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How To Watch Baht Oyunu, The Turkish Drama?

How To Watch Baht Oyunu?
Turkish Drama Baht Oyunu

The year 2021 has been a year of a variety of shows like Baht Oyunu. No doubt, these shows have been a helping hand behind everyone’s entertainment. Moreover, every country has now been able to gather an international audience. Hence, we can say that, apart from America, others countries are growing and making their name in the field of entertainment. One such country is Turkey. In the past few years, Turkish dramas have taken a significant leap. A prominent drama from the country is Baht Oyunu. People all over the world are talking about these dramas. One such Turkish drama is Baht Oyunu. People across the world are having the same question -How to watch Baht Oyunu? It has become one of the famous dramas of the time.

Baht Oyunu is an ongoing Turkish television drama. Ever since the show’s trailer was launched, it created quite a hype on the internet. Likewise, the number of anticipating viewers broke several records. The 2021 television series has been one of the most talked-about in recent times. Moreover, with the release of a new episode, people are appreciating the plot, the storyline, and the characters a lot. Hence, it was obvious to watch out for all the options where one can watch the series. As a result, we are here talking about how to watch Baht Oyunu. For the sake of our readers who are desperate to watch this romantic television series of the new age.

How To Watch Baht Oyunu?

Baht Oyunu is a popular television series made in Turkey. It is becoming popular day by day and attracting a lot of viewers. As a result, this question has become one of the most important ones. People all over the world are finding a way to watch this show which is originally airing in its home country on weekly basis. Every Tuesday, the production house is releasing a new episode to trigger our emotions. As of now, Baht Oyunu is airing on Kunal D channel at 20.00 TRT. The timing is the same for every episode which airs on Tuesdays. To date, five exciting episodes have got released worldwide.

Apart from the Kunal D channel, one can watch Baht Oyunu at a site called The online site consists of the five aired episodes of the ongoing show. Moreover, the episodes are provided with English subtitles. What is there to wait now? Go ahead and watch the five episodes before the sixth one releases on 27th July 2021.

Where To Watch Baht Oyunu?

One can watch the series on

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What Is Baht Oyunu All About?

Baht Oyunu is a show based on love, life, and miracles. In the modern age of emotions, where love is a mere feeling of togetherness, the story revolves around a girl who believes in first love. Very few stories based on first loves turns out to be a perfect example of belonging together. However, Ada, the protagonist of the series, believes in first love. She hails from a family who believes that first love is your ultimate partner. But fate tries to test Ada’s patience when her first love, Rüzgar, leaves her mid-way. There comes a twist in her life as well as in the television drama. With this basic synopsis, the main story uncovers itself.

It is an interesting drama that will let us explore the emotions of love, jealousy, competition, and feelings of winning back our first love. It is a work of destiny, shaped by our hands. After getting abandoned by Rüzgar, Ada tries hard to win him back. In the meantime, she comes across Bora. It creates chaos in her life. On one hand, it is her first love in the form of the life-long faith. While, on the other hand, it is her true emotions and affection for Bora. It will be interesting to watch Ada chose between faith and love. Moreover, it will be a journey filled with passion, love, respect, jealousy, and humor. Hence, making Baht Oyunu a must-watch.

More about Baht Oyunu

It airs every Tuesday on the Kunal D channel.

The Cast Of Baht Oyunu

There is not much information about the cast and crew of the Turkish drama. Unlike other industries, Turkey is yet to go a long way to achieve success and a special spot internationally. All of these include heavy publicity across the continents. As of now, we do know about the main cast of the series. Idris Nebi Taskan is cast to play the role of Ada’s first love Rüzgar. Meanwhile, Cemre Baysel will be playing Ada Tözün. Bora’s character has been played by Aytaç Sasmaz. Also, Tugçe Dikman’s character is being portrayed by Asli Sümen.

The supporting cast of Baht Oyunu includes “Hande Subasi”, “Funda Ilhan”, “Tugba Çom”, “Anil Çelik”, and “Sugdem Gözalir”. Hurry up and go watch the series to experience a new era of love and destiny colliding with each other.

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