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How To Watch ‘Forever Love’ Chinese Drama Online?

Watch Forever Love Chinese Drama
Watch Forever Love Chinese Drama

There’s something about high school romance. But to see it grow into a beautiful relationship is a great feeling. In the mood for a story like that, watch ‘Forever Love’ Chinese drama to fulfill the craving. The 2020 drama ‘Forever Love’ is one of the most beautiful Chinese dramas in the Asian drama world. The show has some talented cast members, a great story, and the way the story progresses is just *a chef’s kiss*. And with OSTs like “My Answer” and “A World Without You,” it’s an all-kill Chinese drama. Following the story of two people, how they grow up into the amazing people they are, and how they become best friends to fall in love with each other.

Directed by Wen De Guang, “Forever Love” stars “Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty” fame Wang An Yu and “Honey, Don’t Run Away” fame Julia Xiang. The supporting cast includes Chen Ze, Pan Mei Ye, Zhao Hao Hong, Yuan Hao, Yang Yue, Miao Xi Lun, Jiang Rui Ze, Xu Le Wei, and Zhang Yan Yan. Together, everyone has done an amazing job of making the best out of the Chinese drama.

Watch Forever Love Chinese Drama

Still from Forever Love

Planning To Watch ‘Forever Love’ Chinese Drama? Here’s What You Need To Know About The Story!

“Forever Love” is a drama adaptation of the web novel “Bai Nian Zhi Hao, Yi Yan Wei Ding” written by Su Guang Tong. The story of “Forever Love” follows Xia Lin Xi and Jiang Zheng Han. Xia Lin Xi is one of the brightest students in her high school. From good grades to good friends, she has everything. All set for the great future, Lin Xi lives her life with full confidence and a smile on her face. On the other hand, we meet her best friend, Jian Zheng Han, who is the complete opposite of Lin Xi. He doesn’t have good grades and is definitely not sure about the things that the future holds.

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But the only thing he considers the best in his life is Lin Xi. All the time they’ve spent together in the school has now blossomed into one of the best friendships in the world. Now graduating from high school together, the two go on to attend the same university as well. Not leaving each other’s sides, they plan the future. But as the two graduate from the university as well and start working, life happens. Xia Lin Xi and Jiang Zheng Han find themselves walking on different paths from each other.

Watch Forever Love Chinese Drama

Where To Watch ‘Forever Love’ Chinese Drama: A still from the drama.

But the friendship never ends. In fact, they take it to another level. Growing up and seeing things in more clarity, Lin Xi and Zheng Han begin to wonder if their feelings for each other are more than just being best friends. By any chance, could it be love?

How To Watch ‘Forever Love’ Chinese Drama Online?

All the episodes of the Chinese drama ‘Forever Love’ are available to watch online on several streaming platforms. To watch ‘Forever Love’ Chinese drama, one can head to the streaming services like WeTV, Tencent Video, and Rakuten Viki. The episodes are available with English subtitles and as well as French, Roman, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Polish, Hebrew, and Tamil subtitles. With each episode having a runtime of 45 minutes, the Chinese drama “Forever Love” has a total of 28 episodes.

The fans of ‘Forever Love’ has a lot of things to say about their favorite drama. The Chinese drama has everything from amazing acting to the storyline. The chemistry between the lead couple is one of the best things in the show. The story is realistic yet very dreamy, and the characters have some really good development throughout the show.

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