Is Yellowstone Based On A True Story? The Popular Western Drama

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is yellowstone based on a true story

Yellowstone debuted on the Paramount Network in 2018 and has only improved since then, with watching numbers approximately doubling between seasons 3 & 4. Yellowstone’s fascinating tales, which focus on the difficulties of managing a ranch in the twenty-first century, contribute to the show’s success. However, fans of the show have been left wondering whether the contemporary Western is inspired by a true narrative & a real-life ranch because Yellowstone is so firmly rooted in fact.

Both the history of the Dutton family and Yellowstone are works of fiction and are not genuine. In addition, the Yellowstone Ranch is a fictional location in Montana; the King Ranch in Texas, with its staggering 825,000 acres, is the largest ranch in the United States. Although the show might not be based on actual people, its co-creators, Taylor Sheridan & John Linson, almost certainly drew inspiration from the hardships that contemporary ranchers face daily as well as from the lives of genuine ranchers throughout history.

Real-Life Inspirations For The Ranchers In Yellowstone

As Marie Claire noted, the Yellowstone cast and producers almost probably drew inspiration for the show from the history of ranching. Looper claims that W.T. Waggoner of Waggoner Ranch in Texas may have served as one of the series’ significant sources of inspiration. The Waggoner Ranch, founded in 1849, has long maintained the distinction of being the largest ranch in America. The Waggoner family has owned the vast estate since its inception.

is yellowstone based on a true story

However, Stan Kroenke, the owner of numerous international sports clubs, including the Los Angeles Rams & Arsenal FC, purchased the Waggoner Ranch in February 2016 for $725 million, much like Yellowstone in the series confronts opposition from companies wishing to purchase the land.

According to Outsider, Marie Claire also notes that star Kevin Costner based parts of his portrayal on his father, William, who was one of 11 children reared on an Oklahoma wheat farm. Costner even went as far as to utilize his father’s real Winchester gun as a prop in the program. Yellowstone has not only drawn inspiration from historical ranching legends. Still, it has also included notable characters in the show itself, with Buster Welch, a well-known horse trainer, making an appearance in season 4.

True stories have always had a significant impact on audiences when adapted for the big screen throughout the history of film and television. An excellent illustration is the Alfred Hitchcock horror masterpiece Psycho, reportedly based on a real-life serial killer in Wisconsin in the 1950s. Yellowstone, though, is in a slightly different scenario. The show covers ranching life inside the State of Montana with an elite ensemble that features names like Kelly Reilly & Kevin Costner. While the show draws some of its inspiration from actual locations, the tale is primarily made up.

Yellowstone Is A Real Ranch In A Real Movie

Even though the Yellowstone Ranch is a made-up place, the show is filmed on a real ranch, namely the Chief Joseph Ranch, in Darby, Montana. The Chief Joseph Ranch has opened up several cabins on-site, which are also used for filming, so guests may come and stay. This allows fans of the Yellowstone series to do more than watch the show. Nevertheless, according to Parade, rates for a four-person vacation can range from $1,200 to $1,500 each night.

is yellowstone based on a true story

Additionally, the 6666 Ranch in Texas, a real-life ranch in Texas that has been in operation since 1900, was featured in Yellowstone season 4. In addition to serving as the setting for a Yellowstone spin-off series, Taylor Sheridan, who co-created Yellowstone, bought the 350,000-acre ranch in May 2021. In that regard, the 825,000-acre King Ranch in Texas has served as an inspiration for some of the story’s elements. Sheridan also incorporated details from his life into the story, as he was up on a ranch in Cranfills Gap, Texas, the Lone Star state.

“I work to be genuine. In a promotional video by Paramount in December last year, he stated, “I strive to show individuals the world I grew up in. He then makes an effort to convey this to his performers.

Taylor Sheridan Of “Sons Of Anarchy” Created The “Yellowstone.”

Taylor Sheridan, who is most known for playing David Hale, the deputy chief of police in the FX series Sons of Anarchy, was the inspiration behind Yellowstone. Sheridan became bored with playing over two decades after the camera and decided to try his hand at the screenplay and directing.

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