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Who is Dylan Sprouse Dating? Everything To Know

who is dylan sprouse dating
Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin, Credits: Insider

Dylan Sprouse has been a very great actor within the industry, but do you know anything about his relationship? Well, this article will give you every piece of information regarding Dylan’s relationship timeline, who the celebrity is currently dating, and who he dated in his past years. And apart from covering the relationship part of the information regarding Dylan Sprouse, this article will also cover other details, such as what the actor said about his mother that shocked fans and was Dylan, a child actor.

You will get most of every important insight from this article regarding Dylan Sprouse. Dylan Sprouse is a very famous actor, and therefore you might know much about his career and who the star is. You may be familiar with the character that he played in The Suite Life on Deck

But the fact that very less information is among Dylan Sprouse’s fans also regarding all the relationships that he had been through, the fact that celebrities are always on the radar when it comes to the talks around their relationships, and this time, they are inquisitive about Dylan’s relationship. Let us take a look at this article to get some greater insights.

who is dylan sprouse dating

Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin, Credits: Insider

Who is Dylan Sprouse Dating? Everything To Know

Dylan is a very famous actor and a known personality within Hollywood, and therefore people do want to know his dating history and all the women that the actor has so far dated or currently he is dating. Presently if we look up the scenario, he is hooked on Barbara Palvin, the known supermodel, and they both started dating in 2018. Therefore, it has been a very long year since they were close to one another. 

From 2018 to now, they have been pretty close and therefore are a perfect couple for each other who love to support one another and also the fact; that they are very public with their relationship also, which avoids the common undertaking that most celebrities do when they are in a relationship with one another. Fans love their relationship and the way they are made for each other.

Also, the fact that they have themself stated that they are perfect for each other also brings marriage rumors regarding whether they will ever get married, although now it has been many years since they have been together.

Dylan Sprouse Past Relationships, Everything Explained 

Dylan Sprouse is a very charming actor, but before being in a very close and serious relationship with supermodel Barbara Palvin, the actor was involved in many other relationships with some well-known women in the industry. As per sources, initially, the actor started his dating game in 2013 when he started dating Dayna Frazer, a model.

However, they officially broke up in 2016 and therefore ended their relationship entirely in 2017. But not only Dayna, but the actor also dated the well-known singer Miley Cyrus even before he dated Dayna. They both started dating in 2006, and thus the actor confirmed their relationship in 2008 on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.

However, with the on and off again relationship they were having, they later broke up, and both of them moved on in their careers. Dylan also dated Kathleen Harles, who is a former American voice actress, but that too never worked, but the fact that now Barbara is the one who is the perfect soulmate for her, fans are convinced that they will marry and take their relationship to a very high next level.

who is dylan sprouse dating

Dylan Sprouse and Cole Sprouse, Credits: Us Weekly

What did Dylan say about his mother?

Dylan town brother Cole Sprouse has been very much in the news recently with the bombshell revelation that he made on Alex Cooper‘s podcast ‘Call Her Daddy,’ where he revealed that he never wanted to come into the acting industry, also revealing that he and his twin brother was made to venture into this industry by his mother who was financially irresponsible at that time.

The twin brother essentially made their debut within the industry in the shows like Friends and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, but the actor stated that acting was never his passion, but since they were very financially unstable at the time, he and his brother were meant to work and act at that time to attain the financial freedom by their mother, Melanie Wright.

And therefore, on the podcast itself, the actor stated that they were eight months old when they started working in the industry when he, on the other side, never really had the passion for pursuing acting as his career. Although they had to work at a very young age within the industry, most other stars in Hollywood also started early after that, sacrificing something or the other. 

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