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Kill Me Heal Me Review: A Rom-Com Kdrama With A Twist Of 7 Personalities!

Kill Me Heal Me Review
Kill Me Heal Me Review

Due to a unique plot and exceptional cast, Kill Me Heal Me kdrama review consists of positive comments. After all, it is one of the popular kdramas among domestic and international fans because of its story, casting, acting, and OSTs. It narrates the tale of Cha Do Hyun and Oh Ri Jin. After a traumatic childhood experience, Cha Do Hyun suffers from DID (Multiple Personality Disorder). Meanwhile, Oh Ri Jin is a first-year psychiatric resident. After an unexpected encounter, Cha Do Hyun ends up becoming her patient. And eventually, she falls in love with one of his personalities. The drama also shows how their past is entangled as Oh Ri Jin’s twin brother begins investigating Cha Do Hyun and his family.

The psychological rom-com Kill Me Heal Me is written by Jin Soo Wan and directed by Kim Jin Man and Kim Dae Jin. It starred Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eun, Park Seo Joon, Kim Yoo Ri, and Oh Min Suk as the main leads. The intriguing plotline, outstanding acting by Ji Sung, and heart-thumping chemistry better the stars have brought numerous awards to Kill Me Heal Me. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Kill Me Heal Me reviews reveal how much viewers have enjoyed watching it!

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Kill Me Heal Me Review: Watch It Or Skip It?

Watch It

Most reviews of Kill Me Heal Me are pretty positive. The story revolves around a psychiatrist, Oh Ri Jin, and a Chaebol, her patient, Cha Do Hyun. After a traumatic childhood experience, Cha Do Hyun suffers from memory loss and dissociation, leading to the creation of seven distinct personalities. There are many kdramas that follow the multiple personality plot. However, Kill Me Heal Me is the first drama where the male lead has not one or two but seven distinct personalities. He has to play not one but eight characters, and we must say Ji Sung has slayed this role proving that no one can act Cha Do Hyun and his 7 personalities better than him!

Kill Me Heal Me Review

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Furthermore, the writer has done a great job writing about the male lead character and his 7 separate personalities. Even how his relationship with Oh Ri Jin develops is directed flawlessly. Hence, every personality has a unique story to tell, making the whole drama more intriguing. Besides, the supporting cast members such as Park Seo Joon, Oh Min Suk, and Kim Yoo Ri have showcased exemption performances.

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As for Kill Me Heal Me plot review, we can say the story is complicated yet predictable. The first half of the kdrama is more intriguing as it is filled with romance, comedy, bromance, and even action! However, the second half of the series mainly focuses on revealing Cha Do Hyun’s past and how he developed his personality. Since the story moves more toward the rom-com psychological and mystery genres, it lacks medical details. After all, realistically speaking, a patient with seven distinct personalities can’t be healed with one’s love only. But then the puzzle fits since Cha Do Hyun and Oh Ri Jin have a past together.

Kill Me Heal Me Kdrama Review


Some parts of Kill Me Heal Me kdrama is predictable and cliches, like the main leads having childhood connections, the male lead in love with the second female lead first, typically happy-to-go female lead, second lead syndrome, and whatnot! However, all these diverse factors are balanced pretty well throughout the series. Besides the cast members’ exceptional performance, heart-thumping OTSs make Kill Me Heal Me a full package kdrama to watch! Therefore, most Kill Me Heal Me reviews are favorable. If you enjoy a rom-com with a twist of the psychological genre, Kill Me Heal is your cup of tea!

How Did Fans React About Kill Me Heal Me?

There is no doubt Kill Me Heal Me has successfully stolen thousands of fans’ hearts after seeing so many positive reviews! Since it is a perfect combination of romance, comedy, mystery, and psychological genres, many viewers have liked it. Besides the intriguing plotline, the acting performance by the cast is the treasure of the drama, especially Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eun, and Park Seo Joon. On top of that, having wonderful OTSs like Auditory Hallucination, Letting You Go, Healing Love, etc. is like the cherry on the cake!

Therefore, if you haven’t given it a try, you should now! You can watch Kill Me Heal Me on Apple TV and Rakuten Viki with English Subtitles!

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