15 Dramas like Nevertheless That You Should Watch

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15 Drama like Nevertheless

Nevertheless, it is a tale about an uncommon romantic chemistry. The show features Song Kang as Park Jae-eon and Han So-hee as Yu Na-bi as the main characters. We also have Chae Jong-hyssop as Yang Do-york as the secondary main character of the show. Yu Na Bi is a focused, dedicated student who is studying sculpture design.

After the sad breakup, she gets completely broken and loses all the focus from her work. But the destiny has something else stored for us.

In a bar, she meets a guy with a butterfly tattoo. She gets attracted to him, and this diverts her mind from her sadness. Then, in college, she meets the same guy who is her junior. Park Jae Eon is the butterfly guy, and he has a charming personality, and because of this, he is quite famous. Na-Bi gets closer to him, and there begins a beautiful relationship. 

The drama is small, but it has an uncommon take on friendship, relationships, and other trending discussions among teens. The characters are bold and well aware of their decisions and what they are doing. The screenplay is straight, with authentic romance spread all across. 

If you have not watched Nevertheless, here. If you have already watched the show and are looking for more shows like it, then this list is for you. In this list, we will take a look at 15 dramas like Nevertheless. The titles in this list are of a wide variety, and there is something for every type of viewer. 

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Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

In the drama, Yoon Hye Jin, played by Shin Min-a, is a dentist who migrated from a country village to a city clinic after being fooled by a head doctor. She is a good, disciplined woman who resides her life with principles and values of being righteous.

After moving from the village of Gongjin, she confronts the Hong Du Sin, played by Kim Gin Ho. Hong Du is a young guy who has charm, and his charm increases further when he helps his fellow people in the town.

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha
Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (Credits: Netflix)

He is adored by the senior people of Gongjin and has a kind heart for everyone. After many quarrels and confrontations between Hye Jin and Du Sin, they both start to develop a mutual feeling for each other as Du Sik helps Hye Jin settle in this new town.

Both the shows have a romantic theme with a unique plotline; they follow the trending dramatic topics, and the videography, clothing, and story are very colorful and appealing with the active factor in it.

This concept of a slice of life is very well-liked by the audience of every age bracket. It is light, funny and heartwarming.

The World of the Married

The World of the Married is one of the top-rated Korean dramas in history, and it has been a total shocker in Netflix’s Korean library. The story focuses on Ji Sun Woo, played by Kim Hee-ae, a family doctor who also fills in as associate director at Family Love Hospital, Gosan.

Lee Tae Oh, played by Park Hae Joon, her husband is a producer and director of his own entertainment company called Sun Woo. Their marriage life is going beautifully, and they even have a son. But everything slowly begins to fall apart after a twist of disloyalty, vengeance, and falsehoods destroys the ideal married life for both of them.

The World of the Married
The World of the Married (Credits: Amazon Prime Videos)

Things were going well for them, but Sun Woo finds out Lee Tae, his husband, is having an affair with Yeo Da Kyung, played by Han So Have. After this revelation, the story is filled with shocks. One after the other, the lying and untruths destroy her slowly.

She tries to explore the truth completely and get revenge on her husband. The alluring theme of deceit, affair, and betrayal was just too hard to resist for the viewers. Add to that, Kim Hee Ae was the primary protagonist, so this show checked most of the boxes.

This is the reason that this show was watched by most households. If you are into Makjang dramas, then The World of the Married will be a satisfying watch.

Love Alarm

It is another drama on this list that stars Song Kang as the main lead. The show has the theme of love and friendship. It has 24 episodes in the runtime and was directed by Lee Na Jung.

Song Kang is Hwang Sun Oh, Kim So Hyun is Kim Jo Jo and Jung Ga Ram is Lee Hye Yeong. The plot of the show revolves around called Love Alarm. The app tracks the person who is interested in you within a radius of 10 meters.

Sun Oh has just returned from South Korea, and he is visiting Hye Yeong, his best friend. He finds that Hye Yeong is interested in a girl and is working late hours so he can spend more time with her.

Love Alarm
Love Alarm (Credits: Netflix)

Kim Jo Jo is a decent girl who has lost her father and stays with her poor, cruel aunty. Sun Oh gets interested in Jo Jo and asks her to install the Love Alarm application on her phone despite knowing that his best friend has a crush on her.

After dating her for some time, Sun Oh begins to ignore her, and Hye Yeong takes advantage of the situation, consoles Kim, and supports her in tough times. The show is heavy on betrayal and love themes.

As we have an application called “Love Alarm,” the show is also heavy on tech and smartphones. It is a Korean show. Nevertheless, both of the dramas share similar themes of acting, plots, attractive scenes, and visualization.

The show goes in-depth with the problems that occur in any relationship, and the plot manages to highlight all the doings and issues that should be solved while handling any of them easily.

Doom at Your Service

Myul Mang is the manager of God’s people. He has sad luck with immorality, but he’s a good, energetic man with a sense of humanism. He is tired of his luck and fate, which has caused him misfortune and destruction time and time again.

On his birthday, he makes a decision to complete the wish of Tak Dong Kyung, played by Park Bo Young, to make her life bloom again. Tak Dong Kyung is a straightforward, sweet, and simple girl who is working as an editor in a web novel company.

Doom at Your Service
Doom at Your Service (Credits: Netflix)

She is doing her daily chores and living an ordinary life, but everything turns upside down for her when she gets diagnosed with a fatal brain illness that is soon going to kill her.

After this, other misfortunate events happen to her: her boyfriend cheats on her, her work life totally messes up, and she gets chased by a pervert. The story is about how Dong Kyung’s existence makes Myul Mang’s life doomed to be at her service.

Overall, while watching this show, you’ll get a balanced vibe. With this show, there is nothing flashy with the scenes or plot. The idea of a manager managing God in itself is unique and something different. It’s a decent watch, in my opinion.

Strong Girl Bong-Soon

It is a show that has an overpowered woman. The show aired in February 2017 and has 17 episodes that were directed by Lee Hyomg Min. The show stars Park Bo Young, Ji Soo and Park Hyung Sik.

This drama has gained huge ratings because of the on-screen chemistry between the main characters. Min Hyuk is the CEO of a growing gaming company, and he is in search of a reliable bodyguard as he is being threatened.

Strong Girl Bong-soon
Strong Girl Bong-soon (Credits: Rakuten Viki)

He sees Do Bong Soon overpowering some thugs in a fight. When he sees Do Bong Soon in the brawl, he falls in love with her. But one the other hand, Bong Soon has a crush on her childhood friend Kook Doo.

Both these resemble one another because both of them have leads whose chemistry is being liked by the audience. The shows also have funny scenes and comedic dialogues that make them more appealing and enjoyable.

Hit the Spot

Hit the Spot, a.k.a. Hit The Spot, is one of the most explicit and top-rated not-safe-for-work (NSFW) Korean dramas. The show has an official NSFW warning and is also NC 17 rated, which means that the show has deep dives into this topic.

The show stars some of the already famous and successful faces from the worlds of K drama and K-pop, such as Hani(EXID), Park Sun Ho, Choi Kwang Rok, and Wohee (Dal Shabet).

Hit the Spot
Hit the Spot (Credits: Rakuten Viki)

Why such ratings are given can be seen right from the first episode of the show. The characters are seen indulging in romantic scenes, and these scenes will get more profound with each new episode. The show revolves around best friends. One of them is innocent, but the other one is cheeky and has checked all the boxes for being a romance expert.

Both of them come together for a podcast where they provide advice. In the process, they find out that there are many hidden things that are flourishing between them. Because of the steamy scenes, the show is not for kids.

Rest everything about the show is good. Looking past the romantic aspect, the show is heavy on emotions and plot. All in all, it was a good show.

Secret Love Affair

Secret Love Affair’s plot shows a poor guy who is a skilled pianist who falls in with her older teacher and has a married life. Yoo Ah In plays as Lee Sun Jae, the young pianist. He loves piano and is a prodigy.

He is learning piano from Oh Hye Wong, played by Kim Hee Ae. But things start to turn when he falls in for her older piano teacher. The age gap is heavy between the two of them, and this is the scandalous, thrilling part of the drama.

Secret Love Affair
Secret Love Affair (Credits: Rakuten Viki)

The passionate love affair they have while Hye Won is married is exciting to watch. The on-the-spot performance by Kim Hee Ae and Yoo Ah In really keeps the viewers hooked to the screen.

You can see the expressions and emotions of the characters through the episodes as they continue their live affair cautiously.

It is hard to say if you should support their forbidden chemistry or be against it. Irrespective of that, the actors have laid the role with authenticity, and none of the scenes or moments feel flashy or made up. So all in all it is a good show with good main characters and a story that will surely entertain you.

On the Way to the Airport

Choi Soo Ah, played by Kim Ha Neul, is a married woman; her husband is a pilot, but because of her profession, they don’t see each other much. They have a child who is studying in a school abroad.

She meets Seo Do Woo, played by Lee Sang Yoon, who also has a daughter, and she knows Choi Soo’s daughter. Both of the characters fall in love, and thus, the affair begins. The plot is a bit twisted, and we see a live affair where both of them are married.

On the Way to the Airport
On the Way to the Airport (Credits: Rakuten Viki)

Despite this, the show got good ratings and also got many awards at the KBS Drama Awards in 2016. The duo of Sang Yoon and Kim Ha Neul are ideal, and they have the experience and skills to perform roles like these. Their intense on-screen chemistry also looks fantastic.

The series has many emotional moments, and as the story unfolds, you will see it’s not glitters for them. If you are an emotional fellow, then grab tissues before getting into the drama.

Reflection of You

Jung Hee Joo, played by Go Hyung Jung, has grown up in a poor house. After growing up, she ends up marrying a rich man, and he loves her very much.  Both of them have two kids, a son, and a daughter, and they all have a happy life.

As the story progresses, it is revealed that Hee Joo had an affair with the fiance of her close friend. The character is played by Kim Jae Young. The story becomes an emotional ride as the complications of these friend-lovers come to the surface.

Reflection of You
Reflection of You (Credits: Netflix)

Reflection of You is a drama with several couples, and their doings will increase your heartbeat. The motives of each character driving them are compelling for the plot and audience.

The fact that there is always a question with the characters as to what will happen at the end, as it is not easy to carry this forbidden love romance. The unpredictability and the curiosity to know what will happen with the characters as the story unfolds are exciting and keep the audience hooked from the start to the end.


A teacher, Kim Cha Won, played by Kim Ha Neul, meets Choi Kwan Woo, played by Kim Jae Won. Their meeting is surprising; they go on a date, but to make it awkward for him, he discovers that she is her High School teacher.

This means that they cannot be with each other despite their mutual feelings. It is a classic show that garnered a lot of viewership and popularity in Korea at the time of release because of the fandom that the lead characters have.

Romance (Credits: Rakuten Viki)

For the general audience, the storyline is a bitter pill to swallow; they fall in love with each other without knowing their profession or age or any background, but as the story progresses, it will draw you in with its emotional scenes and vibe.

It is not filled with crazy fantasies and flashy plots, but it has genuine emotions that the characters have shown. Choi Kwan Woo wins the hearts of the audience with his big romantic gesture, showing his love for Chae Won.

It is passionate and lovely. You will find the show moving, and as the end approaches, you will also root for them secretly.


Triple tells the story of Lee Ha Ru, played by Min Hyo Rin, who loves figure skating. Her mother marries again, and from there, she gets Shin Hwal, played by Lee Jung Jaez, her stepbrother.

When Ha Ru turned 23, she lost both her parents in a fatal accident. This causes the separation of Shin Hwal and Ha Ru. Time passes by, and both of them meet again as adults.

They both begin to work in the same advertising company, they spend time with each other, and Ha Ru falls in for Shin Hwai. Lee Jung Jae, who plays Shin Hwal, has a bit unique role if we compare his past roles.

Triple (Credits: CBS)

He is also not seen in the K drama space very often, so to see him in a refreshing role is a bonus for the audience. The chemistry of Show Hwal and Ha Ru may look scandalous, but the writer made sure to represent them with utmost purity.

As the story unfolds, you see the characters of both develop as per the story. The on-screen chemistry is healing for both as they understand and complement each other well. This also leaves a positive vibe in the audience. All in all, it is a decent show that is entertaining.

I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Nice

After Mok Hae Won, played by Park Min Young, decides to migrate to the countryside with her aunt from Seoul temporarily. There, she meets her old High school pal Im Eun Seo, played by Seo Kang Joon.

Eun Seon has been in love with her since they were friends, and he is thrilled to know that she will stay around him for a while now. The two of them become friends again, and they begin to spend time with each other and start to realize their feelings.

I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Nice
I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Nice (Credits: Netflix)

This show has one of the most pure, endearing and innocent love stories out there. Eun Seilob’s feelings have been loyal and have passed the decaying of time. The writing makes sure to deliver the beauty of love that each character feels for one another.

He is an admirer and has been observing Have Won from far away. When she finds out about his pure feelings, she cannot stay away from his feelings for her. Both of them end up together as the show nears its end, which makes it a complete show.

The ending was liked by the audience, and the slow plot fell into place as the show concluded.

Don’t Dare To Dream

Don’t Dare To Dream, a.k.a. Jealousy Incarnate. The show revolves around Jung Won, played by Go Kyung Pyo, and Has Shin, played by Jo Jung Suk, are the two best friends, but they have this tendency to fall in for the same girl.

This theory is tested when Jung Won ends up falling for Pyo Na Ri, played by Hong Hyo Jin. Initially, it looked like Hwa Shin was not interested in her, but as time passed, he saw them spending time together, and he also got sucked into them slowly.

The fans wanted Na Ri to accept Jung Won’s love, but you’ll see that Hwa Shin’s heart was in place from the start of their chemistry. The fact that in the show Na Ri and Jung Won are dating, the screenplay surrounding them makes it unique and simple.

Don’t Dare To Dream
Don’t Dare To Dream (Credits: Rakuten Viki)

When the two are hitting off well, Hwa Shin realizes that he also has feelings for her, but as he is a good friend, he feels sad about betraying his friend. Despite all these complications, Hwa Shin and Na Ri end up with each other.

Na Ri was always interested in Hwa Shin, and her wishes saw the light as the show concluded. The show has good instances of funny scenes.

The three of the leads did well to show their feelings. The plot was not complicated, and it was easy to understand from the start because of the easy narration and screenplay.


Lee La-el, 28, is the heir of chaebol, a wealthy family who owns a conglomerate business in Korea. Her genius father was murdered when she was a child.

Now she’s on a mission to find Kang Yoon Gyeom, 41, the culprit who killed her father, and take revenge. She traps him by seducing him, which leads to his divorce from Han So Ra, 45, who is the daughter of the most powerful politician in the country.

After that, you’ll see them in some of the most intense, realistic-looking scenes in Korean history. Things completely go South when La El falls in love with him.

Eve (Credits: Rakuten Viki)

She is a natural in this character, and her flawless use of microexpressions demonstrates her talent as an actress. No one does it quite like her! Other casts are excellent as well.

You will like the notion of suspense/revenge. Seo Yea Ji is a queen; she always looks great and performs admirably in her episodes. She also acknowledges her followers by displaying the presents they sent her on her birthday.

Every episode will have you on the edge of your seat due to the plot’s extreme unpredictability. Naturally, Seo Yea Ji looked flawless in every dress; the world was her runway.

The premise is not very unique, but the directing and the actors’ masterful use of facial expressions transformed everything.
To know what happens from here, you can check out the series. The show has some steamy scenes that feel authentic. The female lead has kept the show moving.

You Raise Me Up

You Raise Me Up is one of the most likable and easy dramas to watch on the list. It’s a rom-com with light moments spread across the show. Do Yong Shik is suffering from erection dysfunction.

He gets into an awkward spot when he meets his urologist, Lee Ru Da, who was his love before all this. What’s even more awkward is that Lee Ru Da told about her love for Do Ji Huk, the overconfident boyfriend who doesn’t like Young Shik.

But as the story progresses, Ru Da and Yong Shik reignite their feelings for each other, leading to some intense, heavy kissing scenes. The play does an excellent job of showing the protagonist’s fall from grace and his attempts to redeem himself and build his own self-esteem.

You Raise Me Up
You Raise Me Up (Credits: Rakuten Viki)

Because of this, the relationship only plays a supporting role in the drama, although it has some spark and lovely moments. Additionally, the pacing was excellent, with few flashbacks and a satisfying conclusion.

You can feel his agony, shyness, hesitation, and tenderness as you see the male lead transform into his role and be one. His performance is outstanding. He completely steals the show with such a fantastic performance.

The tale of Yong Shik is straightforward but accessible, attractive, and generally well done, despite some of the show’s shortcomings, notably in areas like professionalism and the code of ethics for doctors.

His mental illness, anxiety, and the resultant psychosomatic symptoms were very realistically shown, and while the erectile dysfunction component was first handled in a somewhat comic manner, the tone rapidly changed to one of melancholy.

The show has a funny premise, funny scenes with witty dialogues, and funny characters. All this humor keeps the show attractive and makes it easy to watch. Overall, it is a well-balanced show.

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