumi’s ex-boyfriend Ku Woong’s appearance, Yumi’s resignation, Babi’s job transfer, etc. Amid all challenges, Yoo Babi stays by Yumi’s side and encourages her to chase her dream. However, things slowly change when Babi transfers to the Jeju branch. Nevertheless, the couple continues their long-distance relationship until one day!

To celebrate her contract signing with a publication firm, Yumi goes to Jeju Island to meet Yoo Babi. And from there, their relationship turns 180 degrees after finding out about Yoo Da Eun’s existence. Although Yoo Babi never cheats on her, there is no denying he wavers after spending time with Yoo Da Eun. So when Yumi catches on to his feelings, the couple splits.

After the breakup, Yumi tries to move on with her life and gets busy with her novel writing. Even Ku Woong’s unexpected encounter doesn’t heal her scar. Despite the damaged thread, Yumi and Babi get back together. They even talk about marriage. However, nothing remains the same no matter how much they try to convince themselves otherwise. Thus, eventually, the couple separates for good.

Once again, Yumi begins working on the second part of her novel,Β My Love Muse. Ku Woong stays by her side as her friend. Ruby and Control Z date each other. Editor Ahn Dae Young and Yumi’s friend Kang Yi Da gets married. Meanwhile, Yoo Babi transfers to the Singapore branch. So by the ending of Yumi’s Cells 2, Yumi stays single, completes her novel, and meets her future boyfriend, Shin Soonrok!

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Production Team Talks About Yumi’s Cells Season 3

Due to the popularity and Yumi’s Cells 2 ending, fans are expecting Season 3! On 26 July 2022, the production team of Yumi’s Cells talked about the rising demand for Yumi’s Cells 3. They expressed their appreciation for loving both Season 1 and 2 and having high expectations for Season 3. However, the team shared that the second season has just concluded, and making the seasons require a long production time. Therefore, the production team needs to take a break first. And thus, Yumi’s Cells Season 3 will be discussed after that.

After their break, they will discuss this thoroughly so fans can expect another season. Since they haven’t confirmed nor denied the possibility of Yumi’s Cells Season 3, let’s cross our fingers and hope for a positive outcome!

What Is Yumi’s Cells Season 3 Release Date?

Since Yumi’s Cells Season 2 recently concluded, the production team wants to take a break before discussing Season 3. Hence, no official statement has been released regarding Yumi’s Cells Season 3. If we look at the previous seasons’ release dates, Yumi’s Cells Season 1 was released in September 2021, while Season 2 was in June 2022. There is a gap of one year between the two seasons. Furthermore, the production team is on break for a while, and even the other cast’s schedule is full till the end of 2023. Thus, considering all the factors, there is a chance that we may get Yumi’s Cells 3 by the end of 2024 or by 2025.

Yumi's Cells Season 3 release date

With the drama stars’ busy schedules, the team’s break, and all other aspects of production, there is no doubt fans will have to wait for at least 2 to 3 years. Hence, while waiting, you can watch/re-watch the previous season. Yumi’s Cells Season 1 premiered on 17 September 2021 and concluded on 30 October 2021 with 14 episodes. Meanwhile, Season 2 of Yumi’s Cells was released on 10 June 2022 and completed on 22 July 2022 with 14 Episodes.

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Where To Watch Season 3 Of Yumi’s Cells Online?

Both previous seasons of Yumi’s Cells were broadcasted on TVING. TVING is an online streaming platform like Netflix and Disney+. However, it’s only accessible in South Korea. Therefore, there is a high possibility Yumi’s Cells Season 3 will also be available on TVING. However, the distribution channel decision will depend on the renewal or cancellation of the kdrama.

The same goes for other distribution channels that we’re available for international viewers, such as Rakuten Viki and iQIYI. Only after Season 3 of Yumi’s Cells’ official confirmation we will know more about the streaming platforms. Therefore, South Korean fans can watch the previous seasons on TVING and international fans on iQIYI and Rakuten Viki since English Subtitles are available! But, keep note that iQIYI streaming may not be accessible in some regions.

What Will Be The Plot?

As we know, Yumi’s Cells kdrama is adapted from the webtoon of the same title by Lee Dong Geon. Besides, seasons 1 and 2 have followed the original plotline. Therefore, Yumi’s Cells Season 3 will complete the final part of the webtoon. The webtoon narrates Yumi’s life and how she achieves her dream of becoming a writer while going through various ups and downs and relationships.

The webtoon storyline reveals three romantic relationships Yumi gets in. Hence, we meet her three boyfriends, Ku Woong, Yoo Babi, and Shin Soonrok! The first season shows Kim Yumi and Ku Woong’s relationship and how she realizes her dream. Meanwhile, the second season tells about her and Yoo Babi’s relationship and how she finally becomes a writer and writes two novels by the end of the season.

Yumi's Cells Season 3


So if we follow the webtoon story, Yumi’s Cells Season 3 plot will narrate the love story of Kim Yumi and Shin Soonrok! Shin Soonrok will work as Yumi’s editor and guide her while she continues to be a wonderful writer. Yumi’s Cells 2 ending has already given a hint about his character and revealed how the two meet for the first time. Therefore, there is no doubt the upcoming season will be a continuation of the next, or should we say, the final part of Yumi’s Cells webtoon storyline. Hence, the endgame will be Kim Yumi and Shin Soonrok!

The previous season has also hinted about Yumi’s marriage since the Cells have her marriage photo. So even without connecting all dots, one can easily predict Kim Yumi and Shin Soonrok will be getting married in Season 3 of Yumi’s Cells! However, since Season 3 is in talk, and nothing’s confirmed yet, fans will have to wait for the official plot to release.

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Who Will Cast In Yumi’s Cells 3?

One of the parts that many fans are looking forward to is Yumi’s Cells 3 cast line! After all, Yumi’s Cells Season 2 ending has left viewers on an exciting note. In Season 2, the drama cast Jeung Hoon as Shin Soonrok. Although his face wasn’t revealed in the kdrama, fans easily found his Instagram account. After seeing such a handsome face, everyone is excited to meet him in the next season. However, considering they didn’t show his face, there is a high possibility they may change the cast. After all, Yumi’s Cells 3 is not confirmed yet.

Yumi's Cells Season 3

Jun Suk Ho, Shin Ye Eun, P.O, Ahn Bo Hyun, Kim Go Eun and Park Jinyoung

Therefore, in the upcoming season, we may or may not see Jeung Hoon as Shin Soonrok. If not, we will meet a new face for Shin Soonrok’s character. Fans are thrilled and wish the production team cast Park Bo Gum or Kim Min Kyu as Shin Soonrok! Furthermore, there is no doubt we will meet Kim Go Eun as Kim Yumi, Lee Yoo Bi as Ruby, Mi Ram as Kang Yi Da, Jung Soon Won as Chief Nam, Jun Suk Ho as Editor Ahn, P.O as Control Z, and many more. It’s also possible Park Jin Young as Yoo Babi and Ahn Bo Hyun as Ku Woong may make guest appearances. After all, in the webtoon, Ku Woong remains her friend while Yoo Babi and Yoo Da Eun date.

However, since nothing’s officially confirmed, fans will have to wait for further updates. Since both previous seasons have positive results and achieved the highest ratings, let’s cross our fingers that Yumi’s Cells Season 3 will be released soon!

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