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Jonathan P. Lovette: The Horrific Incident of the Air Force Sergeant & UFOs


As the debate over UFOs has shifted to non-traditional concepts (consciousness, interdimensionality, etc.), I’ve been searching into other aspects of the subject. I discovered a case report from a carefully explained Air Force investigation report titled “Project Grudge Report 13.” The Air Force, predictably, has rejected its presence, but some second-hand sources have verified it. William English, a veteran Green Beret captain, stated that he was told to analyze the document.

In the 1970s, William Cooper claimed he was instructed to assist analyze an advance copy. Frank Joseph, author of “Military Encounters with Extraterrestrials; The Real War of the Worlds,” discovered the same thing. Captain English had taken part in a 1991 Colorado radio program where he spoke about his findings, which coincided with what William Cooper said. Our army divisions have been compromised as a result of these mysterious deaths. A case from New Mexico in 1956 demonstrates how quickly someone can be kidnapped.

Major William Cunningham and Air Force Sergeant Jonathan Lovette were going to pick up junks from a missile test when Lovette went under dunes, and Cunningham heard a loud yell. Let’s know what happened in the story and how The Horrific Death Of 1956 Air Force sergeant Jonathan P. Lovette took place.

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Jonathan P. Lovette’s Shocking Human Mutilation

It took place in late March evening in 1956 at the White Sands Missile Test Range Air Force base in New Mexico. Major William Cunningham was helping Air Force Sergeant Jonathan Lovette on a task to restore dispersed wreckage from a current rocket test. The 2 members of the armed forces set out into the desert to look for the wreckage. Major Cunningham was startled when he heard a loud scream. Cunningham reached the dune to help Lovette, assuming she had been bitten by a snake and watched an incredible sight.

So rather than finding Lovette tending to a snake bite, Cunningham observed the soldier being pulled by a lengthy serpentine arm surrounded around his legs and attached to a silver disc floating 15 to 20 feet in the air. During the incident, the major failed to move. Cunningham, paralyzed, could only watch in terror as Lovette was dragged inside of the craft, which then ended up taking off at lightning speed. The Armed Forces arrived at the scene, and an extensive search was underway. 


via History Channel

After recounting what he had watched, the disturbed Cunningham was constrained to the base for analysis and diagnosis. As per Frank Joseph’s book Military Interactions, around the time of Lovette’s vanishing, base personnel revealed an unrecognized radar contact near Holloman. Numerous search teams were dispatched into the desert, but it took 3 days for Lovette’s naked body to be found around ten miles from the scene of the accident. The autopsy performed on Lovette was baffling, raising more questions that had no answers.

Lovette’s body was discovered heavily mangled. His tongue was forcibly removed out from the bottom part of his jaw, as had his eye sockets and his anus. Captain English claimed in the Air Force physical examination report that the autopsy report made a remark on the obvious surgical expertise often used to remove the body parts. The corpse had also been entirely blood-drained, but there had been no vascular destruction, which is generally related to death by bleeding.

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What are your feelings on this case? Such are the different types of cases that make you realize you aren’t the only one, and you should be aware of that.

Concerning UFO Victims

Legends and mythologies play a crucial role in history. Alien abduction stories have appeared in novels, movies, and tv series. This idea paints a picture of feasible kidnappings that could happen at any time. People who claim to have been kidnapped by aliens do not recall much of what took place. This raises the question of whether they were brainwashed or stimulated into a deep sleep. Several people just watch just too many movies and tv series that they believe people have indeed been kidnapped and killed.

The Horrific Death Of 1956 Air Force sergeant Jonathan P. Lovette

The Horrific Death Of 1956 Air Force sergeant Jonathan P. Lovette

Because we have no idea who or what else is out there, this is when the majority of scientific proof is used. People who think they have been kidnapped frequently report going into sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis occurs when you have a bad dream and awaken in the middle of the night, unable to move. This may be the correct response in some cases, but in those where remains are discovered mutilated, the victims were not simply in a state of sleep paralysis.

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