10 Dramas Like Hidden Love: A Must-Watch List

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10 Dramas Like Hidden Love

Have you ever had that shiver down your spine after seeing a show like “Hidden Love”? That perfect balance of romance, mystery, and suspense that keeps you riveted to your seat? Hidden Love will be based on these ten dramas that have similar themes and plots.

Based on my personal experience as a Chinese drama lover, in this blog post, I will recommend ten dramas that you should watch next. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s cookin’ in this blog post:

We’re diving deep into each drama, spillin’ the tea on the story, characters, and my take on the whole shebang. Now, let me lay it out for you with a magnifying glass: I’m gonna spill the deets on each drama so you can figure out if it’s your cup of tea.

Hidden Love and other pieces contrast with each other. Let’s dive into a fun comparison of each drama that will help you distinguish the sea of ​​dramas and figure out what’s closest to Hidden Love.

Now, for my take—I’ve got some killer drama recommendations up my sleeve. Based on my drama odysseys, I’ll steer you toward the juiciest picks for your next watch.

Whether you’re a seasoned Chinese drama buff or just dipping your toes into this vibrant world, this blog post is your ticket to a drama-filled adventure.

No more dilly-dallying—let’s set sail! I’m crossing my fingers that you’re going to eat up this blog article, discovering a trove of new Chinese dramas to binge. Don’t be shy; spill your drama secrets in the comments below! I’m always on the hunt for fresh picks to spice up my watchlist.

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Hidden Love

Let’s get started with the touching story of “Hidden Love,” from the newest Chinese love story drama from 2023. A drama that sends viewers’ hearts racing and their feelings soaring. Get ready for some emotional confessions and a rush of youthful passion!

Let’s read what follows: A young lady named Sang Zhi develops affection for Duan Jia Xu, who is five years her senior. The typical love story, no? That Duan Jia Xu used to go to Sang Zhi’s house and play video games with her older brother is the part that is the most surprising. About fate knocking on your door,

Our main woman had harbored a little crush on Duan Jia Xu. Why does life change as you reach maturity? What’s this? Sang Zhi matriculates at the same college as our gamer. Fate brings them together in the same city.

Hidden Love
Hidden Love (Credits: Netflix)

This cute environment of love in progress is made possible by their frequent antics, amusing interactions, and some secrets. Imagine the amusing, uncomfortable stares and friendly conversation. The love that has been waiting for the two lovers their whole lives must now be accepted.

This drama addresses the discovery of suppressed emotions and the ensuing pleasant upheaval. It is based on the compelling online book “Secretly, Secretly But Unable to Hide It” by Zhu Yi. Prepare yourself for 25 hilarious, passionate, and youthful episodes. Similarly, a warm cup of hot chocolate can bring consolation on a cold day, just like it does.

They make the ideal pair, and I loved seeing how their bond grew over time. Hey, have a peek at the relevant material below!

Rating- 9/10: I wholeheartedly recommend Hidden Love to fans of love stories. It’s a sweet and heartwarming story of two people who would stick up for their love.

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Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Every drama fan should watch this one. Si Tu Mo (Xing Fei), a student of accounting, is unsure about her plans. She continuously tries different things but is unable to make her own decisions. When she meets Gu Wei Yi (Lin Yi), a physics student who also happens to be her neighbor, her routine is abruptly upended.

Gu Wei Yi, who is intelligent and generous, swiftly becomes Tu Mo’s closest friend. He assists her in developing decision-making skills and self-confidence. More time spent together leads to the development of sentiments between Tu Mo and Gu Wei Yi.

Put Your Head on My Shoulder
Put Your Head on My Shoulder (Credits: Netflix)

Tu Mo’s affection for her childhood friend Fu Pei (Tang Xiaotian), who is also in love with her, complicates their relationship. Although Fu Pei is a kind and compassionate man, he is also quite unsure of himself and unpredictable. Tu Mo can’t seem to let go of her affection for him even though she is repeatedly let down by him.

Tu Mo ultimately decides to stay with Gu Wei Yi. She understands that he is the one who can be counted on and who makes her happy. Gu Wei Yi is content to be with Tu Mo and pledges to support her at all times. What viewers can expect from this drama?

A touching and humorous romantic comedy, “Put Your Head on My Shoulder,” will make you both smile and weep. A touching story about finding true love and the value of listening to your heart can be found in Put Your Head on My Shoulder. With a cast of endearing people and moving events, it’s like riding an emotional rollercoaster.

What I liked most about it is as follows:

Tu Mo and Gu Wei Yi’s relationship is utterly swoon-worthy. How is their chemistry, boy? It’s out of this world! It’s like seeing a cosmic eruption of feelings as they spontaneously connect and interact with one another!

The whole time, I was pulling for them and felt like a cheerleader! I was there for the emotional rollercoaster that is seeing love develop in front of your eyes.

What about Tu Mo’s quest for self-knowledge? Let me tell you, it was an emotional rollercoaster that was both funny and sad. Imagine laughing aloud one second and reaching for Kleenex the next.

Tu Mo? She’s such a great character—so realistic. Just like the rest of us in this crazy world, she is attempting to choose her professional path. It’s similar to looking in a mirror!

Oh man, and the friends! They stick together through thick and thin like the Avengers. That friendship? It’s legendary stuff! They have each other’s backs no matter what life throws at them, I tell you. That system of support? This drama is held together by this element, which turns it into a heartwarming pleasure trip. 

Rating Score: Solid 10/10!

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Falling Into Your Smile (2021)

You should watch the Chinese drama “Falling Into Your Smile” if you like romance and e-sports. The inspiring and humorous story of a young woman who defies gender norms to become a professional gamer is told. So what’s not to like this drama after all?

The all-male ZGDX OPL squad dominates the fiercely competitive e-sports scene. But when one of the team’s key players sustains a hand injury, ZGDX captain Lu Si Cheng—who is tall, attractive, and known for being difficult to please—won’t be hasty to choose a successor.

Tong Yao, a young amateur gamer who loves lollipops, is a little OPL-obsessed girl. Her abilities are outstanding, but she is certain that love is a major no-no in the mostly male world of professional gaming.

Falling Into Your Smile
Falling Into Your Smile (Credits: Tencent)

When the ZGDX team manager hears about Tong Yao’s abilities, he gets in touch with her, hoping that signing her as the first female player in the industry will help him achieve a significant PR victory. She is originally dismissed by Lu Si Cheng, but he later decides to accept her as a replacement.

Tong Yao’s joining the team divides fans, but she quickly proves to be an important member. The ZGDX squad begins to win more games and climb the standings with her assistance.

With more time spent together, Tong Yao and Lu Si Cheng begin to feel something for one another. But can their romance withstand the strain of the e-sports industry? The recurring humor in the drama regarding Tong Yao’s lollipop addiction serves as a reminder that even the best gamers are flawed. Any enthusiast of e-sports or romance must see it.

Whether you like romance books, video games, or both, I strongly suggest watching the Falling Into Your Smile series. All viewers are intended for this program.

Scoring Rating: 7/10

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When I Fly Towards You

When I Fly Towards You is a 2023 Chinese drama about Su Zaizai, a vivacious high school student, and Zhang Lurang, a reclusive genius. Su Zaizai is immediately smitten with Zhang Lurang, and she begins to pursue him relentlessly. Despite their different personalities, Zhang Lurang is gradually won over by Su Zaizai’s enthusiasm and unwavering support.

On the first day of high school, Zhang Lurang and Su Zaizai cross paths for the first time. Su Zaizai is charmed by Zhang Lurang’s calm and enigmatic aura right away. Su Zaizai wants to win Zhang Lurang over despite his early resistance. She accompanies him everywhere.

When I Fly Towards You (Credits: Youku)

Su Zaizai starts to see the gentler side of Zhang Lurang as she gets to know him more. He’s genuinely quite insecure and finds it difficult to communicate with people. Zhang Lurang is assisted in coming out of his shell and beginning to accept his genuine self by Su Zaizai’s unwavering love and support.

As their bond grows, Su Zaizai and Zhang Lurang finally fall in love. However, there are difficulties in their connection. Su Zaizai battles her fears while Zhang Lurang’s family is against their romance.

It is a sweet and realistic love story between two youngsters from different cultures. This program was great! Su Zaizai’s upbeat attitude and Zhang Lurang’s steady development won me over. I like Li Mengmeng, Su Zaizai’s closest buddy, among the supporting cast members. Rating: 8 out of 10. 

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Forever Love (2022)

Has the Chinese drama “Forever Love (2022)” come to your attention? A rich lady called Lin Xin Tong suffers from blindness and experiences betrayal from her partner in this endearing story. Only Qin Mo Yao, her devoted bodyguard, is left. And what are you aware of? Despite all the obstacles, they fall in love.

Consider this: In addition to losing everything she loves dear, Lin Xin Tong also lost her sight. Qin Mo Yao, her bodyguard, is constantly at her side. She was first resistant. She believes he is only sympathetic toward her because of her frailty. However, Qin Mo Yao disproves her. Even when she is at her weakest, he is kind, patient, and encouraging.

With time, Lin Xin Tong developed a fresh perspective on Qin Mo Yao. She understands that he loves her for more than simply her wealth and beauty. He loves her for who she is.

And thus, against all obstacles, they fall in love. Not only is he her protector, but he is also her confidant and buddy. Love starts to grow between them as they spend more time together and get closer.

Forever Love
Forever Love (Credits: Viki)

What should you expect? You’ll weep reading this touching story of friendship, love, and triumph over hardship. Let’s talk about Lin Xin Tong as well!  She is a powerful, multidimensional figure who packs a punch. Mo Yao Qin? He is the perfect leading guy, a jewel who cares and is compassionate. Aim to be on the edge of your seat as you prepare for unexpected story twists.

You better believe Forever Love has my heart. The plot, the cast, and the music are all excellent. That relationship between Qin Mo Yao and Lin Xin Tong? True gold. I haven’t seen such a sincere love story in a Chinese drama in a very long time.

A reliable 9 out of 10. Seriously, if you like a good romantic drama, be sure to watch Forever Love. It’s a heartwarming story that you’ll remember long after the final credits have rolled.

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Love Scenery (2021)

Let’s start watching Love Scenery (2021), a great romantic comedy. Imagine a singer and a gamer meeting and falling madly in love while playing an online game. Sounds like a potential narrative twist, don’t you think?

A well-known artist named Liang Chen is making an effort to break out of her ballad-singing comfort zone. Her matchmaker, Taro, brings her to online streamer and professional gamer Lu Jing. Why, do you ask? For her to grow in gaming and promote a new sponsorship.

Liang Chen and Lu Jing first just care about the game, but as the stress increases, chemistry begins to grow between them. While Lu Jing is completely charmed by Liang Chen’s music, she admires his brains, manners, and humor.

No, life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Let me give you the lowdown on Lu Jing, the all-time gaming champion, and Liang Chen, the current pop star. Even if these two come from very different planets, guess what? There was love, and it was amazing!

Love Scenery
Love Scenery (Credits: Tencent)

It is a love story that is both a rollercoaster and the pursuit of goals in the game and music industries. Slowly developing romance? I see now, thanks. The group of characters, too? Just like a box of chocolates, it has surprising tastes that go well together.

Can we discuss that plot now? It’s a difficult task to find real love while pursuing your aspirations. Despite the difficulties Liang Chen and Lu Jing faced, love overcame them all. Wow, it was nice and fuzzy. The side characters were the icing on the cake, revealing the video game and music industries in an entirely new light.

Oh, and did you know that “Road Home” is coming out in 2023? We’re talking about Gui Xiao and Lu Chen, who have been in love since they were little. But there were unforeseen circumstances – SWAT training, isolated settlements, you name it. But destiny had other ideas. They were brought back together by fate ten years later. Let the fires of love reignite!

Although Gui Xiao and Lu Chen shared a passionate, strong love, life was difficult for them. They had to deal with work and family issues. Although it seemed like a real-life soap opera, they persisted. Stronger people, stronger love! Let’s now discuss ratings. I’d rate this drama a strong 6 out of 10. A poor grade, but hey, love and aspirations aren’t always easy to come by. 

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Road Home (2023) 

Childhood sweethearts Gui Xiao and Lu Chen experience love at first sight. However, their relationship is cut short when Lu Chen leaves to undergo SWAT officer training in a remote village. Ten years later, they unexpectedly cross paths again, and their earlier feelings are rekindled.

Gui Xiao and Lu Chen have a lot to conquer despite their intense love for one another. Due to Gui Xiao’s rigorous job and Lu Chen’s complicated family background, their relationship was strained. They are determined to overcome these obstacles and build a future together. Expectations for readers:

It is a touching and swoon-worthy story of two individuals who were destined to be together. An accurate depiction of the difficulties in love and relationships. A group of sympathetic personalities with strong backstories and a gorgeous environment.

Road Home
Road Home (Credits: iQiyi)

How similar is Hidden Love (2023) to Road Home?

Dramas concerning first loves and second chances may be found in both Road Home and Hidden Love. They concentrate on various things, however. While Hidden Love is more of a suspenseful drama, Road Home is more of a romantic drama.

The primary struggle in Road Home is between the pair and their outside obstacles, such as Gui Xiao’s demanding work and Lu Chen’s demanding family. The primary fight in Hidden Love is between the pair and their inner demons.

Overall, Hidden Love is a more somber and contemplative drama than Road Home, which is more upbeat and happy. Road Home was incredibly enjoyable! It’s a beautifully produced drama with a touching plot and likable characters.

I enjoyed seeing Gui Xiao and Lu Chen work through their relationship’s difficulties. I heartily urge everyone who likes a decent love story to see this show. Rating Score: 8.5/10

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A Little Thing Called First Love

In the romantic comedy-drama “A Little Thing Called First Love,” a timid and unassuming girl named Xia Miao Miao falls passionately in love with Liang Younian, the most well-liked and talented student in the school.

Let me share with you Miao Miao’s inspiring quest for self-awareness. Thanks to her fantastic friends and the brilliant Liang Younian, she transforms from a timid adolescent into a confident and beautiful young lady.

A Little Thing Called First Love
A Little Thing Called First Love (Credits: Viki)

Since we all like romantic comedies so much, “A Little Thing Called First Love” really appealed to me. The characters in the romance comedy A Little Thing Called First Love are appealing. A nice storyline, as well.

The shocking transformation of Miao Miao from a timid and insecure little girl to a beautiful lady is well shown in the drama. It serves as a helpful reminder that we can all reach our greatest potential with the support of those around us. If you like romantic comedies like I do, I heartily suggest A Little Thing Called First Love. I guarantee that you will remember it long after the final credits have rolled.

Rating Score: 9/10 

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Love The Way You Are (2023)

Ever picture a fantastic, curvaceous girl with everything under control, fully infatuated with the high school hunk, and looking just stunning? This is the sweet atmosphere of the drama/romance “Love the Way You Are.”

Let’s go into Zhen Yuan’s narrative, a woman who has been struggling with negative body image. When she meets Dong Shen, a truly kind person, things take a wonderful turn. However, when society and family have their own set of laws, navigating romance isn’t easy.

However, despite the ups and downs, Zhen Yuan and Dong Shen’s love only deepens. Their story is a sweet reminder that love triumphs over everything and that we should accept and love ourselves just as we are.

What, then, does the drama have to offer? Prepare for a tornado of emotions; tissues may be required for both joyful and sad tears. You can’t help but support the characters Zhen Yuan and Dong Shen.”

And frankly, how do these two get along? Out of this world! Zhen Yuan and Dong Shen have appealing characters, so you’ll immediately cheer for them. Dong Shen, who personifies encouragement and comprehension, perfectly balances the charm and comedy of Zhen Yuan.

Love The Way You Are
Love The Way You Are (Credits: iQIYI)

You’re in for a treat since there are many uplifting and inspirational moments incorporated throughout the drama. Since the narrative is about learning to love and accept oneself, many individuals may identify with it. Prepare yourself for a wave of fuzzy feelings and a lovely message about loving oneself no matter what other people think.

In the romantic comedy Love the Way You Are, a young lady discovers how to love herself without conditions. The principles apply to real-world situations, and the narrative and characters are interesting. I liked the show.

From my perspective, it was both consoling and inspiring. I think anybody looking for a feel-good drama with a motivational message ought to go see it. The drama was given a 9.5 out of 10 rating. I think it’s a must-see for fans of romantic comedies and everyone who wants to feel good about themselves.

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My Little Happiness (2021)

Have you ever had a romantic flutter while watching “My Little Happiness” in Chinese? I find it hard to see anybody not falling in love with the two main characters, well-known physician Wen Shaoqing and youthful lawyer Cong Rong, as portrayed by Xing Fei and Tang Xiaotian. The core of this 2021 drama is their ardent love story.

Even though they had been best friends since they were young, destiny had different plans for these two. They moved away from their families and lost touch with one another. But they were in for a surprise from destiny.

Cong Rong subsequently returned to China and started an internship at a legal firm. She is given a case soon after, which compels her to re-enter Wen Shaoqing’s life. This time, they’re determined to be together forever.

This post, in my opinion, does an incredible job of encapsulating the delights and challenges of first love. Despite being ambitious and diligent individuals, Cong Rong and Wen Shaoqing are not without flaws. As they learn to support one another through good times and bad, their love for one another grows through time.

My Little Happiness
My Little Happiness (Credits: Tencent)

Shaoqing is convinced by Cong Rong’s knowledge and kindness, falls completely in love with her, and chases her away like a moth to the flame. Cong Rong initially rejected the idea of ​​collaborating with Shaoqing. Yes,  conventional restraint.

She is still recovering from her recent breakup and is worried about what her family will say to her. But Shaoqing persisted and eventually managed to convince her of his honesty and unwavering devotion. 

Cong Rong and Shaoqing: After many years of separation, Cong Rong and Shaoqing are two warm and compassionate characters who come back together. Difficult careers, dissatisfied families, and occasional communication problems are just some of the difficulties they face in their relationship.

However, their unwavering love for each other gives them the strength to overcome all challenges and achieve a happy ending.

My Little Happiness is a touching drama about love, perseverance, and the search for a sense of fulfillment.
This is a story you’ll remember long after you’ve seen it.

Unique features: Adorable bonds, a touching story about family and friends, a lighter and funnier voice, a realistic portrayal of love and relationships, great music, and great graphics – My Little Happiness stands out from other dramas.

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