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Teskilat Episode 62: Release Date, Spoilers And How To Watch

Teskilat Episode 61 recap
Teskilat Episode 62: Release Date

Teskilat episode 62’s air date is sober than you know. We will be recapping the latest episode of this Turkish drama which has been receiving tremendous love and support from the Turkish industry since its debut. This post aims to reveal the detail of the upcoming episode, such as Teskilat episode 62’s air date and streaming guide.

The operation is compelled to shift shape by Omer’s move. Hartley is almost there after carrying out his strategy piece by piece. Omer and Zehra were forced to take the ammunition, so they engaged in a risky and tenacious race against the clock in the field.

Omar, who arouses Hartley’s suspicion, is coerced into taking a test that would push him to the point of exposure. Hartley’s request as a consequence of this examination gives Omer the surprise of his life. The decision to end all made by Efkar and Korkut sets off a major conflict.

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Recap of Teskilat episode 61

Zehra learns who broke the team’s password, but this information places her in serious jeopardy. As Efkar, who initiated the war, is subjected to Omer’s “Hasan Atmaca” interrogation techniques, he knows that the situation is about to collapse. Korkut must now confront the problem that has been evading for a long time.

The squad begins operating in four directions as Zehra cannot recall who the spy is. Sacide, who is no longer able to carry the weight of their relationship’s secret, hands the passport to Efkar, As. Mer’s “Hasan interrogates Efkar.”

Then we see that  Sacide and Efkar are at odds because of this behavior. Efkar is eager to identify the caller. For the retaliation operation, the entire team digs in. Mer and Zehra are willing to risk their lives to complete their mission despite facing several foes.

As Efkar eventually finds it, he will discover that his history is on the base of the neck while pursuing it. After achieving remarkable success in the terrorist camp, the crew has returned to Istanbul and is awaiting fresh assignments.

Teskilat Episode 61 recap

Teskilat Episode 61 recap.

With his strategy foiled, Hartley turns his attention to obtaining his objective. The team members predict the outcome of a bloody act to be conducted by using the information they learned from the training. Efkar, who was plagued by memories of the past, came out and told Mer some information concerning Hasan Atmaca.

When Korkut runs across someone he had not anticipated, he realizes that the threat is on their side. Hartley has a surprising idea, but he doesn’t realize that by carrying it out, he would be the one who suffers the most. Hartley’s idea worked out, but at a high cost.

When Celine discovers that Mer was just an intelligence operative before being shot, operations are on alert. The crew pursues the action’s culprits. Korkut’s approach to winning Helen over is compared to someone he is familiar with. Efkar, on the other side, learns details about a former adversary.

Teskilat Episode 61 recap

Teskilat Episode 61 recap.

Mer, who travels to speak with Hartley, progressively slides into peril as the reconciliation between Zehra and Mer takes on a new aspect. The arrows reveal Omer as he prepares to pass away after being sucked into the vortex.

The members of the team attempt to decipher the murder plan after learning that there will be a murder from the collected data on Frederick’s laptop. Hartley sees himself amid a fight with Helen while struggling with his sentiments regarding the shooting of Celine.

While on their way to defend Sacide, Efkar & Korkut are unexpectedly captured. Mer departs in search of the contract killer who will execute the murder. The gunman he will encounter after this path is someone he never anticipated.

Teskilat Episode 61 recap

Teskilat Episode 61 recap.

Hartley’s caliper disrupts all balance, but the squad is oblivious that they have been forced into a deadlock.

When is the Teskilat Episode 62 Release Date?

Teskilat episode 62’s air date is Sunday, January 22, 2023. Teskilat episode 62 will premiere on TRT 1 at 8 pm in Turkey. 

Teskilat Episode 62: Where to Watch

Teskilat episode 62 will premiere on TRT 1 at 8 pm in Turkey for the country’s locals, while there is no option to stream the show for international fans. The show is currently unavailable via streaming g services, providing the show with subtitles. We hope that the makers and creators strike a deal with a recognized streaming option to make the show available worldwide.

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