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Who Is Sarah Shahi Having An Affair With? Answered

sarah shahi affair
Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos, Credits: Us Weekly

Sarah Shahi is getting very much viral for her relationship currently, and the stream role that she has in the sex/life Netflix series has put the audience under fire, but recently there has been a lot of news going around regarding who is the person Sarah is having an affair with.

This article will therefore take a look at every detail regarding who is the man Sarah is having an affair with and Sarah’s previous relationships. Apart from that, we will be looking at some of the very insightful coverage regarding how Sarah made her way into the industry and all the professional work she did over the years to make her name rise.

For those of you who don’t know much about Sarah, she is an American actress and a former model. Currently, she is known for her presence in the Netflix series Sex/Life, where her fans love the way she has delivered her presence within the series, but so far, people do want to know who the actress is having an affair with and all the details regarding her career. Let us take a look at this article to get some greater insights.

Sarah Shahi affair

Sarah Shahi and Steve Howey, Credits: Yahoo News

Who is Sarah Shahi Having an Affair With?

Sarah Shahi, as per sources, is very much enjoying her life due to her very close relationship with Adam Demos, the actor in the Sex/Life Netflix series. So far, people all over the internet want to know how they actually met exactly, but the actual reason behind their meeting is the fact that since they both are the major star cast of the Netflix series Sex/Life, it is no doubt that their closeness would have been started from that part only.

And therefore, with the fact that the show itself is very streamy and the chemistry that the star cast within the series share is itself a talk worthy of gossip, therefore as per sources, it became known that two Adam and Sarah met in 2020 on the set of the Sex/Life show itself and therefore at that time they even posted the Instagram post where it was clear that they laughed and smiled with each other which at that only point of time indicated that something is very much cooking between both of them.

And with over the years of being together, they don’t only come as official couples but also were spotted on red carpets together, even wearing a ring which also raised a lot of questions in their fan’s minds regarding whether they are engaged or not.

However, what might be the future scenario? It looks like both of them are very much enjoying and liking the feeling of being with one another, and it looks like at some point of time in their careers, they will eventually end up getting married.

Sarah Shahi affair

Sarah Shahi, Credits: Us Weekly

Sarah Shahi Previous Relationship Explored

You might know Steve Howey, the one who played the role of Kevin ‘Kev’ Ball in the comedy-drama Shameless, but do you know that the actor and the actress Sarah Shahi were married?

Yes, some of you may not know that Sarah and Steve were married in 2008 when after their engagement, they went down the aisle and therefore got married, but with the presence of three beautiful children that they share, their marriage didn’t last much more than after 2020 when in 2020 they decided to live a separate life and get a divorce when they found out that they weren’t giving each other the more and enough time they wanted to.

However, both of them met in 2004, when Sarah was cast as Reba on The CW, where Steve also played the main role as Van Montgomery and therefore it was on the set that the two love birds first initially met, and from there onwards they started liking each other and thus dating.

How Sarah Shahi Made Her Way Into The Industry?

Well, here are some of the interesting facts regarding Sarah you might not know, but before making her fix debut in the industry, she was a former cheerleader, and even before being a cheerleader, she 200o essentially won the USA beauty pageant, which got her the first job of being a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys football team.

And thus, after that, she decided to pursue acting and work for the cinematic industry as an actor.

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