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Every Man Vanessa Hudgens Has Dated Since Zac Efron Up Until Now

Every Man Vanessa Hudgens Has Dated Since Zac Efron Up Until Now (Credit: Google)
Every Man Vanessa Hudgens Has Dated Since Zac Efron Up Until Now (Credit: Google)

The famous singer and actress Vanessa Hudgens, 32, made her acting debut in the teen drama Thirteen in 2003. She didn’t start to become well-known until she made her High School Musical debut as Gabriella Montez. Vanessa met her future co-star Zac Efron, 34, during an audition for the popular Disney musical, and the two quickly started dating.

Every Man Vanessa Hudgens Has Dated Since Zac Efron Up Until Now

The Knight Before Christmas actress went on to date several actors and athletes after their 2010 breakup. Vanessa Hudgens has dated several famous men in Hollywood and sports since her relationship with actor Zac Efron. Learn more about her past relationships here!

Vanessa Hudgens Dating Timeline

Hudgens played Gabriella Montez in the three High School Musical movies, playing Troy Bolton opposite Efron. She revealed on the “Awards Chatter” podcast in April 2019 that their relationship “started fairly organically” in 2005. After five years of dating, they ultimately called it quits, a common understanding. They’ve been a couple for a very long time. Just let things run their course. On Access Hollywood in March 2017, Hudgens claimed that she and Efron had “totally lost communication.”


Josh Hutcherson

The cast has grown! Josh Hutcherson and the Princess Switch actress were said to be dating around the beginning of 2011. Later that year, when explaining the nature of their connection, he said in an interview that he wasn’t sure if “dating” was the proper term. In a January 2012 interview, the Hunger Games actor said she crushed his heart. But; he also added that he has just kidding. They now have a great friendship.

After becoming acquainted in September 2011, Hudgens and Butler made their red-carpet debut in February at the Journey 2 opening. In December 2019, after missing her birthday and the holidays, they ignited breakup rumors. A month later, it was announced in an exclusive way that their relationship was over. According to a source, Vanessa has started alerting her friends and family about their breakup.


Josh Hutcherson

In late January 2020, there was allegedly a connection between the Los Angeles Lakers Kyle Kuzma and the performer of Second Act. A source claims that Vanessa has enjoyed getting to know, attracting, and flirting with a new guy. Before being spotted cuddling with Tucker in November 2020, Hudgens posted a picture of her “date night” on Instagram. She acknowledged in an interview that they “meet on a Zoom meditation class” six months later. Very random, she smiled. Zoom, you must admire.

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Vanessa Hudgens: Who is she?


Josh Hutcherson

Hudgens was raised along the West Coast, from Southern California to Oregon, after being born in Salinas, California. Her father, Gregory Hudgens, was a firefighter, while her mother, Gina (née Guangco), worked a series of office jobs. Stella, her younger sister, is a fellow actor. She had a Catholic upbringing. Her mother is Filipina and a native of Manila, and her father was of Irish, French, and Native American ancestry before passing away from cancer in February 2016. Her grandparents all worked as musicians.

Hudgens dated actors Austin Butler from 2011 until 2020 after dating her High School Musical co-star Zac Efron from 2005 to 2010. Cole Tucker, a shortstop for Major League Baseball, and Hudgens announced their romance on Instagram in 2021.


Josh Hutcherson

Hudgens was a Catholic when she was little but now considers herself a non-denominational Christian. She worships at the Hillsong Church facility in Los Angeles.

By engraving her initials inside a heart on a stone in the Coconino National Forest and posting it to her own Instagram account, Hudgens paid $1,000 in preparation for damage to US Forest Service property in May 2016.

Josh Hutcherson

In a March 2020 Instagram video, Hudgens claimed that the COVID-19 epidemic has inevitably resulted in fatalities. The video sparked debate because some claimed she downplayed the severity of the illness and the necessity of taking preventative steps. She then expressed regret for her “insensitive” comments.

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Vanessa Hudgens’ Image In The Media

Josh Hutcherson

In 2011, Hudgens switched from the William Morris Agency to the Creative Artists Agency. The estimated 2006 income for Hudgens was $2 million. Early in 2007, Forbes put Hudgens on its list of the wealthiest people, and the Forbes article mentioned that she was one of Young Hollywood’s Top Earning-Stars.

Hudgens reported having earned an estimated $3 million in profits in 2008, placing her at No. 20 on Forbes’ list of “High Earners Under 30” on December 12, 2008. She was ranked 62 on FHM’s 2008 list of the 100 sexiest women and 42 on the 2009 list. Hudgens is mentioned on Maxim’s lists as well. She appeared on the annual “100 Most Beautiful People” lists published by People in 2008 and 2009.

Josh Hutcherson

In 2008, Hudgens served as the campaign’s lead brand personality for Neutrogena. She started working as a spokesman for Marc Eck goods in 2007, but she terminated the agreement after two years. Hudgens often devotes her free time to charitable causes like the VH1 Save The Music Foundation, Lollipop Theater Network, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and Best Buddies International. A Very Special Christmas Vol. 7 CD, which supports the Special Olympics, also features Hudgens.

Hudgens is still a participant in the “Stand Up to Cancer (SU2C): Change the Odds” initiative alongside other well-known Hollywood figures together as Dakota Fanning, Kristen Bell, Zac Efron, and others. In a 2007 lawsuit against Hudgens for claimed “breach of contract,” Brian Schall asserts that he paid Hudgens’ expenditures and expenses for her songwriting and recording business.

Josh Hutcherson

Hudgens allegedly owes Schall $150,000 after he assisted her in making more than $5 million from her singing career. Hudgens claimed she was ineligible to sign the contract because she was a juvenile, age 16, in October 2005. On October 9, 2008, she later revoked her earlier statement.

The Family Code of California “provides that the contract of a juvenile is unenforceable and might be disaffirmed prior (age 18) or during a reasonable time later,” according to documents submitted to the court by her attorney. Johnny Vieira, who alleges he was due a cut of Hudgens’ loans, royalties, and merchandise earnings in return for his management services, sued Hudgens in 2008. According to Vieira, Hudgens received criticism for leaving her talent group as soon as she rose to fame. It settled at the beginning of May 2009.

Frequently seen during the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is Hudgens. She has been referred to as the “Queen of Coachella” informally. She is also well known for her boho-chic style, and during the occasion, she occasionally showed up with bare feet.

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