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How Old is Brock From Pokemon?

How Old is Brock From Pokemon
How Old is Brock From Pokemon?

Brock, also known as Takeshi in Japan, is a fictional character in Nintendo’s Pokémon franchise. In the Pokémon video games, he is the Gym Leader of Pewter City, and he mostly uses Rock-type Pokémon. In the anime version, Ash meets Brock’s father and becomes friends with him.

Brock couldn’t become a Pokémon Master since his father abandoned him, and he had to care for his many, many siblings. To stay close to his family, he became a gym leader. The father reappears and promises to look after the family. Brock traveled with Ash Ketchum and became a respected Pokémon breeder after leaving his post as a Gym Leader. In this article, we will see how old is Brock from pokemon.

An anime television series called Pokémon, abbreviated from the Japanese title Pocket Monsters, was first broadcast on TV Tokyo in April 1997 as part of The Pokémon Company’s Pokémon media franchise. Seven sequential anime series are available in Japan, each of which focuses on a main installation of the video game Pokémon.

There are 24 television seasons of these series in international broadcasts, with Master Journeys streaming on Netflix in the United States. Ash Ketchum is the young trainer of fictional creatures called Pokémon in each series.

How Old is Brock From Pokemon


Who is Brock From Pokemon?

Brock’s ambition is to become the best Pokémon breeder after defeating Ash Ketchum. He was the Gym Leader in Pewter City Gym before deciding to pursue his passion. Ash continued his trip, working hard to reach his goal, but he soon relinquished his championship. He is one of the key protagonists in the series and has traveled between Kanto and Sinnoh alongside Ash.

A striking feature of Brock is that his eyes are always closed. A Crowning Achievement shows how he made a face for Larvitar after he was hit by Charmander’s Flamethrower in The Ninja Poké-Showdown, when Arbok’s tail hit him in the back of the head in Who Gets to Keep Togepi, and when he made a face for Charmander.

The character is also known for having spiky brown hair and tan skin, which makes him stand out among other characters. Brock, Ash’s journey partner, is the tallest of the three and the closest to appearing like an adult. When compared to true adult characters, he is still definitely a teenager. Orange, green, and brown were spotted on three separate costumes, not including temporary outfits, with blue shoes.

The personality of brock, In addition to being the most mature, wise, and levelheaded character among the main characters, Brock is also considered the most intelligent. It is common for him to act as an older brother to other characters and as their voice of reason when disputes arise. He assists and supports his pals despite his better judgment or at his own expense.

He typically prioritizes others above himself. Because he used to be a Gym Leader, he understands circumstances and methods in Pokémon fights and frequently explains them to the other characters. He can determine how a Pokémon is feeling merely by glancing at it because of his watchful nature.

As well as being very caring towards his siblings, Brock has great respect for his father, Flint, and especially his younger brother. He also exhibits his disdain and anger towards his mother, Lola, who has been remodeling the Pewter Gym into an aquatic gym, as well as her ditzy behavior in Grating Spaces and A Family That Battles Together Stays Together.

How Old is Brock From Pokemon

Brock was 15 when he first appeared and had a lot more experience than Ash and Misty. It’s not uncommon for Brock to be older than Ash and Misty in Pokemon. Since he was at that age when you started paying more attention to potential romantic partners, he may also have been so attracted to almost every woman he met on his travels because of his age. Despite Brock leaving Ash at the end of their journey in Johto to help his father back at home, the two returned through Hoenn to join Ash, along with new friends May and Max. 

When Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire ended, he visited his home for a short time, then rejoined Ash and Dawn to travel to Sinnoh. He decides to stay back in Kanto to study instead of following Ash to Unova because Brock developed an interest in becoming a Pokémon doctor near the end of the Sinnoh saga.

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How Many Pokémon Does Brock Have?

Brock doesn’t have quite as many Pokémon as Ash; he is still proud to call 10 Pokémon his friends.

Steelix – Brock received his first Pokemon as a birthday gift at the age of 10 as a Rock-type Pokemon dictated by the Gym Leader tradition. Onix was a trustworthy and loyal buddy.

How Old is Brock From Pokemon


When it evolved into Steelix and eventually became known to be able to Mega Evolve, its reputation was only strengthened.

Croagunk – In addition to being Brock’s sassiest Pokémon, Croagunk also jabs Brock with a Poison Jab every time he flirts with a woman. Team Rocket originally used Croagunk to construct a fake Pokémon gym, but when Team Rocket left, he got left behind.

How Old is Brock From Pokemon


The Pokémon was eventually captured by Brock, and it has been with him since then, preventing him from flirting. Despite this, Croagunk does show that he cares about his trainer. Many times, it has protected Brock from harm and even fought its evolved form, Toxicroak, successfully.

Crobat – Brock had a Zubat on his team from the beginning, even though its capture was never depicted on screen. The team frequently used Supersonic and Whirlwind, two difficult moves, to get out of sticky situations.

How Old is Brock From Pokemon


It comes as no surprise that Brock’s Zubat fully developed into a Crobat because, in video games, Golbats can only become Crobats with a high level of Friendship with their Trainer.

Geodude – A similar personality to Steelix is found in Brock’s Geodude, another Pokémon he used as a Gym Leader. Despite having been absent from Brock’s battle with Kiawe in Alola, this Pokémon also possesses powerful moves, including Mega Punch, which make it a powerful partner.

How Old is Brock From Pokemon


Fans haven’t forgotten Geodude, even though it didn’t evolve, despite being a staple of Geodude’s early team.

Sudowoodo – As a Bonsly that Brock caught in Ninja School, Sudowoodo initially joined Brock’s team as a Bonsly. While it never engaged in any battles, Sudowoodo has been a part of several strange events; from being an accidental film star to competing in Answers.

How Old is Brock From Pokemon


As a result of Bonsly being among a handful of Sinnoh Pokémon that was revealed early, it was caught in the Hoenn region—something that is not normally possible. He was instrumental in raising Brock’s Happiny when it hatched as he evolved into Sudowoodo when Brock took him to Sinnoh.

Marshtomp – Throughout the entire series, Brock has carried only this starter Pokémon with him. After catching a Mudkip during a practice battle, it evolved into a Marshtomp; just like Ludicolo, it was also influenced by Brock’s flirtatious nature when it fell in love with a Flaafy of another Trainer. Despite Brock’s lack of battle experience with Marshtomp, there is still something special about him and this Pokémon.

Ludicolo – Ludicolo is a hopeless flirt with a similar personality to Brock. Originally a Lotad, Brock’s Ludicolo evolved from Lombre. Brock kept trying to get closer to Samantha when a Mawile belonging to a Trainer named Samantha fell in love with Lombre and refused to reciprocate its affection.

How Old is Brock From Pokemon


Lombre evolved into Ludicolo through this accident, and it became a happy, carefree Pokémon. While it hasn’t made an appearance since Hoenn, we hope to see it in action at least once more.

Blissey – Blissey was originally given to Brock as a prize in a dress-up contest. Brock’s Croagunk, dressed as Politoed, took center stage. This allowed Brock to acquire a new Pokémon Egg, which later hatched into Happiny.

How Old is Brock From Pokemon


Happiny, who evolved into a Chansey and used its move Soft-Boiled to save Baby Pokémon suffering from poison, may have been the biggest influence on Brock’s choice to become a Pokémon Doctor. Having evolved off-screen, Chansey reappeared recently in Pokémon Journeys, now known as a Blissey.

Forretress – When Brock and Ash were traveling in Johto, the only new Pokémon they caught was the Forretress, originally obtained as a Pineco.

How Old is Brock From Pokemon


Due to its volatile disposition, Brock was eager to catch a Pokémon like Pineco, and Pineco proved to be the first of Brock’s Pokémon to frequently use its moves.

Comfey – As a final mention, Brock obtained the Pokémon Comfey in his short time in Alola, which he used to treat a baby Kangaskhan who was injured.

How Old is Brock From Pokemon


He received the Pokémon as a gift from Nurse Joy in the Melemele Pokémon Center. It is unclear whether Brock uses this Pokemon frequently or not since he has only used it in the series once. Hopefully, one day it will appear more often.

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