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Are Wednesday Addams and Enid Sinclair Dating in Wednesday Season 1?

Enid and Wednesday
Enid and Wednesday

A fan of the Addams family? If yes, we are sure you must have binged Wednesday on Netflix. Even if you haven’t watched the Netflix top-ranked sci-fi thriller yet, we are sure your Instagram feeds must be full of clips and spoilers from the show. As the season has come to an end, we can not see any slowdown in the fan theories about the storyline or possible love interests of the plot. 

Do not know much about the show? Don’t worry we are here to give you a quick introduction. Netflix’s next dark-themed teen drama series, Wednesday, since its pilot episode on November 2022, has received praise from critics and a huge fan base for its amazing cinematography and a beautifully detailed adaption of the Addams family genre. From critic approval for giving the genre the Addams Family a perfect head start from the release to fan fandom for amazing soundtracks with each scene, the series have never seen any downfall in the ranking since the pilot episode.

The drama unfolds the adventures of the protagonist, as Wednesday joins her parent’s alma mater for her suspension due to attempted murder. Not to her utmost surprise, she finds a lot of mysteries engraved into the walls of her new high school. She discovers the upcoming town events in her vision shared with Xavier. 

The series is full of tension between Engene and Wednesday, a monstrous attack in the town, and how she discovers her supernatural power with her series of events to save the town after her visions of possible future events. The mention of season one is incomplete without the romantic encounter of Wednesday and Tyler as they share a sweet kiss. 

Not only Wednesday’s encounters with the deep secrets of her life but her love interests have given birth to numerous fan theories about whom might Wednesday be into. And here are we exploring one fan theory that has been over the internet, the love interests between Wednesday and Enid, possibilities, and expectations.

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Are Wednesday and Enid – “Lovers”?

The chemistry between the protagonist is the main limelight of the first season. Though both of these are just like polar opposites – one all black and the other as colorful as a rainbow, you know the favorite lovers say – “Opposites attract each other”. Though we have seen Wednesday having a hard time accepting Enid as her best friend, admit it or not we can see Wednesday not going even a single step forward with her, new day new mystery life. 

The roommates show different love interests throughout the season. On Wednesday got some heartwarming moments with Tyler and Xavier, whereas, we saw some blossoms brewing between Enid and Ajax. Apart from these developments, the room sharing with a blend of emotional sharing could be a hint that Wednesday and Enid might be the next power couple as the series will progress.

Wednesday Addams

Credits: Glamour

If we look clearly between the lines, there might be some hint for Wednesday having some “LGBTQ” angle. As Xavier confronted Wednesday is that the girl she’s waiting at the carnival for, we all might have taken a pause, and wondered what if Wednesday might be into her roommate. Well yes or no, fan theories supporting this are already out there.

As season one ends, there is one more mystery yet to be solved, regarding the two best friends or to-be lovers. Neither do the protagonist ends up with someone nor there was any progression between Xavier and her on the love grounds, leaving the fans an awe. While there have been not any official announcements by the show makers regarding the possible love that might blossom between the two. As Jenna has fueled the fire around the question, there are hopes alive among the fans that this dream might come into reality. While for now, all of us have to wait for future seasons to be aired to see who might end up in whose arms.

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