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Wednesday. Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in episode 108 of Wednesday. Cr. Vlad Cioplea/Netflix © 2022

Wednesday has come in time for some holiday weekend entertainment. The Addams Family Netflix series is a darker twist on the iconic characters from the TV show and 1990s films. Instead of the entire family, Wednesday follows Wednesday Addams as she enters Nevermore Academy.

You may be wondering if Nevermore Academy is real while watching the show. Although you can’t visit the actual boarding school, you can go to the location where Wednesday was filmed.

Wednesday, Tim Burton’s latest spin-off of The Addams Family, is breaking global viewing records. With 340 million hours clocked in its first week alone, many people are surely wondering where the frightening, spooky gothic scene was shot.

The gate of the Nevermore Academy
Nevermore Academy

“We started in Toronto and ended up in Romania,” Mark Scruton, Wednesday’s production designer, told Gold Derby. A mystical gothic program like Wednesday is bound to end up in Eastern Europe rather than Canada.

The cast and crew may have located additional castles and palaces to film in, which is how they came across the Nevermore Academy filming location.

While the majority of the filming took place at Buftea Studios in Bucharest, Scruton revealed to The Cinemaholic that the exterior was shot at an actual castle in Buşteni. They shot on location for “around three or four days,” and it’s a real spot that you can visit.

Where Is Nevermore Academy From Wednesday?

Nevermore Academy for Outcasts is set in New England in the series. Wednesday, on the other hand, was shot in Romania, in Cantacuzino Castle, which served as the location for Nevermore Academy. The Romanian castle was constructed in 1911 at Buşteni, Romania, about two hours from Bucharest. Cantacuzino is also open to the public every day, making it simple to view where Wednesday was recorded. A castle tour and entry to the sculpture exhibition in the castle park cost only 35 Romania Lei (about $7).

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If you wish to see the art exhibit on the second floor as well, your ticket will cost 55 Lei, or about $12. The castle’s interior is wonderful, but the exterior was mostly used for the performance, so you can save $5 if you choose.

Prmo shot number 2 for the show ' Wednesday'
Nevermore Academy

The four pavilions and arcade balconies, including one in the ballroom’s centre, were inspired by Romanian Brâncovenesc architecture, a late-17th- and early-18th-century style that incorporated Byzantine, Ottoman, and late Renaissance features. (On Nevermore, CGI was employed to reproduce the roofline of the Addams family residence.)

The 3,148-square-meter residence was built by architect Grigore Cerchez and took nearly ten years to complete on land that had previously held the Cantacuzino family’s hunting lodge. Beautiful gardens, a courtyard, a guard tower, stone-paved walkways leading to a family church, fountains, and a grotto surround it.

The ornate interior features stuccowork and stucco marble on cantilevered and soffit-like exposed-beam ceilings, Venetian Murano glass-stained windows, white limestone fireplaces with gold foil, Italian parquet and mosaic floors, oak doors carved with vegetal ornamentation and the Cantacuzino coat of arms in brass, and oak and marble staircases with a stone and wrought iron handrails.

Promo shot for the show ' Wednesday'
Nevermore Academy

The ballroom is the most remarkable element of the castle, with a portrait gallery representing a dozen of Cantacuzino’s ancestors on Cordoba leather, another gallery covered in coats of arms from 27 family members, and two fresco galleries. All of these elements are complemented by the home’s lone remaining original lighting fixture: a 2000-pound chandelier duplicate of the far larger original hanging in Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia Grand Museum.

Nevermore Castle’s design can be enjoyed in person because it is open to the public for wandering, tours, dining at Canta Cuisine, zip line, archery, and hiking at its adventure park, and private party rentals. There is even a New Year’s Eve party with a five-course meal, open bar, music, and fireworks.

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Other Wednesday Filming Locations

Wednesday spent her time in Romania filming sequences in Transylvania, as well as at Buftea Studios in Bucharest and Buşteni’s Cantacuzino Castle. After all, Netflix could not pass up the chance to film in the region best known for vampires and Dracula. Students at Nevermore Academy include vampires, werewolves, sirens, and gorgons. The ghostly animals and murder mystery storyline set Wednesday apart from prior Addams Family films.

A shot of the Nevermore Academy
Nevermore Academy

According to the report, Wednesday chose Predeal as their filming base camp due to its stunning Transylvanian mountain scenery. You could even go on a Dracula Bike ride if you’re feeling brave and want to snap landscape images for Instagram. You can also tour Dracula’s Castle, also known as Bran Castle, which has been used as a film set for several productions. You may be able to see more recognized landmarks in Romania as of Wednesday if you binge-watched all eight episodes on Netflix.

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