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12 Easy Cosplay Ideas For Female Cosplayers

12 Easy Cosplay Ideas For Female Cosplayers
12 Easy Cosplay Ideas For Female Cosplayers

Anime is a popular genre of Japanese animation that often features strong female protagonists. Whether you’re a fan of My Hero Academia or Naruto, there’s a character out there for you. Here are four easy anime cosplay ideas that will help you look like the badass heroine you always wanted to be. Let’s see 12 Easy Cosplay Ideas For Female Cosplayers.

There are a lot of different ways to cosplay, and there are a lot of different characters that female cosplayers can choose to represent. Some of the most popular anime characters for female cosplayers are Keqing, Amber, and Sakura, and these characters are easy to cosplay.

If you’re not familiar with any of these characters, you can always watch some of the anime that is based on them to get a better idea of how to dress them up. Cosplay is an important part of fandom, and it’s important for female cosplayers to feel comfortable and confident while they’re representing their favorite characters on the show.

12. Marin Kitagawa From My Dress-Up Darling

In addition to being a cosplayer herself, everyone’s new favorite, waifu Marin Kitagawa is an excellent cosplayer. Using formal separates, you can put together a simple school uniform, and then you can accessorize it with chokers, bracelets, rings, and press-on nails to your heart’s content. 

12 Easy Cosplay Ideas For Female Cosplayers

Marin Kitagawa From My Dress-Up Darling

Make her two-tone hair by learning how to dye wigs if you’re up for a challenge. You can make it by learning how to dye wigs (fabric dye and acrylic paint are the most common) and following hours’ worth of tutorials. You can then wear any other cosplay you own and say that you’re dressed as Marin dressed as that character once you’ve got the wig!

11. Umaru-Chan From Himouto Umaru-Chan

There’s not much to say about Umaru-chan; a cute chibi character that girls will enjoy cosplaying! About Umaru-chan: While at school, Umaru-chan appears to be the stereotypical perfect student with good grades, pretty looks, and skills in everything. However, she lives a different life once she enters her home. A lazy character, Umaru-chan eats junk food, plays video games, and watches a lot of anime. Because she becomes an Otaku slob, she makes a wonderful cosplay, cute and relatable. The best part is that she is so easy to cosplay; wearing that hamster hoodie is so comfortable. Bring a bottle of pop and some potato chips while you do it!

12 Easy Cosplay Ideas For Female Cosplayers

Umaru-Chan From Himouto Umaru-Chan

What You’ll Need To Cosplay Umaru-Chan:

Peach wig: The wig Umaru wears has a soft peachy tone to it and can be purchased on Amazon. Cape: You can either purchase one from Amazon or make your own out of a fluffy orange blanket. Since these are so easy to find online, I recommend purchasing one rather than making your own. T-shirt: There are plenty of blank shirts around, so you probably already have one lying around. Pink shorts: Any shorts will do, from yoga shorts to athletic shorts to pajamas. Red shoe: If you want something comfortable to wear all the time, buy Converse low tops, Converse ballet shoes, Keds, or Vans, 

10. M4A1 From Dolls’ Frontline

The anime girl M4A1 may appear cute, but she is a military android that is highly competent and dangerous. To recreate her look from the anime, wear a brown leotard, gloves, headphones, a sweatshirt with an oversized neckline, and tall gray boots with knee pads on top.

12 Easy Cosplay Ideas For Female Cosplayers

M4A1 From Dolls’ Frontline

The designs can be added to her bandana, armband, and sweatshirt with fabric paint (search online for freezer paper stencils), and a customized airsoft gun can be completed.

9. Misty From Pokēmon

The Pokémon anime is based on a video game. However, there has been an anime for it for over twenty years now. And let’s not forget that while Misty is just a forgettable gym leader in Pokémon Red/Blue, she’s a huge main character in the Anime for most of the first season. With just yellow tank tops, blue shorts, and orange wigs, she’s an easy cosplay character!

About Misty: A gym is run by Misty and her three other sisters in Cerulean City. Although she still waits for Ash Ketchum to repay her for destroying her bike, she becomes quite a companion and helps him on his Pokémon journey as he waits for him to pay for a new bike. The kind Misty has a temper at times, especially when she gets on Ash’s nerves or her Psyduck’s nerves!

12 Easy Cosplay Ideas For Female Cosplayers

Misty From Pokēmon

What You’ll Need To Cosplay Misty:

Orange wig: You can easily recreate Misty’s side ponytail with a hair tie. You can even use lash glue to position her bangs exactly where you want them if you want to go the extra mile. Yellow top: Ideally, you’ll want something stretchy and form-fitting. Remember that you can dye white cotton and light-coloUred cotton with sharpies and fabric dye! Shorts: It would be fine if you wear any pair of jeans and shorts. Shoes: Consider buying a pair of neutral or similar colored running shoes.

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8. Miranjo From Ranking of Kings

In Ranking of Kings, the mysterious antagonist Miranjo appears a bit plain on paper, but her accessories and attitude make her stand out. You can make her brooch from pretty much any crafting material you feel comfortable using a curly black wig, a green dress, a green cloak, and a brown belt as the base outfit.

12 Easy Cosplay Ideas For Female Cosplayers

Miranjo From Ranking of Kings

You can use foam, clay, resin, or even metal…as long as you can attach a safety pin to it, it’ll work. To add a touch of magic, find a hexagonal mirror with a wooden frame and decorate it to look like her magic mirror. For extra grandeur, you could use black spray paint to fill in her hazy silhouette and pose dramatically on large staircases.

7. Lucy From Fairy Tail

Lucy Heartfilia is a confident and kind girl. You can easily recognize her from Fairy Tail, and cosplaying as her is pretty simple. She’s one of the most accessible cosplay characters to cosplay.

About Lucy Heartfilia: A popular character in the show, Lucy is part of Team Natsu, which is why it’s easy to see why she’d make an excellent female cosplayer. She’s also somewhat similar to Naruto due to her stubbornness.

12 Easy Cosplay Ideas For Female Cosplayers

Lucy From Fairy Tail

What You’ll Need To Cosplay Lucy:

Blonde wig: A regular blonde wig can be styled with Lucy’s side ponytail if you don’t want to get one with a clip-on ponytail. Gather the hair and tease it with a comb to add volume. White vest: The blue details can be added yourself by topstitching or hand stitching to a white zip-up. Blue skirt: This costume probably won’t be difficult to complete if you buy a pleated skirt online. You can find pleated skirts in a variety of colors and lengths. Brown boots: Choosing the right leather or faux leather will depend on the quality of leather you prefer. Don’t worry if the heel is exactly right or the height – just choose what you feel comfortable in and the style you like. Accessories: To make Lucy’s belt and pocket, you can use thick twill, canvas, leather, or pleather. However, you may find it easier to purchase a brown belt and sew only the pocket.

6. Amber From Genshin Impact

It is Amber, an Outrider of the Knights of Favonius (aka Montstadt royalty), who is one of the first characters you encounter in the game. While Paimon may be the real ambassador and mascot of Genshin Impact, Amber is a poster girl for the game because of her looks and cool outfit. Anyone who has played this game will probably be familiar with Amber!

12 Easy Cosplay Ideas For Female Cosplayers

Amber From Genshin Impact

What You’ll Need To Cosplay Amber:

Red coat, headband, details: Cut the hoodie like Amber’s M-shaped bangs to get the best effect by thrifting a cotton or polyester hoodie and altering it to fit your body. Brown wig: A generic brown wig or an Amber wig can be found online. Shirt: You can make a brown and white shirt by hacking together brown and white shirts and painting the details on them. Gold embroidery: Use craft foam for the base and puffy paint to achieve a raised effect. Brown shorts: If you’re looking for classy brown shorts, you should try your local department store. Check the pants section as well for a bargain. Thigh-high boots: To make DIY thigh-high boots, you’ll need a cheap heel and some thigh-high socks. Simply cut a hole in a white thigh-high sock heel and slip the heel through. Goggles: There are some awesome goggles on Amazon!

5. Haruhi Suzumiya From The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya 

This is one of the most beloved anime series of the 2000s, so people will love that you are showing appreciation for such an iconic character. Of course, Haruhi is not too difficult to cosplay, either.

About Haruhi Suzumiya: Haruhi is a very eccentric and lively person who is passionate about extraterrestrial life and aliens. Haruhi formed the SOS Brigade at her high school due to boredom. While unaware of her God-like powers, she alters the universe and the world. She is incredibly talented but hardheaded, making her a polarizing character. It is very easy to cosplay her outfit. It’s simply a modified uniform from her high school years.

12 Easy Cosplay Ideas For Female Cosplayers

Haruhi Suzumiya From The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya 

What You’ll Need To Cosplay Haruhi Suzumiya:

Brown wig: Using any generic brown wig, trim the bangs, so they sit just under your eyebrows. You can make one yourself by painting a headband the correct color and gluing two ribbons to the side. Then, point your scissors upward to make the ends seem more natural and remove some of the bulk. The headband is essential. Sailor outfit: To make your own Haruhi’s sailor outfit, you’ll need 1y white, 1.5y blue, and 1/2y red fabric, and it will take about 6-8 hours from start to finish. You can purchase it instead of making it. However, you can also make one for about the same price. Shoes: Whenever you’re planning on dressing up, brown schoolgirl shoes are a must-have for your cosplay closet. Choose a pair of brown or black loafers, and you’ll be able to use them for so many different costumes later.

4. Winry Rockbell From Fullmetal Alchemist

The characters in Fullmetal Alchemist are so engaging and emotional. While Edward and Alphonse get all the attention, we cannot forget about Winry Rockbell, the sassy sidekick of these two. Those who want an easy cosplay idea for beginners should check out Winry Rockbell. She has that tomboy look that’s easy to get off. Carry a wrench with you, and you’ll have the exact look of Winry Rockbell.

About Winry: A mechanic’s daughter, Winry, is very proficient in auto-mail. She often makes parts for Ed, the main character. Although she does not possess the alchemy skills of the protagonists, Winry is just as intelligent and helpful. A true sidekick and a popular character in the series.

12 Easy Cosplay Ideas For Female Cosplayers

Winry Rockbell From Fullmetal Alchemist

What You’ll Need To Cosplay Winry:

Wig and bandana: In case you’ve cosplayed any other character with long blonde hair, you’ll be happy to learn that you can reuse that wig for Winry. After all, her hair is mostly hidden by a red bandana (or rectangle of fabric), with no one noticing. Black tube tops: Online shopping is a great way to find tube tops. Capris: Since Winry is a working girl, you don’t have to match her pants exactly to her capris. The faded and worner, the better. She is a working girl, so stains and rips on her pants may look more realistic. Accessories: If you happen to have any tools lying around in the garage, grab a wrench, gloves, and a tool belt. 

3. Froppy From My Hero Academia

Froppy is one of the most well-known characters from the series My Hero Academia, and it is one of the best series to cosplay from. Besides the jumpsuit cosplay she is wearing, you can also wear her casual school outfit, which is another easy cosplay idea I recommend if you want to cosplay from MHA.

Froppy is another Deku student and classmate who is said to resemble a frog. Her eyes and mouth are large like frogs, she has a super-long tongue for grabbing objects, and she is capable of swimming very fast with her abilities. The MHA cosplay character Froppy is very cute and adorable.

12 Easy Cosplay Ideas For Female Cosplayers

Froppy From My Hero Academia

What You’ll Need To Cosplay Froppy:

Top: In the MHA school uniform, grey jackets with golden buttons and white dresses with red ties make up the outfit. Wig: It will be appropriate to wear a dark green wig since Froppy has green hair. Bottom: A dark green skirt paired with black socks and black dress shoes

2. Keqing From Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s Keqing is a popular character from the game. While Genshin cosplays may seem complicated, Keqing is quite simple, making her the most beginner-friendly of them all!

Keqing is one of the members who watch over the Liyue region. It is also one of the easier outfits to make yourself, which is why I think so many people have cosplayed Keqing already, contrary to her colleagues. It is also very nice and one of the easier ones to craft yourself, like Keqing’s outfit.

12 Easy Cosplay Ideas For Female Cosplayers

Keqing From Genshin Impact

What You’ll Need To Cosplay Keqing:

Wig: If you want a wig with ears already styled, you may be able to buy a Keqing wig online. Amazon and eBay are good places to look. Dress: In fact, this dress is one of the simpler designs, making it a great project for beginners. Her dress can easily be constructed if you imagine it in three layers. step 1: The base layer should be a white dress. Step 2: Add a light purple layer only to the front of the dress. Step 3: Add a dark purple layer to the back. You can construct the feather by using 2mm EVA foam and painting it to match. You will need to make the sleeves separately and attach them with elastic. Tights: Tights that are black or translucent are fine. You can draw the design on your tights with white or cream-colored body paint. Make sure to seal the design before wearing it.

1. Sakura Haruno From Naruto

Sakura is one of the main characters in Naruto and is generally the first cosplay that many people do. Since this series is so popular, Sakura is one of many easy cosplay ideas for beginners.

Sakura Haruno is one of the members of Team 7, which includes Sasuke, Naruto, and Kakashi. Sakura is polarizing; some love her while others hate her (i.e. she can sometimes be useless). Even though, to be quite honest, she is better in Shippuden. But make no mistake, everyone knows Sakura. So she’s a perfect choice for cosplay.

12 Easy Cosplay Ideas For Female Cosplayers

Sakura Haruno From Naruto

What You’ll Need To Cosplay Sakura: 

Pink Wig: As Sakura is such a popular character, you will be able to find her character wig everywhere, or you can get any pink wig and trim it to fit. Red Vest: It will be challenging to find a red vest at a store, but you might find something in the suit and outerwear section. If you want that turtleneck look, you may need to cut off the sleeves and remake the neckline. Add a white zipper from your local fabric store or order one online. Pink skirt:  Using a tablecloth and making a circle skirt from scratch will give you the highest level of accuracy.

However, cosplay is meant to be fun, so finding a generic pink skirt is easier than you think at the store. Knee socks: There are many online shops and local stores where you can find knee socks. Accessories: Black gloves are available at the store. For the hip pack, you can choose between a fanny pack, a small wallet, or a utility case. You can sew on some belt loops if your pocket does not have them. Headband: Even though you can make your own easily with fabric and foam, metal headbands from the leaf village have a certain appeal. On Amazon, eBay, or any cosplay site, you can get your Naruto-themed headband as well.

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