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Are You the One Season 9 Episode 1: Release Date, Streaming Guide & Preview

Are You the One

Are You the One Season 9 Episode 1 release date is quite soon? The series throws light on a reality TV series where the base concept is seeing young men and women as they come on the screen to find their perfect love match. But obviously, like any other romantic reality show, there is a twist in this one as well. Turns out that these groups are actually secretly paired by the producers.

They use a matchmaking technique and a unique algorithm in order to pair these groups of people. As the group starts living together with each other, they try to match themselves with the other people present in the villa and also try to make out who was meant for them in the first place. Well, if the members are able to succeed while pairing themselves and find all the correct matches, they are able to divide the price of more than 1 million dollars among themselves.

Till the seventh season of the series, the couples which were matched by the algorithm were actually male versus female. But since the start of the previous eighth season, we were happy to see even more inclusivity in the show where there could be any gender to match. Throughout the season, we witness these people going on dates with the person that they are determined by through a series of competitions.

Are You the One Season 9 Episode 1 Release Date

A still from Are You the One

Are You the One Season 9 Format

Later when the time comes, these couples fan assemble in the truth booth in order to find out if they are the correct match in the whole game or not. As soon as their relationship is confirmed in the booth, the couple is thus updated to a honeymoon suite. There are various match ceremonies on the higher level of the matches and as soon as these people move forward, they will be paired automatically. As one episode ends, in order to confuse the players even more, we see that they are given the information of how many correct matches they have in the group.

Although, the information about who is the perfect match is hidden from them. With the 8th series starting, we saw the show become the first reality TV drama that includes LGBT and other sexually fluid genders in the whole romantic series. This decision was appreciated widely among the fans who loved seeing inclusivity on a popular TV show. Well, after much love that this series has received, they green-lit the installment for a third season and it is going to drop really soon.

Are You the One Season 9 Episode 1 Release Date

Are You the One Season 9 Episode 1 release date is on the 18th of January 2022. The episodes will drop out on Paramount Plus this time. It will see a significant shift in the parent network and these new episodes will be available at 3 AM Eastern Time. New episodes will be dropped on the service on Wednesdays without fail.

How to Watch Are You the One Season 9 Episode 1

Are You the One Season 9 Episode 1 will be available through the Paramount Plus streaming service. The platform costs just 4.99 dollars a month in order to watch content on it. This is the most basic recharge plan that is available for fans with ads. The higher version is priced at 9.99 dollars a month and gives an ad-free experience to all subscribers.

Are You the One Season 9 – Details

Are You the One Season 9 is filmed in Spain this time? The couples will be seen spending time in Gran Canaria in the country with a beautiful landscape every time they go out on dates and do stuff together. Also, this is the first season that will drop out officially on Paramount Plus after it has always been released on MTV before. Kamie Crawford will take place as the host for this new season. Previously, we used to see Terrence J in the lead.

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