Did Alex Cooper Reveal Her Mystery Man Recently?

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Who Is Alex Cooper Dating

Here, we will see who is Alex Cooper dating. Alex Cooper came into prominence after she started a comedy and advice podcast named Call Her Daddy. She co-hosted the show with Sofia Franklyn back in 2018. However, after Sofia Franklyn left the podcast after she got engaged to the owner of Barstool Sports. Alex later reached an agreement with Barstool and continued to host the show on her own. The podcast is extremely popular amongst fans. The young podcaster has recently signed a 60 million dollar deal with Spotify while assuring fans that she will continue raising the bar with great content and guests for the Daddy Gang!

Believe it or not, the podcast Call Her Daddy was the fifth most popular podcast on the streaming service Spotify. Alex Cooper recently signed a lucrative deal with the streaming service.  The podcast is all about some useful relationship advice along with some raunchy content that makes it all the more interesting. However, her personal life has been somewhat of a mystery. Let us know all about who is Alex Cooper dating.

Who Is Alex Cooper Dating?

While Alex does not shy away am when it comes to sharing all kinds of bold relationship secrets, she keeps her personal life under wraps. The podcast host has always maintained some mystery around her dating life. While she had earlier talked about the men she dated, their real name was never revealed and was introduced with pseudonyms. Recently, she revealed in one of the podcast episodes that she has finally decided to settle down with one of the two men she had been seeing.

Who Is Alex Cooper Dating

While she was tight-lipped about his identity and called him Daddy Gang, it seems like Alex is not a single woman after all! Alex Cooper reportedly dated New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard but called it quits this year itself. The podcaster recently confirmed that she is not single. However, she did not take any direct names as well and simply called him Mr. Sexy Zoom Man! Fans are yet to know the true identity of Alex’s alleged boyfriend.

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Is Podcaster Alex Cooper Involved With YouTube Sensation Logan Paul?

Podcaster Alex Cooper took social media by storm after she made a rather bold claim saying that she hooked up with Logan Paul. Alex went on to say that it was nothing serious and a one-time thing. Alex further said that Logan Paul surely cannot keep a secret and went around town to talk about it. This might have irked internet sensation, Logan Paul, as he was not quite thrilled about it! Logan Paul had an entirely different story to share with fans.

Logan Paul admitted that Alex is a great girl and they did spend some time together. However, what irked him is the fact that Alex claiming that he cannot keep a secret! Logan further admitted that he just talked about it with one of his close friends. The podcaster was allegedly dated Noah Syndergaard. The two sparked dating rumors right After they were spotted together on numerous occasions together. The two had an on-off relationship for quite a while before Noah finally confirmed that only baseball is his significant other!

Who Is This Mystery Man In Alex Cooper’s Life?

While the star podcaster is quite secretive when it comes to her dating life, she often throws around small hints for her fans and regular listeners. Earlier this year, the podcaster revealed that she went out on a date with an actor who works in an NBC show and further described her as someone who is extremely sweet.

Who Is Alex Cooper Dating

Fans were quick to assume that it might be New Amsterdam star Ryan Eggold! Fans soon tried to match all the descriptions given out by Alex. Fans soon concluded that it might be Ryan Eggold. He too has a flat in Brooklyn!  However, it seems like it was just a casual date night and nothing more as Alex did not disclose much about her alleged date. This mystery man might be Ryan Eggold!

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