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The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 58 Release Date: The Cloud Rain Society Alliance

The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 58: The Cloud Rain Society Alliance
The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 58

The Return Of The Crazy Demon 58 reveals the aftermath of Professor Su’s death, assassinated by the Moonlight Executioner. The Moonlight Executioner is relieved after finding the target he has been looking for a long time and tells his team to spare anyone who obeys them. The Moonlight Executioner’s team heads to the first fall to face Su’s men and realizes that any warrior that tries to act smart will be executed. He walks out of the room and leaves Su’s corpse behind. The Moonlight Executioner finds his team gathering all Su’s men at the entrance. 

Su’s men bows before The Moonlight Executioner after realizing that their master is dead; if they do anything, they will receive a punishment of death. The Moonlight Executioner talks with the Cloud Rain Society and tells them to listen to him. He reveals why he killed Professor Su, who did not surrender or tell them the truth since Su is a hotheaded man. The Moonlight Executionertells the warriors of Cloud Rain Society that if they don’t understand or have guts, they can challenge him, and he will send them to their leader. He gives them to change, and those who want to surrender can follow the orders of his subordinates. 

The Cloud Rain Warriors show complaining faces and realize they must go with the flow. The Moonlight Executioner reveals that he and his team are part of Cloud Rain Society from now on and one of the Ninjas asks him a question. The Moonlight Executioner told his subordinate to take the clothes of the dead and wear them since everyone must wear the Cloud Rain Society outfit. The subordinates feel he is making it hard for them, but he knows it is good to plan for their next mission. 

The Cloud Rain Society


Previously in The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 57

The Moonlight Executioner realizes that there are new clothes inside and tells them to wear them if they are ashamed of undressing the dead. Oi stood like a statue since he didn’t like The Moonlight Executioner’s ideas. The Moonlight Executioner asks him why he is not following orders. But Oi refuses to talk, and The Moonlight Executioner scolds him for being cocky and tells him to clean the areas since there are many corpses. He talks with Gunpyeon and realizes that they will dive and rule. Gunpyeon agrees to what The Moonlight Executioner told him.

The Moonlight Executioner calls Junior Sister Monkey as if a woman knows a woman’s heart better. Junior Sister Monkey agrees. He believes that Dokgo Seng might kill whoever he wants and tells her to remain behind and take care of the captives. The Moonlight Executioner also reveals that he will send the women who were suffering to Ilyang prefecture. He also told her to take of the suffering women since he wanted to bless them and do good things for them. JSM vows that she will do anything that The Moonlight Executioner tells her. The Moonlight Executioner talks about reloading a bunch of sungataes. 

The Cloud Rain Society warriors wonder what a sungatae is, and they are annoyed that they will never enjoy toying with ladies since Su is dead. The Moonlight Executioner thinks he should kill all the warriors to work for The Cloud Rain Society. He told them that if they didn’t want to be killed, they could raise their hand or bite their tongue and die. The warriors never reply, and he wonders why the f-word doesn’t know how to answer. The Moonlight Executioner is losing his patience and thinks he should send them to their boss. The warriors apologize, and he tells them they will join him and kill the elder Horness Dragon King.  

The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 58: The Cloud Rain Society Alliance

The Cloud Rain Society

The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 58 Release Date

The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 58 will be released on 18 September 2022. The Moonlight Executioner heads out and begins another mission. The mystery behind Horness Dragon King will be revealed in the next chapter. You can also check out The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 58 latest updates. 

Read The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 58 Online – Raw Details

You can read The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 58 online on different websites. The Return Of The Crazy Demon Manga has revealed the latest updates, but the official website is yet to be revealed. This is available weekly, and you can get the new chapter after seven days. Let’s meet when The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 58 is released. 

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