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Incantation 2022 Ending Explained: What Happened To The Curse?

Incantation ending has a bit of unraveling to do and we are here to explain it all. This is a horror film from Taiwan. It released this year in 2022. Upon its release, the film became one of the highest-grossing horror films in Taiwan ever. Netflix was quick to buy the streaming rights for the film after its successful theatrical run. It is streaming on the platform from July 2022. The cast of this story includes Tsai Hsuan Yen reprising the role of Li Ronan.

The whole movie is seen through her narrative only. She is a woman trying for the users to learn the entire insignia chant along with an incarnation. Ronan has a daughter named Dodo, who is just six years in age. In order to lift the curse from her, Ronan needs to chant this incantation again and again. The events of the story are presented in a non-linear manner, with leads appearing from various sources. It is more of a found-footage sort of film.

Huang Sin Ting enacts the character of Dodo. She is the little daughter of Ronan, who has been cursed. Her mother is trying really hard to protect her. Then we have Kao Ying Hsuan doing the part of Ming. Sean Lin reprises the role of Dom. Dom is the boyfriend of Ronan, and the two met almost six years ago. They had an internet video channel called Ghost Busters.

Incantation 2022 Ending Explained

A still of Ronan with her daughter Dodo from Incantation 2022

In order to film a clip for the same, the duo, along with Dom’s brother Yuang performed a ritual. They traveled to the remote village where the Chen clan lives. They worship the Buddha Mother. Here, we saw that the clan asked the trio to give their names away along with an incantation to their god. One of the members of this clan tells Ronan about the rituals. They say that once Ronan gives birth to a daughter, she will also be required to do the same. This shocks Ronan as she obviously did not know about being pregnant.

Incantation 2022 Ending Explained

That same night, the trio spied on the clan. Here, they recorded videos of how the clan prepared a girl for sacrifice with her consent. The body of the girl was left in front of the tunnel. This gave the curiosity of the group a nudge, and we saw how Dom and Yuang decide to enter the tunnel. The clan had strictly forbidden the group to do so.

When they entered, despite their warning, a screaming Yuang came out while the body of Dom was carried out dead by the clan members. The film was taken inside the tunnel and can not be played, and it is a mystery. After we see Ronan giving birth to Dodo, she leaves the child at a foster home and seeks out professional help for herself.

Soon, Dodo and her mother start living together in a little house. It is not long before their home gets infested with some very weird activities. Ming is the manager of the foster care unit. Given the fact that the facility has noticed how Ronan is unable to take off her child, they arrive at her place to take Dodo away. Although Ming is a sensitive person he helps the two to escape from their wrath. Meanwhile, he researches more about the Chen clan. Upon retrieving the damaged videos from Ronan’s house, Ming sends them to get repaired. When he sees these videos, he dies by smashing his head against the wall.

Did The Curse Finally End or Spread Even More?

As it turns out, the Buddha Mother is not a god but actually a curse. Those who look directly at her face in the tunnel are cursed. Thus, her face is always covered with a sheet. When Dom and Yuang entered the tunnel, they uncovered her face and were heavily cursed and died. Yuang was later killed because of the same. The incantation is not a blessing but a cure to lighten the pressure of the curse, which eases the pain upon its recital by spreading the curse among other people.

When the trio submitted their name to the Chen Clan, they actually agreed to carry the curse, and Dodo inherited it from her parents. In the ending scene of the film, we see that Ronan has made a video of the tunnel as she uncovers the face of Buddha-Mother and kills herself by banging her head against the altar. Next up, a healthy Dodo is seen happily living, indicating that the curse must have spread among all the viewers who watched the video, thus lifting the pressure off of Dodo.

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