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The Sadness Ending Explained: Did Kat and Jim Survive The Virus?

The Sadness
The Sadness

The Sadness ending does exactly what it is supposed to do, as expected from the title, and we are here to explain it all to you guys. The film released in 2021. It is a horror story from Taiwan. We have had a couple of hit films from the country, just like Incantation. Rob Jabbaz has defected the story as his directorial debut. The plot drives its major inspiration from the comic book series called Crossed. The story is all about a couple. They are trying to come together with each other and stay in peace. But the world has other plans as a virus has broken out. It is starting to turn people into homicidal maniacs, and they end up killing themselves.

The cast has actor Berant Zhu reprising the role of Jim. Then we have Regina Lei enacting the character of Kat. The film begins in Taiwan and is set in the present timeline. We the virus Alvin spreading over the world, the same we have just discussed about. The government, however, is not taking any measures in order to prevent this virus from spreading. It is getting quite fatal among the ordinary people who have confiscated the germs and started to kill themselves.

Other ordinary people do not think that the virus exists at all. This is such a great representation of the actual COVID virus that broke out into the world and caused a lot of deaths in 2020. We saw how one side of the party refused to believe that COVID even existed while the others were getting constantly affected by the same. Millions of people have died owing to the deadly virus.

The Sadness Ending Explained

A still from The Sadness

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The Sadness Ending Explained

Coming back to the story, we see Jim and Kat. They are a young couple who live in Taipei. While they are heading for a train station, the duo crosses a crime scene. Kat goes off at the station, and Jim visits a cafΓ© nearby. There, he witnesses a murder himself which is quite gruesome as an old woman full of blood pours hot oil over another person and spits thick mucus over the other.

As for Jim, he tries to escape the scene but is threatened by the old woman with eyebags. As he is crossing the street to run away from her, a car runs over the woman with a driver who has the same sort of expressions, that is, eye bags and a crazy vibe. Jim runs away to his apartment on foot while forgetting his car on the street just to save his life first. Although, the world has become crazy. He is constantly attacked by a lot of people, even his neighbor. Jim texts Kat to come back home and promises to rescue her.

Did Kat and Jim Survive The Virus?

Then we see that Kat is facing a similar situation where she is attacked by two men on the train. As for a businessman present in the car, we see that he has grown a fascination with Kat. When she refuses him, the Alvin virus traits within him try to murder and rape her. Kat escapes the scene with a woman named Molly, who was attacked by the Businessman. As the people are trying to kill each other, The Businessman follows the two women, now equipped with an ax.

As they arrive at the hospital to get aid, the hospital is overrun by those who have managed to save themselves from the wrath of others and are severely injured. Owing to the seriousness of the situation, the President promises to take action. But before he could do anything, the general kills him. It doesn’t take long for chaos to take its toll.

One of the doctors who have been working on the antidote to this virus makes Kat immune to it. Although, Jim has already caught the virus. When Kat tells her location to Jim, he arrives and kills the doctor. Kat locks him up in the ward. Jim shares that he no longer can feel love towards Kat but just want to mutilate and kill her. When Kate escapes to the roof, she is killed by mutilated soldiers. As for Jim, he too dies at the thought of Kat being dead.

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