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Does My Strange Hero Have A Happy Ending?

My Strange Hero Ending
My Strange Hero Ending

My Strange Hero ending uncovers all discrimination and corruption hidden behind the school’s walls! The drama follows Kang Bok Su, Son Soo Jung, and Oh Se Ho. The once best friends turn against each other as Kang Bok Su gets falsely accused of committing acts of violence and thus gets expelled from the school. Therefore, years later, Kang Bok Su decides to get revenge on the accusers, who were none other than his first love, Son Soo Jung, and his best friend, Oh Se Ho. And hence, the story reveals how Kang Bok Su returns to the same high school to take his revenge and uncover the corruption that is carried on inside the school!

The youth rom-com My Strange Hero is written by Kim Yoon Young and directed by Park Seon Ho and Ham Joon Ho. It starred Yoon Seung Ho, Jo Bo Ah, and Kwak Dong Yeon as the main leads. The drama consists of 32 episodes and is available on Rakuten Viki and Apple TV with English Subtitles to watch. Since it is a revenge story, many must be curious about what My Strange Hero ending has brought to the leading stars. Knowing Kang Bok Su wants revenge, does his and Son Soo Jung’s love story get a happy ending? Or does the revenge-driven Kang Bok Su lose his love?

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Does My Strange Hero Have A Happy Ending?

After 32 Episodes, My Strange Hero ending brings perfect closure to each character. It shows how Kang Bok Su, along with his friends and love, tries to expose the corruption and discrimination happening behind Seulsong High School’s gate. Initially, Kang Bok Su reveals all the gathered evidence to Teacher Park, who finds it hard to believe. Nevertheless, Teacher Park tries his best to sort out the matter and eventually leaves the school. However, the heartbroken Kang Bok Su gets more determined to expose the school and thus discloses a video that contains all pieces of evidence he had.

Does My Strange Hero Have A Ending

Kang Bok Su Cr: SBS

Corruption Hidden Behind The School’s Walls Uncovers

Immediately after the video release, an investigation is launched. However, the merciless Chairwomen Im convinces Principal Kim to take the blame. She even brainwashes him, stating she can reinstate him as long as he takes the blame. Since that’s not enough, Chairwoman Im even fires her own son and everyone involved with him to reinstate herself as the chairwoman.

However, nothing lasts long since Teacher Park leads the investigation, doing his job faultlessly. One by one, all witness testifies against Chairwoman Im. Knowing she has been cornered with no way out, the woman ultimately resorts to her son. To save herself, Chairwoman Im persuades her son Oh Se Ho to take the blame. She even goes as far as threatening him to close down the school.

Does My Strange Hero Have A Ending

Oh Se Ho Cr: SBS

Therefore when Oh Se Ho decides to admit her mother’s doing as his, Kang Bok Su prevents him and makes him realize lying will not be going to make things right. Eventually, Oh Se Ho gives a statement against his mother, revealing every detail of corruption she had done. Thus, by the ending of My Strange Hero, Chairwoman Im gets arrested, and Kang Bok Su and his friends save the school from permanently closing down! 

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A New Beginning 

Besides all corruption revelation, My Strange Hero ending shows how Kang Bok Su, Son Soo Jung, and Oh Se Ho’s lives turn in a new direction. Oh Se Ho finally confesses his crime in front of all media and how Kang Bok Soo is innocent. Although he apologizes, Kang Bok Su finds it difficult to forgive him. After all, his whole life had turned upside down after that incident happened nine years ago. Nevertheless, Kang Bok Su hopes that Oh Se Ho forgives himself. It’s heartbreaking to witness Oh Se Ho losing everything since all he wanted was his mother’s affection and love. 

Meanwhile, Oh Se Ho let go of his last wish to be loved by his mother, knowing she would never show him affection the way he wanted. However, he hopes one day she changes and realizes her mistakes. 

My Strange Hero Ending Explained

Kang Bok Su and Son Soo Jung Cr: SBS

Furthermore, by the ending of My Strange Hero, Son Soo Jung resigns from the school. However, Kang Bok Suk convinces her that she is made for this job, and thus she gives it another try. So finally, after three attempts, Son Soo Jung becomes a teacher. Meantime, Kang Bok Su continues his education and becomes a student teacher in the end. Even Teacher Park returns to Seulsong High School as the school’s principal. Therefore, after nine years, My Strange Hero gives a happy ending which Kang Bok Su and Son Soo Jung deserve!

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