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Wednesday Filming Locations: Is Nevermore Academy A Real Place?

Wednesday Filming Locations
A Swimming Centre in Romania where the episode one of Wednesday was filmed (Credit: Netflix)

Released in the year 2022, Wednesday has become one of the most-watched fictional drama series on Netflix. With an appealing cast and an outstanding plot, Wednesday received much love and appreciation worldwide. Not only were the storyline and characters the major part of the fame, but the filming locations of the series played a crucial role in keeping fans enchanted till the end of the series.

Wednesday’s dreamy filming locations have been part of the discussion on the internet for a long time now, and many of the fans are excited to know everything about the locations where all the neo-gothic structures and sculptures are located that caught their eyes in the series.

The director Tim Burton successfully fetched many watch-worthy locations in Romania that soon became part of the spooky world of Wednesday Addams. From Nevermore Academy to Tyler’s working place, let us get to know about all the important filming locations of Netflix’s Wednesday and whether you can travel to these locations or not.

Nevermore Academy Exteriors

There are multiple places in Romania where the director Tim Burton and his team travelled to find out the perfect spots that will suit the character of Wednesday Addams. The Nevermore Academy was one such place where most parts of the story were filmed.

Cantacuzino Castle

The exterior of the Nevermore Academy: Cantacuzino Castle (Credit: Wikipedia)

Even though Nevermore Academy appears to be a school that exists in real life, the Wednesday crew travelled to many locations to film the various parts of the school. The exteriors, interiors, gates, and even the location of Botany classes are not situated in the same place.

The exterior parts of the Nevermore academy were filmed at the Cantacuzino castle, Busteni, Romania which was built by Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino in the year 1911.  In 1948, the castle became a nationalized property of Romania under the ministry of internal affairs and since then it is open for all national and international tourists to visit for $7 per person.

Nevermore Academy Interiors

Well, the only exterior part of Nevermore academy was filmed at Cantacuzino palace. For the interiors, the director selected the different location. Many of the interiors of Nevermore Academy are from Palatul Moneteoru, situated on Victory Avenue, Downtown Bucharest. Palatul Moneteoru’s construction is from 1874, which became a perfect place for Principal Weems’ cabin, the classic staircase, and the neo-gothic school building.

Palatul Moneteoru

Principal Weems’ Office in Nevermore Academy (Credit: Wiki Fandom)

For the other interior locations, the team travelled to Casa Niculescu-Dorobantu palace, located in Bucharest which was designed by the prominent Romanian architect Grigore Cercez in the year 1911. 

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The Tropical Gardens

Nevermore Academy’s another attractive place. The botany class where Wednesday flaunts her immense knowledge about plants and herbs. Nevermore Academy’s all the botany class scenes were filmed at the 18-Hectare Botanical Garden, situated in Bucharest. Most of the shots where the green tropical gardens are shown were taken at this place. Bucharest Botanical Gardens is as delightful as it is depicted in the show, and it is open to all nature-admiring tourists and visitors.

Bucharest Botanical Gardens in Wednesday

Wednesday’s scene from Bucharest Botanical Gardens (Credit: Netflix)

Pilgrim World and Town Square

After Nevermore Academy, the place where most of the shoot took place was the Pilgrim World, town square and Jericho. Additionally, The coffee shop where Tyler works, the sheriff’s house, and other important places shown in the series were filmed at the Buftea studios located in Bucharest. Yes, there is no Pilgrim World, and no coffee shop exists in real life.

Pilgrim World from Wednesday

Pilgrim World from Wednesday (Credit: The Daily Beast)

Tim Burton wanted to make the city look like a New England Town to depict how the world outside of Nevermore academy looks like . The city consisted of the streets, cafes, shops (Even the thrift shop where Wednesday likes a dress), houses, and Pilgrim World, and all of it were built in the Buftea studios, Bucharest. 

Jericho City

Even though Jericho is a real town in Vermont, Tim Burton did not select this location to depict Jericho in the world of Wednesday Addams. Many of the Jericho scenes were filmed in the Buftea studios, and for other Jericho scenes, like the train station and the lakes, the locations differed.

Wednesday Netflix

The paddling competition scene from Wednesday (Credit: Netflix)

Jericho train station was filmed at Gara Ragala station, which is located in Busteni and the paddling competition was filmed at two lakes, namely, Brănești and Sterbei. All of the other scenes of Jericho were filmed inside the Buftea studios only.

Previous School of Wednesday before transferring to Nevermore Academy

Nancy Regan High School, Wednesday’s  school before transferring to the Nevermore acdemy, which was featured in the first episode of the show, is a prominent university in Romania. Universitatea Politehnica covered most of the scenes from Wednesday’s previous school. However, for the swimming pool scene, the location was changed to Bazinul de Înot Dinamo Tolea Grințescu, a swimming centre in Romania.

Wednesday Season 1 Episode 1

Wednesday’s Previous School – Nancy Regan High School (Credit: Netflix)

Many of the locations mentioned above are available for you to visit, so next time when you travel to Romania, make sure to visit all the neo-gothic filming locations of Wednesday and get immersed into the spooky world of Wednesday Addams’ family.

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